What’s inside The World Cup Soccer Ball?

What’s inside The World Cup Soccer Ball?

Well Welcome back what’s inside I’m Lincoln, this is Dan. And today we have three World Cup soccer balls all different times This one is from 1930. This one’s from 1970. This one’s from 2018. Look at this You wouldn’t think of a soccer ball I would think is like a volleyball of laces cuz it kind of looks like a volleyball official World Cup soccer balls Every four years there is a World Cup and this year the World Cup is in Russia, June 2018 We got the official ball from the World Cup. That’s gonna be happening. It’s an adidas Telstar ball we want to test these out with a professional soccer player Nobody garrett from the bucket-list family. You probably see that on instagram on youtube. We’ll put a link below This is from 1970 World Cup This is the first World Cup soccer ball that had the black and the white but to us like I feel like this is totally cool classic But this was it this was kind of a game changer when it came out in 80s. So the cool thing about 2018 is this soccer ball right here. They want you right and then gray and gray with lines and then Whitish grey then white. What? Does this remind? You have these little things these little boxes pixels pixels, right? And so they’re like, let’s go back to the black and white is that because Russian TV is so in black and white Hey, wait a second, you’re from Russia, you can’t bash on a few years in Russia So prove yet that you’re going to the World Cup this year My family and I we were going to Russia to attend the World Cup right there Moscow st Petersburg will be there if you’re in America and you want to go the World Cup What are some things to think about if you’re gonna want to try some borscht meet some people hang out with the Russians get to? Know them get a shop cut get a quote. Okay, how safe is Russia? So Russia has a reputation of being Unsafe having lived there. I can tell you the truth. It’s pretty unsafe. I want to see how well these things Bend I mean, obviously this is made differently. The bladder inside should be different between the bunch of them. You see here It has like a very smooth texture Whereas if you look at the new ball almost like a golf ball, there’s a texture to it Yeah, and that’s so that you can get a better spin All right. See it’s a sign of three soccer balls. But first let’s play a little soccer Lincoln’s never played soccer. You played soccer when you’re a little guy. It’s been a long time. Yeah Cool. Hey Lincoln. Show me how you play soccer ran across the park. Let’s see you play soccer Yeah, you’re a pretty young so Where do we put the ball? Where should you put the ball right here? Okay, there’s a penalty kick Lincoln Now you’re thinking of football, yeah You probably don’t want to kick with your toe kick with the side of your foot. All right Lincoln, let’s see it All right, let’s see Garrett kick it Lincoln’s gonna be the goal he’s volunteered He made so Lincoln made a promise earlier. He said Out of five kicks Garin will only be able to score once on him. That’s what he said, right Okay. So, let’s see this have you guys ever seen Scott sterling that I’m studio C video? That was filmed like right over there like super close to this place. So hopefully we don’t see any of that today But if we do there is a hospital close by Hey here comes the Russian Up a down Lincoln how you feel McCann? How’s your wrist? Let’s see. Let’s see it Looking pretty good. You’re tough. That was a hard hit ball and you took it like a champ. Can I kick one of you? Yeah, I’m gonna try to kick a soccer ball. I’ll try to take it easy on Kara I’m just gonna kick it normal. See what he can do I Did not mean to kick it right in his face All right Three different soccer balls. Can you tell the difference at all between the three like honestly, oh I can’t no I’m hitting all three the exact same way The oldest one is reacting Zira just going its own way in the middle one side doing pretty good And then this one whatever I have to do, it does really really good. Oh actually got a different. Yeah So now it’s a true test We’re gonna bend this one This one and that one will get multiple try we have a drone up there to capture an aerial shot We have a really fancy expensive Camera in the goal weight, which is not advice Died You really did That was the technical term, yeah. Hey you ever heard of the phrase Bend It Like Beckham No, do you know who Beckham is a soccer player? No, leave it in the comments what you think about that he’s like the Michael Jordan of soccer And they go That is how you bend it right there Let’s go cut these things open a few of the differences on the inside Now that we know that it actually does make a difference with the outside and the inside does with your performance Man, they’re gonna be kicking butt in Russia this year. Let’s destroy this Russian one first. I’m gonna go for that one This is easy to cut open what’s inside just Russian rubles just come pouring out It has quite a bit of foam on in between the rubber the water and the actual foam part Yeah, what most soccer balls that we’ve cut open at most sports balls. They have a bladder that’s like separate from it This one is just built in. So just thick layer then that’s it. Just air that’s going to the World Cup right there I better make it let’s go into Russia. We’ve got to find that little chip inside of it We didn’t have a razor blade today. So I took this from the kitchen. My wife doesn’t know I Use this to cut our chicken No It’s supposed to be an NFC chip inside of this thing and I am not seeing it come on adidas This is the $200 ball. This should have it. We’re going all-in now. So look at the inside of it The only thing he’s not and also like where is the chip? Could it be a waiver wait did I pull this from here? Oh, yes. There’s okay So this roundness where we cut this off this is surgery now Stop scratch the table. Oh, I think I may have found it That is for sure Russian tech This will track you the second you bring the ball under the country and it will follow you the entire time. Oh All right Let’s go all the way around. Whoa The bladder that’s what a ball should look like and why is it wet? This outer layer is made up of six different panels that are glued together Inside of his it’s just all lace and stitched together. What? nativist idiot The literal translation would be like nothing to you. But it’s just like holy cow. Nietzsche was severe All right, and now the final ball what’s that going on it’s just like pores you just keep it in like that I really like how much air pocket is inside of there because I feel like it’s just stuffed with stuffing Is there air in there there’s no air going across the laces right now don’t cut the knife toward your side Whoa Wow Okay, I feel like this soccer ball is a decorative one, that’s because I don’t think it’s meant to be used as a soccer ball Is this Is not real there’s no bladder I got ripped off there’s this bubble wrap The FIFA World Cup is coming up in Russia from June to July of 2018. The bucket-list family is going to be there So make sure that you subscribe to their channel It’ll be a really cool experience to see what it’s like to have an American family go to the World Cup So make sure you subscribe to their channel follow me on Instagram and Twitter soccer balls have definitely changed These guys don’t have any excuses for kicking a bad ball Say Nietzsche said yes say Nietzsche versiv. Yeah You

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  1. Давайте русские ставьте лайк что-бы иностранцы думали что я сказаль чтото годное….??????????

  2. You said to leave who David Beckham is in the comments so here it is. David Beckham is a retired English footballer who played for both club and international teams. I'm expected to know this because of my relatives.

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