What You MUST Know If You Don’t Have a Gallbladder

What You MUST Know If You Don’t Have a Gallbladder

Hey guys, this is doctor Berg here. I want to talk about what you must know if
you don’t have a gallbladder, okay? People are told they don’t need their gallbladder,
it’s an unnecessary organ and you won’t have any problems but there’s some long-term effects. First of all what is the gallbladder? It’s a little sac that hangs underneath your
liver, about the size of a little potato and there’s a tube that comes from your liver
and this little sac that hangs off this tube. The key is what it holds, what it stores. The gallbladder stores and holds bile, B-I-L-E. What is bile? Bile is the very important fluid that helps
you absorb fats, absorb fatty soluble vitamins, regulate cholesterol, help balance hormones. It does a lot, it helps lubricate the colon. We’ll talk about all those but basically without
a gallbladder you don’t have the concentrated effect. Normally the bile is concentrated by five
times the amount, in that little sac there. We need that bile to secrete out when you
eat fats to be able to pull that in. Without that gallbladder you’re always going
to be deficient in bile. It’s just going to trickle down, because it’s
made by the liver it’s going to trickle down. By the way, bile is what prevents gallstones. Probably the reason why you had a gallstone
in the first place is you don’t have enough bile. Now, they take the gallbladder out and you
don’t have the bile, you continue to have other problems. Let’s take a look at, without a gallbladder
all the potential issues. Number one you’re not going to balance the
cholesterol anymore. Cholesterol is necessary in the building of
hormones, specifically stress hormones but other hormones too, like testosterone. They’re made from cholesterol, your brain
needs cholesterol, the nerves need cholesterol. Also free cholesterol needs bile to help break
it down. You can have more of a buildup of cholesterol
without bile, so we have an imbalance of cholesterol, the good and bad. That’s number one. Number two, you may find that you’re not actually
eliminating toxins. Why? Because the toxins go through this bile duct
when they come and they’re eliminated, so the bile helps in the breakdown of toxins
and the elimination of toxins, not to mention the lubrication of the colon, so you may end
up with constipation. The next one is thyroid. T4, the inactive thyroid hormone is converted
to T3 through the liver and the gallbladder, without a gallbladder you’re thyroid can suffer,
in that it won’t convert. You might end up with a thyroid issue which
affects a whole host of problems because we need that gallbladder to do the conversion. The other one is preventing fatty liver, because
the fat can actually build up in the liver if you don’t have the bile, bile breaks down
fat. Now, if you don’t have the fat soluble vitamins,
vitamin A the vision suffers, you won’t be able to see at night when you’re driving in
the dark. The vision just kind of goes down, you need
vitamin A in general for your vision. The skin becomes dry, you have issues with
skin, the inner skin of the inner sinuses become a problem, sinus problems, sleep apnea,
immune system, that’s all vitamin A. Vitamin D is the regulation of calcium. You may find that your calcium is off, especially
the metabolism of calcium, you get bone pain, you have issues with the immune system, things
like that. Also in people who are low in vitamin D, they
have problems with depression during the winter time because they don’t have enough vitamin
D. Vitamin D is also good to prevent asthma as well. Okay, vitamin E, very essential for the heart. Vitamin E increases the oxygen to the heart
by 250%. That actually increases oxygen to the heart
to prevent heart cramps, it’s great as an anti-angina nutrient. Vitamin E is also called the anti-sterility,
so it prevents becoming sterile, it helps fertility. Vitamin E is important in the skin, so many
women use it on their skin, vitamin E oil. Now we’ve got vitamin K1, that’s to prevent
bruising and to help clotting. Vitamin K2 prevents the soft tissue calcium
from building up in the arteries, in the joints, very, very important. There’s even certain phytonutrients, like
plant based chemicals in the cruciferous vegetables that are fat soluble too. We have Lycopene, Lutein, Carotenoids, those
are all fat soluble, those are all very, very important in protecting the eye, protecting
it against macular degeneration, just helping you see in general. Those are fat soluble. Then, also you’re not going to absorb the
omega 3 fatty acids, think about why you need omega 3 fatty acids? That’s all anti-inflammatory, I mean it’s
precursor’s to build body tissue, so many issues. These are a small list of potential issues
that you could have if you don’t have a gallbladder, okay? I hope that gave you some enlightenment. The question is what do you do if you don’t
have a gallbladder? Well, what I would recommend is to take some
type of bile support to supplement your body so when you eat you have enough bile to prevent
these issues. You have to realize that it’s going to be
a slow process, it doesn’t happen overnight. You may see symptoms months after the gallbladder’s
removed. All right, thanks for watching. I’ll see you in the next videos.

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  1. Geez I had my gallbladder out a few years ago and I'm having some problems. This video makes me feel like I might as well be dead. Gives you all the bad news with no solution… made me feel very damaged.

  2. My gallbladder wasn't removed because of stones. After laying in an MRI for 2hrs watching whatever it was that was able to be watched going thru my digestive system it stopped moving at the gallbladder. Was told by Dr. that my gallbladder was dead. I haven't heard or seen anyone address this type of gallbladder problem. Did I once again have something so rare that no one else has this problem?

  3. I had my gallbladder removed almost 2 years ago. I kept having gallbladder attacks and for 6 months they kept happening and the drs kept saying I was having anxiety, the last time I had one I couldn’t walk or move nothing it was horrible and then they did a ultrasound and I had so many gallstones I needed emergency surgery right then and there.

  4. I had mine remove 2 yrs ago ang everything is fine. I been going to the gym then, and even now I'm lifting heavy and everything is great. Don't be affected with this video. Stay strong.

  5. Lived with gallstones for 4 years I have a video on my channel on how I dealt with the pain if anyone is interested 😊

  6. So this does not answer my question. I have no gallbladder. Now. What? Is there a bile supplement? I believe this is why I am taking longer to loose weight. I’m in ketosis. I’m keeping track of macros. … I’m waiting for an answer.

  7. Your liver still produces bile it just constantly releases it vs storing it in gallbladder till you eat fats. Your body will adjust to the constant release of bile and most people are perfectly healthy after gallbladder removal. You only hear about the bad stories online. This guy is not a medical doctor. He sells vitamins and cracks necks.

  8. Hello Dr Eric.. Somebody suggest me to watch your videos as I am looking for keto diet without my gallbladder. 2year back had been removed.. Please suggest me how to start on age 47.. 🙏

  9. Hell if we were to listen to the drs we will end up taking more supplements than food. Until today i still dont know if all those vit n minerals I’m taking actually help.

  10. In a perfect world we could all keep our gallbladder but that was not the case for me. Mine was very diseased and I went from 140lbs to 112 in a matter of months because I couldn't digest any fats anymore. I only had 2 stones but I was deathy sick. My liver enzymes were off also. So..no..I didn't want to lose it because it's there for a reason but having no other option I had mine removed. I actually just had the surgery 2 weeks ago and recovery has been difficult for me because I'm weak from weight lose and being sick for too long. Do not put off this surgery if you are suffering like I did. Sometimes it really does need to come out. Find a good doctor and do your research. Do not let it go.

  11. I had my gallbladder taken out 15 years ago and still struggle with fat.
    I have tried to take digestive enzymes to help digest healthy fat but it always cause me heartburn and pain. I would not take ox bile as I don't eat meat.
    I wish someone could explain why enzymes use me pain.

  12. This is so true the Dr's don't tell you this they are like oh you can live without this organ yeah you can but it will cause these problems I know I have problems from this list plus having no pancreas I suffer with chronic inflamation but I was told there is nothing more we can do for you just ask your Gp to treat any symptoms that arise I wish I knew all this before 🙁

  13. I was hospitalized this week for a gallstone that caused extreme pain and nausea. ER doctor didn’t specify whether I needed a complete cholecystectomy or just the stone removed. Can anyone help?? I have just 1 gallstone but the symptoms were pretty bad.

  14. My gallbladder was removed some 30 years ago without my consent due to extreme infection / gall stones etc. the situation was probably life threatening at the time and I was living in an international remote location. The hospital and surgeon were of excellent western standard so at the time I simply accepted that it was removed and that the gallbladder was a defunct unnecessary organ. In the subsequent years I have come to understand that the gall bladder does play a significant role in ones bodily function and regret having lost it. Suffice to say with considered medical advice each individual can make changes to the way we live that can counteract the loss and I use milk thistle as one supplement that has seemingly made an impact in that I no longer suffer the occurrence of diarrhoea after meals. I also eat far less red meat and fatty food opting for majority of leaf and root vegetables without the fantastical idea of being a vegan. I am now retired and am spending more time researching the issue due to an intense interest in my health and wellbeing.

  15. I wish I had you around before I had my gallbladder removed. I had no idea the amount of health issues I would experience after my surgery and I did not have doctors in my town who were helpful in educating me in how to stay healthy. This video taught me a lot, and I have a lot of research to do. Thank you

  16. This whole show was a waste of my time. I didn't have a gallbladder was wanting to know what to do now that it's gone did not need to know what it does.

  17. Hello. I don’t know if you cAn reply , I’m residing in japan. To be sick in japan for foreigner is very difficult for the medical terms and doctors in japan are quite different. Less talking more on prescription. I n short got my gall bladder remove but what the show to me and my japanese husband was not stone but instead it looks like small fish egg like grown outside the gall bladder.
    i am now baffled as what was that? Now i’m having trouble with my stomach causing to bloated, not constipated, but accumulate a lot of gas. Is it possible to have this kind of gall bladder.?

  18. My second cousin had a gall bladder remove said that it was not working she just had surgery i begged her to look you up and told her there were things she could do and she just insists that this happens all the time they said it was not working so cut it out i wanted to help her

  19. Had mine removed 12 years ago due to a stabbing attack. Suffer more with heartburn but the odd Omerprezole capsule and cup of bicarb next to my bed at night keep it in check. BTW. Nuts are now too rich for me. Sadly!

  20. This man does not know what he’s talking about! I’m not a doctor but I know more about what my gall bladder did before it was removed.

  21. Will it still affect the liver, I was born without a gallbladder? It's called gallbladder agenesis.

  22. I have daily headaches originally believed to be migraines but have since learned they are from not having a gall bladder. I take dietary enzymes with ox bile but cannot find how to reduce the daily headaches.

  23. Your video sounds more scary than informative! Millions of people living normal life without gallbladder. Focus on lifestyle modification rather spreading scare!

  24. I just add ADEKs. Sometimes gallbladders need to be removed, I would have died had I not had it removed. I just take extra supplements and have labs to make sure I have no deficiencies.

  25. What about taking ADEKs, a water-soluble form of the fat-soluble vitamins above? I have a gallbladder, but have full ileostomy. Thank you.

  26. ᑕᗩᑎ YOᑌ ᒪOᔕE ᗯEIGᕼT ᗯITᕼ YOᑌᖇ GᗩᒪᒪᗷᒪᗩᗪᗪEᖇ ᖇEᗰOᐯEᗪ?

  27. All organs including the gallbladder have a vital function. But if you have gallstones you can end up with life threatening pancreatitis . I had my gallbladder removed and of course have to be careful with fried and fatty meals. I largely follow a vegetarian diet and take milk thistle bio force drops and thanks to the Lord am fine.

  28. There are natural products out there that can soften gallstones and try and eliminate them naturally. If you're getting gallstones you have some kind of nutritional problem anyway.

  29. Thank you, Dr. Berg I just watched your video and I haven't had a gall bladder for over 30 years, I even have horrible scar across my abdomen.. You know the old surgeries from way back when, everything you mentioned are my problems it was like your were talking about me. Your information was spot on . Thank you for your video

  30. HELP… I dont have a gallbladder or a thyroid…what bile salts do you recommend so I can absorb the vitamins and Omega needed

  31. My gallbladder been removed for years n yes i have thyroid issues n i eat healthy n my pain n my stomach is bad

  32. Videos like this scare the crap out of me. It is filled with exagerations and outright falsehoods. I fear someone might see this and put off life saving surgery.

    The gall bladder is a useful but not vital organ. Removed, your body will adapt. Of course, as with any medical procedure there will be a few patients with complications. But that is a VERY small percentage. However if uou dont have a dying gall bladder removed there is only one complication, it becomes infected and you possibly die if you dont get the now emergency surgery immediately and the infection cleared out.

  33. My 76 year old friend just had his gallbladder removed and he had issues with some of the things that you explained in the video already! Do you have a supplement or any particular supplements that you would recommend that I suggest to him? Thank you for all you do!

  34. I was 11 years old when I was diagnosed with gallstones…now I’m 18 and my gallbladder was removed last week, it was FULL of gallstones and the doctors were worried that the stones were VERY close to leaving the gallbladder and block my pancreatic ducts or smth so I HAD to remove it😪

  35. Hi every one, I had my gall bladder removed a couple of years ago, at first i rapidly gained weight 47 kg to 55 kg ( I am only 5ft) in two months! I also had a lot of very painful indigestion and also constipation.. Me and my mum did a lot of studies about fat digestion . I tried a lot of things! What has helped me the most is taking digestive enzymes with OX bile after everything I eat. As soon as i started I rapidly lost weight ( I am 49 kg now) and I never get painful indigestion and barely ever get constipated anymore! Ive been taking them for about 9 months now . I tried a few different enzymes and the best are the tablets not capsules as the capsules don't get down far enough in your stomach which means that wont even work. The enzymes absolutely need OX bile, the ones I take are the NEOLIFE enzymes. Another thing that helped me was Lecithin as it helps break down fat in your liver, its amazing! I take a table spoon a day! I hope this information helps xox

  36. Any idea what to do if bile salts are in your skin and driving you to the brink of madness with itching? I'd suffer any discomfort to just have a day without itching and feeling like my entire skin has been invaded by parasites. Any bigshot doctors out there who have any advice? The ones I paid knew next to nothing.

  37. Omg this explains all my underlining health problems that no doc ever figures out and all because I don't have a gallbladder. They took out my gallbladder at 22 yrs of age in 32 now and in the last cpl yrs ive been having so many problems.. And yes they did tell me I didn't need my gallbladder… Fucking liars! I feel violated that they took a piece of my body without giving me proper knowledge!

  38. I just got my gallbladder removed recently,I'm still recovering,and hopefully things are much better witgout a gallbladder. I had stones and my gallbladder was infected.(long story but wont tell cause its super long)

  39. I’m so glad I said no when a dr tried to get me to remove my gall bladder because it is supposedly only functioning at 22%…….my response was, “if you take it out, it will be functioning at 0%.” 😂 22% is better than 0% in my opinion. That was 5 years ago and I still have my gall bladder and so far no gall bladder attacks. I am on keto since November 2018 and hoping I can keep my gall bladder forever!

  40. I was born without a gallbladder. I'm 62 and in great health. All my bloodwork is perfect. I donated a kidney to my dad. I've never had any problems. I've never had cellulite! Maybe that's why

  41. It says that gallbladder is only a storage of bile. And bile is made by the liver. Is removal of gallbladder will stop the liver to produce bile ?

  42. No point in keeping it if your gallbladder doesn’t function 😂. I cannot have surgery though, so it’s just there, until I get gallstones or something they do not want me to remove it.

  43. I have never had any of these problems, I live in Alaska so many here get low on Vitamin D, so we make sure to take D.

  44. Lost my gallbladder thanks to the doctor who snatched it from my body when I was less than 22 years old. Oh and I lost my only child because of the biopsy of the chorion they did by misinforming me of the risks when I was also a young adult. I will stop my list here, yes there is more. Don't trust doctors, they think they are gods and for the most part, don't give a crap about you. I understand Dr. Berg is different – that's why I'm here – but now the person who got the steering wheel in her hands is me and me alone.

  45. One of the worst regrets of my life is having my gb removed. I was having awful attacks, but after removal, I became one of the 10% who have issues…urgent diarrhea all the time for the first 3 years, my thyroid issues got worse, my weight has increased by 75 pounds..the list goes on and on, but doctors just tell me none of it is related to not having a gall bladder. So I just keep getting sicker and keep feeling worse.

  46. All due to rubbish USDA food pyramid high carbohydrate diet!

    So no grains , no potatoes, no fruits ! Just meats ,cheeses , eggs, yogurts ,kefir sand leafy greens .

  47. My GallBladder was removed a month ago. My Doctors said. I can live a normal life and I can eat everything.
    Best thing is Consult your doctor instead of relying here in Youtube.

  48. Had my gallbladder removed 42 yrs ago, 6 months after I gave birth to my son. It was the worst pain I have ever experienced, ever. I'm perfectly healthy at 68 yrs old. Not watching this video. Don't need to worry needlessly.

  49. My last gallbladder flare up felt like I was having a heart attack I was rushed to the hospital and I was told I was going to have it removed then I had it removed then the doctor told me that I was close to being septic the lining of my gallbladder was very thin 😬😬😬

  50. Dr Berg, you are showing those poor persons with no gallbladder how terribly worthless their lives are, so to ensure that they get really, really miserable! Only a couple of final words about what they CAN do to improve their health – a bile supplement. How? Where? By whom? How much? Nothing about this. I don't think it was the right way to present this video!

  51. Is this why I have a very hard time seeing at night (everything is super blurry)? I had my gallbladder acting up in January 2017, got Bile Acid Malabsorbtion even with my gallbladder in, it was filled with stones. Got it removed February 2018. I have had a very hard time seeing at night since March 2018 and I got told by my eye doc that it is caused by the astigmatism in my right eye. It effects both eyes though equally. I think it is a vitamin A deficiency. Could it be? I think I need to eat more vitamin A rich foods. I have a very hard time seeing at night even with glasses. Before my gallbladder went bad and before I got Bile Acid Malabsorbtion I had very good eyesight at night, it has slowly gotten worse since. Both eyes are affected.

  52. I have lost all faith in traditional medicine/doctors. I had my gallbladder removed when I was 29 years old right after my first baby. I was told I didnt need it. Fast forward 29 yrs later…continual vitamin D deficiency, thyroid, fatty liver, bone pain and all other kinds of problems he mentioned. I need bike salts, but cant afford it right now.

  53. So……. having it out causes a load of problems?
    Why would they take it out and not try to save it then? 🤔

  54. I had my gallbladder out in my thirties, I was so sick with chronic episodes of violent throwing up, I would throw up so violently I would break blood vessels in my skin and look like I had tiny freckles all over my face and neck that always healed thank goodness because they looked horrid, it was also the worse stomach pain I have ever been in and it was episodic and would happen over and over again until my husband demanded I see a doctor about it, the surgery fixed it! never had an episode again. I have a very good cholesterol counts in my last fourties but I do need to supplement vit.D. Definitely don't miss being sick like that at all!

  55. This is so misleading actually you don’t stop producing bile, it is just direct to the small intestine from the liver rather than going through the gallbladder, where it concentrates. But you still have bile.

  56. so…..no gall bladder means bile is not being stored, NOT that bile isn’t being produced. Bile is still produced by the liver. The ducts leading to the intestines are still there, and bile still enters the intestines and still helps digest food.

  57. Omg. I have had my gallbladder out for 15 years and this is the FIRST time I have ever heard that the gallbladder supports the thyroid. Oh yeah I’ve been on thyroid medicine for 8 years. 🙄 and not one dr EVER made the connection or mentioned it.

  58. You are so right about these issues. I had my gb removed a few years ago and my yearly wellness examines show my cholesterol has crept up, thyroid has gone down, I now have a fatty liver, have a Vitamin D deficiency, suffer from constipation and eye doctor has prescribed leutin. I had none of these issues prior to having my gall bladder removed.

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