Who Makes the Best Luxury Sport Coupe?

Who Makes the Best Luxury Sport Coupe?

The perfect sports car should combine sexy good looks with nimble steering, aggressive power, and a high-quality cabin. It will be expensive — but not so pricy that
it’s out of reach for everyone. Porsche, Mercedes and Jaguar have three of
the top sports cars on offer today– but which one is the best for you? Let’s get the numbers out of the way. All
three cars have impressive stats. the Porsche’s come is just slightly behind the Benz and
Jag, but each is a thrill to drive in its own way. This is the 2017 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet The engine in this is 420 horse power six cylinder boxer engine mounted in the rear. This is Porsche’s famous engine. Its difficult to describe the feeling when you get behind the wheel. This is where that mystical Porsche X factor comes in. The rear-wheel drive on 20-inch Carrera S
wheels and Porsche Torque Vectoring grip the road better than any other model in our group. The AMG GT S is faster and more fun to drive
than any other Mercedes – it feels like a rocket ship This car has a lot to offer. It has that amazing V8 engine, it has the horse power, it has the torque. Of course, if you’re not careful, the rear-wheel-drive
AMG will fishtail forward with a mind of its own. That said, it’s amazing in a straight line. This is the two-door coupe Jaguar debuted
in 2015 as a way to get back in the game, and the company did it with flying colors The handling is great, I mean this car is so perfectly balanced. Its really a treat to drive, especially on windy roads. The torque that you feel when you drive it
is the most impressive of the group. But it’s not as connected to the road as
the 911, nor as smooth as the AMG. It is tight when it comes to steering and
braking. The 911 is imminently recognizable, yet after
all these years it still impresses. The front end is flirtatious, the rear is
muscley, and the headlights are friendly. This is Mercedes’ bad-boy halo car, meant
to recall the glorious gullwing SL that Mercedes made in the 1960s. The idea is that its sexy allure will attract
young new fans to the brand. This is the car you want to get to make a really loud statement. The Jag is all muscles and roar, punched up
at the seams like a football player. If you like kind of a hunky mass of metal
and gears under your foot, this one is the car for you. Porsche was the first sporting brand to introduce
the PDK paddle-shift technology – which is quicker and better for city driving than
the manual. There is also a back seat in this option,
something the other two don’t have. Now, I don’t know if you’d put anybody in that back seat except maybe your dog Or someone you don’t like, but it is back there. You can use it in a pinch. Inside I loved how the Mercedes looks. It has crazy octopus like round dials all the way Through the center and the dash. And everything felt thick and rich. There is plenty to see inside the Jaguar. Lots of loud blue stitching, performance seats,
and even a handle for the front passenger to hold on to for dear life. This is the least well-done of our three when
it comes to interior quality and design, But its still pretty great. The bottom line; You can’t go wrong with
any of these incredible machines. But if you want the whole package at the best
value, the 911 is the clear winner. Sure, it’s not as aggressive-looking as
the AMG, and it has less power than the Jag. But its incredible connection to the ground,
its cozy perfect German handling, it’s superior suspension, and it’s minimal but quality interior
mean the 911 Carrera S Cabriolet more than stands its ground.

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  1. Another great review. It definitely seems like the Porsche is the most well-rounded of the three. It's the least flashy, but it's a classic.

  2. a sexy woman in a super car nothing more to ask ps: love the informative straight forward reviews keep up the great work ?

  3. Why not compare the carrera S, or GTS to the jaguar and merc? Seems silly to compare top of the line jag to a base model Porsche with nice options? Okay lol.

  4. omg so cheap, if rich asians all move to US/europe , those locals dont stand a change… Even Asian countries tax x4-5 times car value, we are driving those like crazy

  5. Jaguar is the best. More powerful, better looking, better sounding. Always leave that car with a smile on your face. Porsche look is getting tired and they need to do something new. Plus this Porsche is really underpowered.

  6. if you going to drive this car on a race track then good. if you are driving on public road then usual jams of 15mph will apply.

  7. at this price point you shouldn't be buying with your head if you want a jaguar you get a jaguar interor quaility isn't likly to make you take a u turn unless you genuinely dont have your heart set on any of these

  8. Hard to understand why she picked Porsche over Jag and Mercedes? Porsche is slowest and most expensive too and feeling of exclusivity is also least in Porsche because of streets are full of 911s. Looks are totally subjective but surely mercedes interior is best. while Jag f type is loudest fastest angriest car among three and being least expensive makes it even better. If Porsche is least expensive of three then it is very understandable to pick it over other two but being most expensive of three it must have to excel at least in one department but it isnt.

  9. I don't understand why you would choose to compare the cabriolet S as opposed to the coupe version of the Carrera S. Also, why use the Jag's top most SVR for comparison and not just a F type R? The price points and performances changes when taking these things into consideration. Having come from a Carrera S as my last car I don't disagree with the overall results, just the methods used to obtain them.

  10. Compare a Porsche with a Ferrari, and the Mercedes with the jag. Porsche simply isn't on the same league.

  11. I love them all, however, I am a Jag guy and will always be. In fact I own an F-Pace…terrific piece of workmanship. To own a Jag is to own history, elegance, sporty and all around fine automobile.

  12. Bloomberg has to offer these Cars to the dream team in New York, Jonatan Ferro, Alex and David…….they work so well.. but all of them do an amazing job….., from New York to London,, from Asia to middle least, it is simple amazing…….

  13. Lets remember it is comparing the most basic 911 against top of the line Jag and Merc, so if we want to be really fair, instead of an standard carrera, there should be a Turbo S with the aerokit and wooden interior, which in the end would totally own the other two in looks, luxury, performance and quality.

  14. "PDK paddle shift technology" hahaha she does not even know what she is talking about. PDK is Doppelkupplungsgetriebe dual clutch transmission. If there would be Porsche Turbo S or normal Turbo than yes i would take the one but with those three options AMG GTs. However, the comparison is not fair because Jaguar is presented with the SVR model and Mercedes with its fastest performance car. The fair comparison would be Porsche Turbo S with those and then the ultimate winner would be Porsche

  15. I never thought that there could be anything more obnoxious than GT-R fanboys, but i was wrong. Under ever single car Video we now have to read nonsensical comments by Tesla fanboys.

  16. Mercedes and Porsche for daily driving. Maximum bang for the buck though, I think Mercedes AMG will have the best and quality if you buy a used. Porsche is better in anti-depreciation since there is such a great demand for it.

  17. I'm not sure why you put a 911 convertible in with this group and then called it a "COUPE." It's not a coupe. It's a convertible. The 911 Carrera has a hard top, and that actually makes it worth even more in the long haul and is normally faster, more rigid, and drives even better.

  18. Fabulous video footage! Right here at Y&S FOOD! we love to find this form of content. We produce Travel & Food films as well, all over the world, and also we are constantly searching for inspirations and so concepts. Thank You.

  19. Luxury sports coupe is an oxymoron. If it is has excess horsepower, it is not luxurious because the engine is loud. Also not all of these are coupes.

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