What’s My Name | Muhammad Ali (2019) | Teaser | HBO

What’s My Name | Muhammad Ali (2019) | Teaser | HBO

(BELL RINGS) I’m Cassius Marcellus Clay VI. HARRY CARPENTER:At 188 pounds,
Clay is lightning fast.
Cassius Clay takes another step
up the heavyweight ladder.
The winner by TKO, Cassius Clay!
(BELL RINGS) Cassius Clay is a name no more,
is that right? Yes, sir, it’s Muhammad Ali. REPORTER 2:Is there anybody
who gave you the name?
and teacher, Elijah Muhammad.
Muhammad means
“worthy of all praises”
and Ali means “most high.”COMMENTATOR:
Here comes Muhammad Ali.
He’s one of the most
unique fighters in history.
My name is Muhammad Ali,and you’ll announce it
right there in that ring.
The world’s greatest
heavyweight, Muhammad Ali.

39 Replies to “What’s My Name | Muhammad Ali (2019) | Teaser | HBO”

  1. “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life” – Muhammad Ali 🐐

  2. When Colin said that LeBron is involved in more projects than the Lakers have wins …. I laughed but man it sure do seem like some real shit.

  3. I’ve watched plenty of Ali videos (mostly all his fights) and I can count on ONE hand how many body punches he threw. 99% of Ali’s punches were aimed at your face!!

  4. I divided ( White!) People into Two Categories: a) the ‘outright #Racistand/or #Hateful, those were the #Adults who
    continued to call him #CassisClay after he had obviously: Changed His Name, and the b) who-knows-if-they-even-care…
    to the enormity of my Neighborhood Adults, who never referred to the HUGE case #MuhammedAli had at the #SupremeCourt,
    which was VERY disgustingly ‘solved’…it doesn’t help anyone ELSE, who doesn’t want to: Participate in a #Slaughter💔

  5. The fastest heavyweight and had the greatest jaw. A man of conviction who proved he was willing to die in the ring. Beat the very best of his era and most of it was past his prime, and ended up winning the lineal championship 3 times. He truly is THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME

  6. "WHAT'S MY NAME?" …
    "Cassius Clay"

    "WHAT'S MY NAME?" …

    "Cassius Clay"


    "WHAT'S MY NAME?" …

    "Cassius Clay"


  7. We can all thank Ernie Terrell “Uncle Tom” Lol for thee most famous phrase
    “What’s My Name?!”

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