Who Dares Swims | Ross Edgley’s Great British Swim: E10

Who Dares Swims | Ross Edgley’s Great British Swim: E10

when a problem presents itself you almost need to flick yourself into survival mode so you almost perjure your mind of everything apart from you and the water the only person that can get you out of that situation [Music] sup guys um I can’t quite believe I’m starting the vlog this week by saying we’re in Scotland we have just the ride right here in the mala goola way and one thing that kept us all going was could you imagine what it’d feel like to get Scotland but I didn’t realize how big Scotland was but when you’re about to swim around it you very quickly become aware of the dimensions of Scotland basically Scotland is just a completely different beast it’s stunning the landscapes are amazing but the moment you pause and start taking all of that in is also the same moment where you’re probably just gonna get slapped in the face with waves or you’re just gonna be sit in the middle of a storm for a few days and that’s exactly why me and Matt put a few hours aside yesterday we had tidal maps weather reports and we just wanted to sit there and look at the lay of the land and really just assess what sort of a beast we were dealing with I’m sort of teaching Matt about the sports science aspect of the whole Great British swim so I’m talking about lactic threshold vo2 nutritional principles and on the same flip side of that Matt’s there teaching about tides currents and things that I had no idea about and I think that’s really really important just because the whole Great Britain where it’s called a swim it’s a massive partnership just between the swimmer and the captain and certainly Scotland is gonna be a testament to that because you could be the best swimmer in the world but you’re not even gonna make it out of the Hebrides if you don’t understand tides and currents obviously the great british herb has this huge intellectual aspect where you need to understand the sport science and the sort of sailing science of it but I get a lot of questions with people asking about motivation as well which is as you can imagine just as big if not a bigger part because you have to be motivated to get up you know 2 o’clock in the morning and put on a cold clammy wet see you and make peace with the fact that you’re probably gonna be stung in the face for the next few hours by jellyfish I was actually lucky enough to catch up with a good friend of mine Anthony Middleton just to talk about the mental challenge of this whole adventure and Anthony I mean you know he’s a military legend say he’s a foremost expert just mental fortitude and just coping with hardship over so many days when a problem presents itself you almost need to flick yourself into survival mode yeah overcome that problem or that challenge and then crack on again by yourself that makes sense they’re almost purging your mind of everything apart from you and the water so you almost go numb to it like you’re not thinking about friends family there’s quite often people who say oh you know think positive and you know yeah yes saying no just get Farrell it’s the only way it’s the only way because something that you’re doing it’s not normal so you need to forget about everything else and like I said have that animalistic sort of approach where it’s just vision yourself in the water by yourself the only person that can get you out of that situation is yourself so it’s almost that mindset of where you’re just fighting pulling against your own physical capability and your mind is so powerful and it’s worst case in LA I lose in your life and you’ll find that you’ll be able to achieve incredible things it’s a case of just just isolating yourself with that moment in that zone to get the job done it’s kind of saying like whatever thought comes into your head is this helping me swim around great brain if you know then just chop it does it and I’m like Mull it over yeah otherwise I like you said caveman primitive the Aral yeah just kind of switch it on sweetie it’s done but on the flip side of that I don’t think you can do the whole Great Britain angry you can’t grit your teeth for the whole way round I’m a theory around this is as follows there’s a lot of studies that will look at how your psychology actually interacts with your immune system so your body’s defense mechanism and if you’re basically you’re swimming angry you know cortisol buddy stressful may go through the roof and all sorts of biochemical reactions will go on inside the body that will mean that your immune system is suppressed and you’re more susceptible to illness now the very fact that I’ve got over a hundred days to survive around the great British coast means I really can’t afford a day to be ill so when a lot of people see me being very smart sort of cheerful that’s one I think it’s important for motivation but to just in terms of your physiology that that biochemical reactions going on inside the body studies show it’s better to swim with a smile and rather than just kind of swimming with your bottom lip out swimming angry you can and that there are times when I will swim angry I’ll swim feral and I’m just numb and nothing but as I’m not even thinking but on the other side I would say 80% of the whole swim is done with a smile one for motivation but to actually because of sport science it makes sense to swim with a smile oh yeah tell me to the end of a tiring night swim 12:33 learn to wake up and 1:00 in the morning food for Ross so that you get started at 2:00 because the weather it’s now starting to get more Scottish it could be less able to swim whenever we want and more dependent on weather windows anyways made nine miles on this side which was absolutely amazing just going well here 22 six so he’s been swimming for best part of four hours mostly the dark raining miserable and not that warm tonight it’s a really good example of why the nice whipped is so important if we don’t take a bunch of window like this basically that’s cutting down by 50% or more the amount of time that’s available and on the lighter side of motivation it’s been so good just having my family come out here from my mum dad girlfriend just kind of boost morale at key points and this weekend is no different I’ve just got a text message from my two brothers they just arrived the unpacking they should be funny there we’ve got Popeye and Poseidon Matt to help me with the jellyfish perfect timing good timing I’m sort of out for it [Laughter] ferries sailing boats mermaids sharks you see these little triangles you got if I gets two three need to panic and I laugh yeah if we come away from our Waypoint then we have to wake up the real captain so guys where I go through social media and we find some of the most commonly asked questions and then we answer them first question is from Tommy miles who asks what is your average swimming speed it’s a good question although the answer is quite complex just because of tides waves currents there’s there’s so many external factors at play which is why the Great British swim is almost a liken to Edmund Hillary and him climbing Everest more than it is Michael Phelps in a smooth swimming pool if that makes sense mixed up William McCormick has asked how has my body changed during the swim so far basically i’m chubbier and I’m hairier which is a good thing just because the hair on my face is kind of protecting me from the Scottish jellyfish I’m just offering a little bit of armor around the chin and body fat as well kind of makes me a little bit more resilient to the cold I need a bit more buoyant as well still holding muscle mass which i think is a good thing because it means that all the carbohydrates I store store as muscle glycogen and I’ve an argument in sports science that I think that makes me a better endurance athlete which is actually contradictory or a lot of conventional sports wisdom when it comes to endurance sports and lastly I had a body scan and they prodded and probed me and basically said I have no physical attributes to be a long-distance swimmer so it’s funny like those swimmer here 40th percentile that means he carries more muscle free height and 40% okay you can’t read more muscle than about 95% right you are gonna sink like a stone in mine in my estimation people would say that I don’t actually have a good body shape to swim around Great Britain however I would argue how do you know because no one’s done it before so maybe my Hobbit size sort of round frame is a good one to swim around Great Britain well find out last up Gavin dance that says how do you do it you’re superhuman Gavin you’re a legend I really really do appreciate that and there’s been so many really really nice comments on social media I honestly think we all have this just there Nate ability within all of this just to overcome severe hardship you know as humans have been doing it the thousands of thousands of years it’s why we’re still here so if anything I think I have a superhuman ability to be stubborn and naive and again that sounds really weird but in in most of my adventures I’ve just got by on those two things I say I’m gonna be so naive that you start but so stubborn that you finish and just like remove that that kind of barrier to entry that’s stigma that’s something that you can’t achieve basically lace up your trainers put your goggles on or get on your bike and just get on that start line and honestly I think you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve no superpowers just naivety and stubbornness [Music] guys 58 days no I had a proper haircut as the Scots worked on out travel for miles yep for hundreds and this is gonna be one of the Scottish savage I think because we’ve arrived in Scotland we need a haircut that is fitting for our arrival so I’ve given Scott free rein to do what everyone’s on the hair we can go the small mother studies [Music] okay guys that is it for this week Scotland you’re amazing you’re cold you’re rough at times as well but you’re amazing and that’s partly because of the people that Welcome has been just overwhelming if I’m honest the comments on the social media since arriving just just amazing honestly I can’t thank you guys enough also as well it’s just been such a boost and we’re out having my brother’s up and hopefully this episode has given you a little bit of an insight into the sort of mental techniques that we’ll use to cope with some of the hardship throughout the whole Great Britain and it’s been rough it’s been 58 days and it’s not open sunshine and dolphins but if you can find anything within this episode to help you with your adventures I’ll consider it worth it I’m essentially this is the great british swim i’ll see you next week

49 Replies to “Who Dares Swims | Ross Edgley’s Great British Swim: E10”

  1. Thank you just motivated me to cross my mothers lake 450m and back uppen water.
    Thats the first time in 4 year im appel to go on a swim like that. And first time after my surgery for compartments syndrome in both legs.
    Thank you motivas my to go do sports again.
    And also this spring I ran my first 10km run i like five year.

  2. Ross mate , this is the only thing on you tube that i get excited when i see the next episode.your doing great mate, ive followed you from the first video and cant wait to see you do this, as they say in ireland keep it lit mate keep it lit!

  3. The only sport I was allowed to do as a kid was swimming. And with 15-19 I swam 4-6km a day. And it totally influenced my body – I have more (arm) muscle than 90% of my peers, including my back muscles. I do not lose muscle mass as quickly in times without training. I am tiny but that only helped with long-distance swimming, because it is saving energy. And very odd for a woman I store fat quite evenly all over, which is your body adapting to being cold all the time. So you are right and it makes sense that you are a damn great ultra long-distance swimmer by nature and do not trust anyone that says otherwise, because they usually compare you to swimmers with an entirely different training goal. I am rooting for you – keep strong!

  4. Been watching every episode of your swims. You motivated me to get out for swim again. Keep attacking those jelly fishes!

  5. Hey Ross, amazing adventure, probably a question you've answered… "How is your body changing after 59+ days of swimming ineffect 'the Channel' everyday?" Cheers Neill

  6. Your "Worlds fittest Book" arived today and watching this after a day of work is just sooo nice!!!! Keep going mate, we believe in you 🙂

  7. The entire time whilst watching this series you can't help but think if Ross can keep performing even with the pain of constantly being stung by jellyfish in the face then what pain could I overcome. The Greeks had Hercules, the Brits have Rhino-neck!

  8. Watching in awe from South Africa! You're a beast! There were no videos of pre-swim training; did you just dive straight in? Or were there some grueling preparation weeks prior? Nonetheless, you're a legend, keep pushing!

  9. I was wondering what are you thinking about when you are swimming? What goes through your mind when you are alone in the water 8h a day and what keeps you motivated ?

  10. Yesterday I got my new deadlift PR 😀
    I am really happy. Stay focused buddy!
    Goals don't come easy, they come with hard work and dedication. I can see this all the time in your eyes. Get it bro! (:
    Greetings from Germany. I love your mindset!

  11. Amazing and so inspirational!!! Just finished reading the world's fittest book and it was fantastic! Just one question. Where were you on March 11th 2008? Because in the book it says you were both in Ecuador and Japan. Haha. Anyway amazing job. You're such an inspiration 🙏

  12. Ross you’re an absolute legend. I don’t know how you’re swimming for that many hours each day but keep up the hard work. My whole family and everyone I know keep checking your progress, it’s how I start my morning. You’re an inspiration and we’re all cheering you on!

  13. Found this last night, watched one after the other. Ross, I have nothing but admiration for you, you are super human. How you keep going and smiling I will never know. Well done 👍

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