what does everybody welcome back to
champ they have you got Caleb Jenna and Chris we’re doing a kind of a classic
game on this channel the spin the wheel challenge with bunch of different trick
shots if you miss your shot and three attempts you get an X three X’s and
you’re out of here Jenna start us up that’s one do Jenna you can start us off
with an X much mo design early victory spin Chris has a I don’t even read that you just see me for this for you go oh boy oh boy
I know my frisbee will go in the freak tempt number two hmm okay well Chris
that is an expert yeah we are we have 40 between-the-legs three all right
starting off this video strong guys if you’re new I promise we are good at this
stuff sometimes alright alright Josh you think you got
this going under him why there’s only that our own capable of birdie oh honey
go behind Oh everyone else has an X and I’m clear
oh my gosh he’s gotta hit the backboard and hope it because you could hit it
like way left foot ball hits right if you go in unless you’re going for a
Guinness World Record title and the rule is not to hit use the backboard
are you are you are you trying to mention yourself right now okay fine
play the clip oh wow that was pretty good okay okay okay that’s the David cow shot three
chances to be and then correct catch it in the air shot clock one you don’t even
throw it so high get there – Oh Jenna yeah well so it’s
really bad today yeah you can do it yeah just this sub
blob alley-oop Oh first try Caleb’s up way to be Caleb is hurt okay splash backwards three-pointer Wow jeno
is flexing her world record I I’ve done this this skill before ended Oh background it heavy you know what you
say have emotion I’m really looking forward to being the camera person after
you miss this let’s see it let’s not back joxer’s on it did the
glass already did shattering up okay back to you Chris back up side of back
portal you okay third after side yeah you can dunk it if you want I don’t
care what it is that definitely comes up for Chris because that was unexpected
and pretty awesome caleb is back up whoa we’re in there a little
overconfident house it’ll look too very casual hey what’s the score recap right
now I have an ex oh no reports yeah yeah Josh here we go Josh chin up and ease
back up backwards three pointer three attempts you could be out of this game same place maybe a little freeze-frame
Andrew to X’s 2 X’s 2 X’s use f1 okay what’s the free pass free pass it
means you get a free pass what do you think it means don’t have a X or a
tennis ball free throw I’m not okay it’s all in the wrist baby
what do you think it means it just means you don’t have to go and
that’s good extra eggs no extra X is bad free pass is good every best No I don’t want to eggs ooh yeah okay who’s that now that’s me feel
like almost my shadow could be a Gibson here redemption shot Redemption Redemption back rim okay see I’m sorry that ball is heavier
yeah as the ball you missed the background with this one
and then swish with that one here we go X
oh boy Jenna Oh No yep Oh there you go
that’s better thanks for playing Jenna you guys give me a thumbs up for that I
mean I’ve never thumbs up for missing this isn’t
participation you don’t get a ribbon for being here you can keep me company I was
ready for him to be out of here all right oh wow is that two x’s no them
alright Josh from half-court are you guys about what super loud behind the
camera oh no what is that there you could try out for gymnastics if you want
with that oh yeah maybe what is that yoga oh wow that’s program what all
right granny 3 you get all these shooter from half-court he’s too close he’s too
close that’s it he’s a phenomenal half-court granny shooter he’s best at
it I’ll give him that but he’s too close it’s too close to huh so Josh I appreciate the wind you’re
crazy for thinking that I just want to thank everyone thumbs up for this video
Chris tape was finally another challenge on this time Wow
okay so Caleb has to do football from 3/4 court but speaking of 3/4 court this
is a Wednesday which means it’s a world record Wednesday and Caleb earlier today
we went to the other Park and Caleb recently saw a video of the Harlem
Globetrotters breaking some world records maybe you guys saw that one and
Caleb saw the world record for behind the back shot and you broke it I felt
like I could do it and I did it there’s the clip Wow good job thanks appreciate it we
reckon number three one to follow me at kitten that sleeps on
all social get out the net Chris it looks so good in pure Oh God I wasn’t so
cocky it would have gone in and today’s winner thanks for let me come out here and beat
all your friends for the record thanks for watching everyone make sure
you subscribe to me if you haven’t yet got videos every Monday Wednesday reset
it scrappy Caleb grab the crystal scribe to Jenna here my scam shots for today
follow me agile and Josh for transmission champ setup the active and
then you click on those other videos we’ll see you guys later
fight backwards three-pointer off I’ve
mentioned I have the Guinness what I’m skating


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  2. You guys are soooo lucky, end of november and still in a t shirt and shorts (well short shorts for Jenna ;)) me when i go outside, i have to put 2 coats, a scarf and some gloves :(….but im not jealous….ok maybe a little bit!

  3. Nothing like the clutch shots to save yourself from elimination. Seems like y’all need to have more faith in your trick shooting abilities ???

  4. That was good form on your headstand you could've gone straight with it if you didnt go back down, but I'm sure that ground didmt feel good lol


  6. Chris seems like the slight favorite in these challenges however Jenna deserved to win with those 2 clutch 3rd attempt difficult shots…that frisbee shot most people couldn't do in 10 attempts.

    Thanks guys for the entertaining and fun video…always look forward to the next one! 🙂

  7. To make it more interesting have 3 wheels one for the object, one for the type of shot and one for how many points. Points total should be 20
    Have different and difficult objects that you don't normally use to shoot with

  8. With such a short pair of shorts on, it's hard not to notice Jenna's bandy legs.
    Fake Edit: Sorry, I meant Jenna Bandy's legs.

  9. Me, Chris, Josh, Caleb, Mia, John, Peter, Louise, Michael, Sheila… and literally everyone else: 'Jenna, STOP SCREAMING!!!'

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