100 Replies to “What’s inside an Olympic Torch?”

  1. Lamentable !!! deberían ir presos por destruir una pieza como la antorcha olímpica , que muy pocos tienen el privilegio de poseer !

  2. I swear one day there's gonna be:

    What's Inside the CROWN JEWELS!?
    What's Inside the HUBBLE TELESCOPE!?

    My favourite real title is "What's inside WORLD'S MOST EXPENSIVE BOOMERANG" as that is a sentence fragment needing the to fix the grammar and they know nearly no one knows the brand of boomerang so they use the shock value by not saying the brand but "MOST EXPENSIVE", unlike the Yeezys video as Yeezys are well known.

    (PS To the department who named Yeezys over at Adidas, please learn your grammar as plurals of words ending in y need an ies but it is spelt ys leaving Google to inform me of my spelling being wrong)

  3. Your cutting something people worked hard for and dream to hold that, and u losers have nothing else better to do

  4. Are you kidding me……. why the heck would you cut open a piece of history! its like cutting a 1,000,000 car just to see inside of it!

  5. Were they not smart enough to just simply disassemble the torch instead of destroying it? Surprised they made it this far in life…

  6. your one of the few people in the world to hold that torch that wasnt a torch runner * i dont know the correct term* and what do you do? you could cherish it or…. destroy it just cause you want the views and money

  7. What’s inside your body let’s find out. This is one of the dumbest thing a I’ve seen in the internet. You are destroying a irreplaceable Olympic torch that most people don’t even get the chance to hold.

  8. Isn't he using the wrong wheel on that angle grinder? I'm pretty sure that's actually a grinding wheel not a cut off wheel

  9. La hubieras guardado y en un futuro hubiera valido mucho dinero pero ya la cagaste v: drjalo asi ??

  10. Maybe buy a fkn Makita angle grinder instead of that Chinese crap. A grinder shouldn't break that easily, I know Makita ones sure don't….

  11. Just noticed that your using a grinding blade not a cut off blade the difference between them are ones thick which is the grinding blade the thin one is the cut off blade

  12. Wow. Never imagined the inside of an Olympic torch was so complex with reinforced steel and mechanisms. Fun video Dan !!

  13. I have not been a fan of the Olympics for years. I feel that it just gets more and more political then about coming together as a planet with country representatives.

    I still always found the torch ceremony fascinating. Lighting it in Greece and having the flame travel some by torch bearers.

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