When You’re An Athletic Girl

When You’re An Athletic Girl

– No, no, no. (beep) – What? – I forgot my sports bar! (upbeat funk music) (horn honking)
– Oh! – So cold, oh my god.
(water sloshing) It’s good for you. (shivering) – Hey, do you wanna go to
Disneyland with us this weekend? – Oh man, that sounds so
fun, I have a race though. – What about next weekend? – I’m training. (mechanical whirring) (groans)
– Aren’t you an athlete? – Yesterday was leg day. (fast whooshing) (nose snorting) – Okay. – Can you help me lose weight? – Should I do a juice cleanse? – Wow, your arms are jacked. – Thanks. I’ll have the chef salad,
but with no dressing. And then salmon but with
no rice, and instead can I substitute brussel sprouts? – Just have the chicken wings. – Sorry, I worked out today. – Hey, do you guys think I could rotate in on the squat rack with you? – Uh. – I mean, I saw your weights,
we’re doing the same stuff so. – Oh man, not another farmer’s tan. I have to change shirts. – Hey, how’s it going in there? – None of these jeans are fitting. – But I took your measurements. – You didn’t measure my quads. – Hey, do you need help with that? – I’m good, thanks. – Oh, okay. – Hey, are you watching the women’s match? – No, I can’t, I don’t get ESPN 72. – Hey, you wanna come out with us tonight? – I can’t, I have to
wake up early and train. – Oh, you’re always working out. – I know. – Kenny, I’m bored, wanna
have a push-up contest? – No. – How about a hand-stand contest? – No. (scoffs) – How about a race? – Certain you’re gonna
beat me at everything. – [Voiceover] Are you still doing laundry? – (snorts) Yes.

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  1. Im a cross country runner and this SO relatable. Especially ALL OF THEM

    Edit* thank you all for 16 likes. This is the most i have gotten!!

  2. So relatable!!!! I do roller derby, martial arts, and parkour and everyday I feel so sore and exhausted and I always get weird comments like, “Aren’t you an athlete?” “Wow your in a lot of pain for a sixteen your old” or my personal favorite, “All us old people (and the person saying it is like 30) feel sore and in pain except you cause your still young.” ….. Then why do I feel like death all the time!? ?

  3. That is so trueee. I'm a boxer, swimmer, and dancer (I know, weird combination) and those stuff happen all the time. I always hear my friends say "aren't you supposed to be an athlete?" Or "wow, you're in a lot of pain for a teen." When I have pain in my body

  4. Omayghad the scene where she forgot her sports bra it so relatable AHAHHAHAHA sometimes i skip practice because I forgot to wear or bring sports bra

  5. Amused by all the salty guys complaining about how these apply to guys too. The title says women experience these, not ONLY women experience these. But we see you.

  6. I respect you athletic people, 'cause I can't even catch a ball xD and you guys are out there doing it after school and/or on weekends or whenever you do it lol

  7. I don’t see why she is apologizing for eating unless he’s the one picking up the bill which in that case it’s just rude lol

  8. Yeah, I can relate, I've taken up karate, I got the green belt and as we reach closer to the black belt we spend more time training, we do all body workouts, but sometimes we just pay more attention to the legs or to our strength

  9. That training and race thing is so relatable.
    I play basketball for college team.

    Used to be a weeb, so don't ask about my name duh

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