What is VOLTA? | Cirque du Soleil- VOLTA

What is VOLTA? | Cirque du Soleil- VOLTA

[Music] [Music] we are in the headquarters of Cirque du Soleil in Montreal Quebec so the show Volta the new Cirque du Soleil productions for Big Top botha is an homage to the free spirit in all of us this show about bringing out and finding our true free it’s funny what makes you happy in following not chasing not pursuing your dreams their goals the very first intention we had was to do a meaningful show is something that can be useful to people and really inspire them give them the strength to act and do something even better with their life both earnings a change in direction so that’s what our show is about the main character who lead the life in one direction and he’s putting on this fake persona and true introduction of different characters he breaks free [Music] in the creative process we got really inspired by the energy of action sports that freedom of just going for things that you want to do and this passion that action sports practitioners just seem to exude so we want to keep that and really try to harness that power we want to be inspired we don’t want to copy anything you know but we want to take the great moments that people haven’t build on those oh my god it’s raining one does I think having a dynamic stage allows us to bring those action sports it’s a reality when you’re lifted up and you have no room for error it’s like with the whole level of risk and difficulty is it just make the act so much more powerful I’m just a little bit more we’re extremely happy to collaborate with super top red bull athletes to have these very productive exchange together we want to pay tribute to the real sense of these sports to the real culture obviously we want to do it our way with our costumes our music our language [Music] we’ve got a huge cast here there’s over 40 performers and everyone has their own discipline with their own characters their own styles when we have an artist or a show we’re really looking for people that are generous that really want to create we don’t have all the answers you know we have ideas and we have prayed the ideas and some work and some don’t it’s a long process a little bit more stretch out and then pull it in the pressure is there to make sure you steer them in the right direction but after a while you just you have to look and go it’s like an 18 year old leaving home you know that’s just like a you can fly on your own and you’ve done what you had to do and impress the out less [Music] so obviously about high performance but it’s not just my performance about poetry it’s about people thinking about bringing poetry back to their life as well I would really expect people to say okay I was not expecting that at all from Turkish realize that I was super kick that’s really something we’re doing of achieving [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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  1. Waiting to judge until its officially on stage, but compared to current cirque shows.. I dunno about this one.

  2. Looks interesting, but can the creative artistry of Cirque be delivered through these sports, and can these sports be well showcased when confined to a stage / theatre environment?

  3. I've seen a couple of their shows, not this one but two other shows, and they were fantastic. Very entertaining, definitely worth seeing.

  4. I love cirque du soleil, where is the admission, I want to join the club. I can contribute well by sitting 24/7 in my chair, gaming chair

  5. This show was amazing. It used its acts to tell a story of self-discovery. Waz, the main character, has lost himself. It's with the help of free-spirited people that he begins to look to find himself. And when he finally accepts himself and becomes free? I cried. He did a breathtaking solo contemporary dance to a moving melodic piece. the look on his face in that moment is one of pure bliss.
    I went to see the show twice. I highly recommend to everyone! It's different from what you'd expect a Cirque du Soleil show to be, but it's a show that will leave you mind blown. By far my favourite Creation under the Big Top.

  6. Went to watch it last Saturday May 5th in NJ by Meadowlands … AWESOME SHOW … FABULOUS SHOW …

  7. We went to see the show tonight in San Francisco. We were blown away by it. Amazing stunt, amazing music, amazing lighting. My child couldn't not close his mouth the whole time and kept saying this is so crazy! We love it so much!

  8. There was no trials riding, no free running, stage never lifted, no slack lining. Not worth the money.

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