What Really Happened To Stone Cold Steve Austin?

What Really Happened To Stone Cold Steve Austin?

What really happened to Stone Cold Steve Austin? He left the spotlight and left us all a little
warmer than we’d like to be. “Stunning Steve” Steve Williams broke into wrestling at the
Dallas Sportatorium, the home of World Class Championship Wrestling. Soon after, the legendary Dutch Mantell suggested
that he changed his name to avoid confusion with the more famous “Dr. Death” Steve Williams
— who would have his greatest fame in Japan as a member of a tag team called “The Miracle
Violence Connection” — and suggested that he work under the name “Steve Austin” instead. By 1990, he hit the big time in World Championship
Wrestling as one of the Hollywood Blondes, but that didn’t last. A few years later, following an injury suffered
in Japan and a series of frustrations with the company, he was fired over the phone. After a stint in Extreme Championship Wrestling,
he was hired by the World Wrestling Federation and repackaged as… “The Ringmaster.” Austin 3:16 If “The Ringmaster” sounds a little goofy,
that’s because it is. It’s better than some of the other options
Austin was presented with, though. “I pitched the office with all these ideas
and they came back with names like, Fame McFrost, Otto von Ruthless, Ice Dagger!” Fortunately, his wife had once told Austin
to drink his tea before it got “stone cold,” and gave him his new gimmick. In 1996, Austin cut his famous “Austin 3:16”
promo, and after a legendary match against Bret “The Hitman” Hart at WrestleMania 13,
he’d go from being a villain to a full-on fan favorite who spent the next six years
as the biggest star in the company. Adding injury to injury At SummerSlam 1997, Austin was wrestling against
Owen Hart when Hart botched a piledriver and sent Austin crashing to the mat directly on
his head. While he finished the match and left the ring
on his feet, Austin suffered a neck injury that kept him out of in-ring action for months. He also had several knee injuries and took
to wearing two knee braces in the ring. Finally, in 2003, the injuries accumulated
to the point where Austin finally retired from competition. As he said in a 2013 interview after casually
listing a pretty horrifying string of injuries, “It’s a rough job. It’s a fun job, but make no mistake about
it, it’s a rough-ass way to make a living.” Out of the ring, in the spotlight Even though he was no longer active as a wrestler,
Austin’s gift for entertaining promos would see him continue working with WWE years after
his retirement. From 2003 to 2004, he appeared onscreen as
an authority figure. Considering his tenure as a wrestler saw him
run over in the parking lot, crucified by the Undertaker, and occasionally driving up
to the ring in a beer truck, he probably understood that WWE could use a little law enforcement. From then on, he’d make several special appearances
for the company, and was finally inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2009. Stone Cold stuns Hollywood While he hasn’t made the kind of headlining
appearances that his old rival Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has in the Fast & Furious franchise,
Austin has made plenty of trips out to Hollywood. Unsurprisingly, his first major role came
from a movie produced by the WWE called The Condemned, about a convicted prisoner who
gets involved in a last-man-standing Hunger Games situation. Beyond that, his major cinematic output has
involved direct-to-video movies with titles like Tactical Force and Maximum Conviction,
but he’s also appeared in big-screen hits like The Expendables and Grown-Ups. The Skullbuster In 2011, Austin would return to WWE programming
as the host of a reality competition show called Tough Enough, where aspiring wrestlers
competed for a spot with the company. Unfortunately, while Austin was very entertaining,
the show went off the rails pretty hard and the winner never wrestled a single match on
WWE Television. That disaster didn’t keep Austin away from
reality shows, though. In 2012, he became the host of the Survivor-like
Redneck Island, and in 2014, Country Music Television launched a truly ridiculous game
show called Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge. In addition to a series of exhausting “bust-ass”
events that make American Ninja Warrior look like a beginner’s yoga class, culminating
in an obstacle course called the Skullbuster that’ll wear you out just from watching
it, the show has a catch for the winner. The first person to complete the Skullbuster
sets the time to beat, and if any subsequent winners don’t beat it, the person who holds
the record gets their prize money. In other words, you can nearly kill yourself
to actually win this thing, and someone else gets your money if you don’t do it fast enough. The one really great thing about the show
is that Austin himself is shockingly encouraging. Unlike the stone-faced veteran persona that
he had on Tough Enough, the Austin of Broken Skull Challenge is more like an extremely
gruff cheerleader, accompanying the contestants on the course and telling them how great they’re
doing. If you’re ever having a rough day, just put
an episode on in the background and imagine Stone Cold telling you that you can do it
— it makes washing the dishes a much more intense and rewarding experience. “Perfect! Way to go!” The Steve Austin Show If you’re still wondering why you haven’t
seen Steve Austin in a while, the real answer is that his primary work these days is in
the wild world of podcasting. Starting in 2012, Austin launched The Steve
Austin Show. Usually, the show involves Austin having conversations
with current and former wrestlers, and occasionally going in-depth in really fascinating ways,
and the video version has become one of the WWE Network’s most popular original shows,
even when (or maybe especially when) he’s critical of the current product. And sometimes, Austin uses the show to voice
his support for same-sex marriage. Probably didn’t see that one coming from a
guy who was once called “the Bionic Redneck,” huh?

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  1. As is the case with most men STONE COLD got better looking as he got older and shaved down his hair. freeze @0:54 and @0.56.The man is SO handsome, so well built. You Americans should be SO proud he is one of your boys!.Just watched a wonderful video of him "dealing" with a "stone Cold Imposter".It didn't end well !.

  2. Why are we pretending he didn’t throw a hissy fit and quit wrestling over having to lose to Brock lesnar? Because THATS what happened to Steve Austin’s wrestling career

  3. Thank goodness of all things same sex marriage was ramrodded into this video at the end! I don’t care how out of left field or off topic it was bravo! Also, Orange Man bad!!

  4. Honestly I'm not lying, I'm not trying to brag, but he is my uncle. I came to this video because he's my uncle of course but also to see if you got the history right. You did, good job. I really love you videos, no homo.

  5. You forgot his short stint in ECW, where he vented out his frustrations on WCW with his Monday NyQuil segments. Hell, we wouldn't have had Stone Cold if not for ECW.

  6. I loved the Austin podcasts, especially for WWE. The problem is WWE stopped it because he was asking too many tough questions and was critical of the product (like this video rightly mentioned-and which Austin has every right to be, especially from someone of his stature). They instead got Jericho. Jericho himself admitted his platform was more story-telling than deeply inquisitive. It didn't make sense.

  7. Let see if you're right. He left cause they wanted him to lay the belt down to Brock but it had no story and meaning no he said no and left cause no story or set up. Plus injuries too. He got fined 250k for leaving on his return

  8. Watch the RAW after WrestleMania 19. There's this segment where Austin walks in the ring, cuts a promo and calls out The Rock saying that the WrestleMania 19 night where the two of them faced off was his night and that he congratulated him for it but tonight is the night of Austin and he'd whoop The Rock's ass. Then suddenly Eric Bischoff comes in and says that he knows Austin's secret. Bischoff reads out Austin's medical report which mentions the injury he suffered in the neck and that he can no longer compete. He also revealed that Austin spent the night before WrestleMania 19 in the hospital.
    During this segment, if you watch it, you'll see that when Bischoff was reading the report the camera panned to Austin's face and you could look at his face and clearly say that he was devastated and was holding his emotions. Do watch it.
    Here's the link. Bischoff reads the reports after 6:00

  9. Austin was a turd! Bought a new truck in San Antonio! Signed contract took delivery then brought back and threatened the general manager who took it back! This guy is a piece of shit

  10. He came up with Austin 3:16 after beating Jake Roberts at King of the Ring It was a way of mocking Roberts religious beliefs

  11. No mention of his Domestic Violence arrest which is the real reason he retired. He needed to get back to his roots as his life spiraled out of control.

  12. So he does have a video version of his podcast, but WWE packaged. People in comments always asking for it

  13. What really happened? Yeah cause no one knows until this video cause his whole career wasn't upfront. Stupid video title

  14. what about all Steve's wives and the wife beater he was ?? had some good looking women but beat on them . lived in a trailer for a while as the women sued him

  15. Austin moved from Victoria, TX to Boerne, TX (just outside San Antonio) after being run out of Victoria, TX for bar brawling. He has been barred from every bar he entered in San Antonio for his penchant for starting fights. A real piece of work.

  16. Well it's simple,Owen Hart botched a piledriver and severely injured his neck, that even expert sports doctors told that it was the worst neck injury they had ever seen,so he stopped wrestling in 2004..And also severely injured his right knee wrestling Bret Hart in 1997

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