Why Cockroaches Are So Hard To Kill

Why Cockroaches Are So Hard To Kill

– [Narrator] You might not
want to think about this, but over 3500 species of cockroaches live on this planet. The good news? Only about 30 of those species have adapted to live around humans. The bad news? 30 species of cockroaches
can live around us! Roaches are one of the most
common pests in the US. So it’s no surprise that humans are always trying to kill them. But no matter how many
times we stomp them, squash them, and bomb
them with toxic chemicals, these pesky pests always seem
to pop up time and time again. So what’s going on? Let’s take a closer look at the roach you probably know better than you’d like. Periplaneta Americana. Aka, the American Cockroach. But this name is misleading. This guy is actually
from Africa, not America. It made its way to the US by infesting boats in the 16th century, and it’s been spreading to
almost every corner in the world ever since. It turns out, it’s one of the largest
species of cockroach around. But that’s not the only
big thing about it. New research has revealed
that it has a massive genome. One of the largest of any studied insect. And may of these genes are
exactly what make this roach a master survivor. Let’s start with the genes associated with something called Chemoreception. That’s how roaches smell
and taste their environment. Turns out they’re actually way better at sniffing out and eating
food than most other insects. The American roach has 154
olfactory receptors for smell, and 544 gustatory receptors for taste. More than any other insect on the planet. As a result, these cockroaches
are not picky eaters. Sure, they like cheese, meat
and sugar like the rest of us, but they’ll also go for
things like cardboard, book bindings, human
toenails, rotting meat, blood, excrement, and even each other. That’s right, these
roaches have been known to eat other dead or crippled cockroaches, all in the name of survival. It sounds gross, but this diverse diet makes it easy to find a
meal just about anywhere, even if it’s poisonous to most animals. This roach has a bunch of
genes called Cytochrome P450s, which help it withstand
poisonous chemicals, like peppermint. These genes code for
detoxification enzymes, which keep the insect safe. On top of that, this roach has
a super-strong immune system that seeks out and kills
harmful microbes and fungi, making the most unsanitary environment look like a five-start hotel
to the American cockroach. Not gross enough yet? Well consider this. Cockroaches can live nearly
a week without their heads. Yeah, that’s not a myth. They don’t have a highly
pressurized network of blood vessels like humans,
so they don’t bleed out. Instead, their necks actually
seal off the opening. They can’t regenerate a whole head, but roaches to have an impressive set of regenerative superpowers. For up to the first two years of its life, the American roach goes through a series of regenerative molts as
it matures into an adult. During a single molt stage,
it can replace lost limbs. And over a series of molts,
it can regrow antennae and even its eyes. Roaches may be hard to kill, but there’s an easy way to keep
them clear of your kitchen. Cleanliness. A roach just won’t survive
in unsanitary conditions, it actually enjoys it. Its heightened senses mean it actually relishes rotting food. So, store food in airtight containers. Cover trash bins, and
keep your basement dry. It might also be smart to
plug holes in your walls, unused electrical outlets,
and especially drains, since get this, roaches can use your plumbing
to climb up from sewers into your bathroom sink. It might not eliminate the risk entirely, but it can’t hurt, and it will certainly
make you feel better. However, we can’t promise
it will keep them out of your nightmares. (dramatic music)

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  1. I remember one time, i was just binge watching youtube until i noticed a roach in the corner of my room. I immediately shat my pants

  2. That time at school me and my friends were playing, then my friends saw the cockroach then my other friend accidentally stepped on it then she was freaking out ?

  3. Girl:?? arghhhh
    Boy: what! what
    Girl: there is a roach down there
    Boy: kills it
    Roach begins to fly
    Boy: what the hell! I'm outta here

  4. Cockroaches "DO" fly, they are called Palmetto Bugs in Florida. Back in the 80s I was on the Tom Sawyer ride in Disney World. It's on the water and it was evening. A swarm of moths were attracted to the boats lights. They weren't moths, they were inch and a half long (3.81cm) Palmetto Bugs landing on us and crawling around. Some of the girls with long hair had to pull them out as they got tangled. Stuff of nightmares!

  5. Lets NOT forget the fact that:
    1.They cant freeze. They WON'T die if you put them in the freezer so they are able to live in environments with a really low temperature.

    2.They can escape through a 0.1cm gap. Their bodies can get squeezed so much that they can become as thin as a sheet of paper. So thats why when you kill a cockroach with a shoe,press is as hard as you can, because if you dont it might turn back to its normal shape and haunt you.

    To sum up, if you dont manage to kill a cockroach, run for your life and never look back .

  6. Even watching this video scars me.
    If one side lion is coming and other side cockroaches is coming I will run to lion's side.

  7. i cant be the only one who actually doesnt mind roaches, right? i mean the hissing cockroaches become endearing after a while and the deaths head ones have a neat design. by all means i dont want them infesting my house but theyre fine by me other than that

  8. I was riding my friends motorcycle and some damned flying cockroach flew at me while we were waiting for the traffic light to go green and it landed in my lap i couldn't freak out because we were in a motorcycle ofcourse so i have no choice but to pick it up with my own bare hands and I never knew that they were hard as heck

  9. just watching this just make's me paranoid since the house i lived in is infested with cockroach especially the bathroom..and at night some of them goes flying and then they end up at one of our rooms and while the people are sleeping they actually bite us like a damned ant

  10. when I go shower and I see a Rouch just hanging not so far from me i don't really do anything to them and i don't freak out as much because they don't really move that much so.. i turned my back from them and set my shower and then I turned to look up on them again and the next time I new they where already 5 inches from me and that's where i get freak out and kill all of them using my slippers i have to smack them 7 times because even if they where crashed they're little feets would still move

  11. I know Cockroach's are SCARY BUT……

    Its even ScArY when ThEy disappear!! IN UR house
    Antartica hear i come am not livin with dis CRAZY pests!!!

  12. Dude
    I almost had a trauma when a group of cockcroach flying at my school meeting room
    Until now
    I must have a spray beside
    And everytime i saw one
    I just lije
    Oh hell no
    Even thou i a man

  13. okay but nothing will compare when you're just chilling there and then you suddenly hear that flying sound and when you look up, YOU SEE THAT FLYING ROACH CHASING YOU TO YOUR DEATH LIKE WTF DID I DO TO YOU MF ?

  14. Me at 4: sits by lamp

    Me: **feels head cause something may be crawling in my hair**

    Me: **hits hair knocking out a giant flying roach**

    Me: **Screeches running to my mom*

    Roach: **yeets off never to be seen again** (probably dead)

  15. When Cockroaches Fly

    Me: *gets out nuclear bomb* everyone get out of this area entirely, i must do this

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