Who Is Glacier? | Mini-Doc

Who Is Glacier? | Mini-Doc

“Glacier to me is many things. Groundbreaking. I think unique, but in some ways, probably, uh, didn’t go as intended.” “Glacier was a short lived WCW Superstar.” “Who is Glacier?’ “Oh yeah, did he pass away?” I remember sitting on the edge of the ring saying, “I don’t know if I’m ever gonna be good at this, but I’ve just found what makes me freaking come alive. you know and I’ve gotta pursue this with
everything I’ve got.” What made Glacier this athlete who too many people regard as a joke or bad, like, what made it not work? Glacier was a mortal combat character brought to life. WCW was looking for a more diverse palette of characters so there had to be someone who was willing to take the risk and say, let’s
see if this works. We’ll dive all in. And when the president of the company says,
we’re gonna throw all this money into it, I mean, who wouldn’t say yes to that? Bischoff was a bit of a visionary there, he
was just about 20 years too early. It didn’t matter who was in that Glacier gimmick, the fans wouldn’t have liked him because of the build-up we had. He also may have been the first victim of
receiving a really huge hype, where maybe creative in other things wasn’t uh, fully
tee’d up for. We put so much time, and money, into trying
to make that character work, you know, you have to do that if you really want to
get a character over, the bad news is, is that when, when it slips and falls, it hits with a really
big thud, and sometimes that thud, resonates for a long long time. I came back for one of my colleagues football
games and I ran into one of my former coaches, he said, “what are you doing these days?” And I told him I was teaching school and I
was stil…and I knew what I was excited to say, I’m still pursuing professional wrestling,
and it’s going pretty good right now. And just this look on his face was, a look of like, like, kinda shocked. And he said, “are you really still pursuing that, crap?” And I remember it was like someone had punched
me in the stomach. To me it was like, he didn’t believe that
that was something I could be doing or should be doing. There was not one person in there that expected
Glacier to come in, and then the music hit, and everybody lost their mind. I didn’t know what kind of crowd would be there, I didn’t know if I would be received well, I didn’t know if I would get laughed
out of the place. Over the 21 years I’ve been able do proudly
to the gimmick and still be Glacier, the thousands upon thousands of
people who have told me how much they enjoyed it, that’s what I kind of hang my hat on. “I can’t believe he’s still taking bumps,
that blows me away. A lot of the guys around here can’t even
walk to sit down, and he’s still taking bumps after all these years.” I’ve been training a lot because I had hip
replacement 2 years ago. And now I’m at the point where I feel like,
I can do, with limitations I can do a lot in the ring
now. He’s still Glacier, he’s still amazing. Most respectful, and caring cats I’ve ever met. He doesn’t forget the people that helped
him get to this spot. It’s the man and the character that means
something to me. The critics of the Glacier gimmick. I get it to a certain degree, but the world
is going to be full of people that tell you what you can’t do. You just gotta let those people not rent space
in your head. Because they will, if you let them. Glacier, uh, is an outstanding human being,
one of my dearest friends. “It’s not about the paycheck, you know? I don’t do it today for the money anyway. I mean, I never did, but it’s more about, getting out there, getting back to the fans. You know, at 53 years old I don’t have to be doing this, but, I love it, and it’s just where my heart is. You know, if you want to see what I can do, tell me what I can’t do. Cause life’s 10% of what happens to you,
and 90% how you react to it. You can always, always, always, control how
you react to it. There was not one single time that I remember,
putting my feet on the pull, and saying, “oh god I gotta go do this again today.” And I wish every person could experience what
that feels like. Just them them know, you know what, I’m
doing this because I love it. It is something that, I will never ever forget. I’m sorry, I just, I never can tell it without
tearing up, ‘cause man, it was just an awesome ‘cause man, it was just an awesome experience.

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  1. As a big mortal combat fan at the time I thought that the gimmic was a no brainer, I was waiting for scorpion and Jax to come out. Most head liners in his day can't perform any more so he won. No one ever started wrestling for money it was always about the ring. Just my thoughts.

  2. He was one of the many knock offs, in this case Sub Zero, that WCW's unoriginal team of writers put forth.

  3. Love Glacier always! Gave me chills (no pun intended) when he debuted. Amazing guy and wrestler. Super fun to watch!

  4. I thought Glacier was cool and had alot of potential.

    I'm not sure who did the Mortal Kombat Sub-Zero gimmick better, Glacier or Mustafa Ali…

  5. Good for him. Seemed like he is a genuinely good guy. The young guys playing smaller shows have someone to talk to.

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  7. I don't care what they say. He was awesome.

    Edit. Hadn't finished the video before posting. He is still awesome! What a cool story.

  8. This man and his illustrious brethren Jerry flynn were constant punching bags for Goldberg in WCW even after he won the world title. Never will forget the nitro that he and Goldberg main evented. For the world title no less.

  9. I loved being him on the old WCW video game… I know some wasn't feeling him, but I thought Glacier was cool as hell… ?

  10. Perhaps he didn't go over as well as they'd have liked but I don't call it a failure. He's still using the gimmick and is remembered fondly by many, and the guy is happy so I say Success. I will take Glacier over Steve Blackman any day.

  11. actually i thought Glacier was very cool.looked great,and i value that he's still wrestling.much respect from canada??

  12. I loved Glacier. Shame he never really got over as much as they tried. He should’ve joined nWo. Maybe that would’ve helped.

  13. My fellow co-workers were into "real wrestlers", not some bullshit ass gimmicks. In my time working for the neighbor company of Midway gaming. He's lucky I never ever struck up a conversation about him. Everybody would've cried laughing and making fun of me.

  14. Your childhood coach was RIGHT !!!! Fat…Annoying and Out of Shape in that Kurt Angle movie. Makes a person forget wrestling butttttttttttt question 1 thing. Is this guy good at ANYTHING ?? had to add HIM getting EMOTIONAL………..BEYOND PISSES ME OFF EVEN MORE. It's like WTF was he 1 of John Cena's – Make A Wish Foundation recipients ?????? I miss the Repo Man and Doink.

  15. Glacier has always been a pretty badass dude, still is. GOD bless him. This guy is one of coolest down to earth kind of dude.

  16. I loved Glacier. The WCW announcer can't believe he is taking bumps? Look at Hogan, Piper and UnderTaker!

  17. He should've been a feature for Saturday and been the highlight before he hit Nitro, he was so cool. WCW vs. nWo World Tour for life

  18. Ric Fair is so old….. his skin retired.

    Ric Flair is so old…. he should have retired back in 1979 , when he was 57 years old.

    Ric Flair is so old…. he invented everything!

    Ric Flair is so old.. he had dinosaurs as pets.

    Ric Flair is so old…

  19. I was 11 when Glacier came to WCW and I bought into all the hype. Debuting on WCW Pro was kinda lame I remember but he was getting the Goldberg push before Goldberg. I think adding more Mortal Kombat like characters made it sillier and sillier. Then they turned him heel out of nowhere and killed it off

  20. What a guy with a great attitude. It would be easy to be soured on wrestling for good after that experience, but he was just glad to play on the grandest stage. Such humility. I hope he earns some respect for sticking with it. Wrestling at 53 is no joke, especially for a guy who has to keep up that style.

  21. I met Glacier in 2004. Glacier was very humble and down to earth Man. Glacier always had the prowess and class to be one of the all-time greats. However his promos tanked and he couldn't readily confront the backstage politics of WCW.

  22. saw his debut was Awesome Intro great Performer Glad he is still enjoying it.

    read somewhere it Cost Quite a Mint for everyone of his Entrances.

  23. The gimmick may not have lasted forever, but…Glacier's character did put this guy in the big leagues and for a time he was where thousands of wrestlers wish they could get. He wrestled Goldberg, and all the other big names. Made TV and even PPVs, had a gimmick that while might not have been a great push was still better than some crap gimmick and he even had a cool name. I mean Glacier, pretty awesome name like Sting or Earthquake. Lets face it, the guy was there, and he made it to the big leagues. Thats a testimony to success.

  24. I love watching glacier back in wcw,he was their version of Sub-Zero from the mortal Kombat series and I wish he would became a big star with his gimmick. Blood run cold angle rules!!!

  25. Wrestling With Wregret did a wonderful video about how modern wrestlers, especially in the indies, tend to look down on the concept of characters and gimmicks. This guy is living proof that characters can work, even if they're not an immediate success, especially if the man behind it loves the business the way Ray Lloyd clearly does. Glacier's initial WCW run may have been seen as a disappointment then, but people love him today. I can tell from the comments here.

    I'd love to see him in a match against "The Villain" Marty Scurll. Maybe if AEW takes off…

  26. I love Glacier!!! I remember when I was a little kid seeing him and thinking “SUB-ZERO!!!” He’s also a very well accomplished martial artists too. He’s awesome!!!

  27. I so damn happy he doing great these days, I really did love Glacier, I thought he was a cool character.

  28. Glacier would be a legit main eventer today. He had a cool gimmick, and he actually looked like he could whoop somebody. You can't say that about the Internet darlings of today

  29. Glacier was under used. He was loved by many fans. Yes there was too much hype but only because he never got the push the hype deserved

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