What Is The Most Dangerous Sport In The World?

What Is The Most Dangerous Sport In The World?

Humans have been playing sports for thousands
of years, with injuries and sometimes even death being expected. But when we look at the physical consequences
modern athletes endure, what is the most dangerous sport in the world? If we simply look at who gets injured the
most often, US hospital data – collected by the CPSC in 2016 – found that for males, football
and soccer cause a significant proportion of injuries, while for women, soccer and baseball
almost top the list. But the number one sport for both sexes was
basketball, with 190,453 injuries for men and 34,707 for women. A study of injuries among NBA athletes over
a 17 year period found that lateral ankle sprains were the most common, while a separate
study found that those who wore shoes with air cells in the heel were 4.3 times more
likely to injure their ankle – so you might want to ditch your Nike airs. But minor injuries can happen for any sport
and hardly deserve the title of most dangerous; take curling for example, which has a higher
injury rate then speed skating and luge. Or snowboarding, where 8% of injuries take
place when loading or unloading off the ski lift – as the lifts are actually designed
for skiers. Luge, which involves riding a sled laying
on your back at speeds up to 150 km/h will put you at a 40% risk of injury, however only
4% of those injuries result in missing more than one day of practice. So what about…death? In terms of fatalities, a report by the National
Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research found that between 1982 and 2016, the most
fatalities in high school sports came from football, with 133 deaths. However, that rate is 0.39 per every 100,000
individuals, given that football is the most popular American sport. Regardless, sports like football and hockey
often rank as some of the most dangerous sports because of the constant collisions and hits
at top speeds, leading to a variety of injuries including concussions. In fact, autopsies of many former athletes
have revealed that they had chronic traumatic encephalopathy or CTE; a disease that people
with multiple head injuries can get. It leads to weakness in the lower limbs, hesitancy
of speech, unsteadiness, mood problems and difficulty thinking. These are the result of brain atrophy and
deposits of protein in the brain. And brain injuries are actually the leading
cause of death from sports. This leads us to the actual most dangerous
sport, which when considering all factors, turns out to be a combat sport. And while you might be thinking of Mixed Martial
Arts or MMA, it turns out that boxing is actually the most dangerous. The University of Alberta, using medical data
after matches, found that although 60% of MMA fighters sustained injuries vs 50% of
boxers, MMA injuries were less severe. 7% of boxers had either loss of consciousness
or suffered serious eye injury during fights, compared to only 4% of MMA fighters. The study attributes this to MMA style fighting
which involves hitting various areas of the body whereas boxing focuses on the head. And boxers seem to present worse symptoms
of CTE than even athletes in football. This is likely because of the rotational force
of hook punches, compared to the linear force in football, which may make the brain trauma
worse. At the end of the day, a punch to the head
during a boxing match can range anywhere from 650-1100 pounds of force making boxing arguably
the most dangerous sport in the world.

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  1. First of all, the studies are from America only. Second of all, I started boxing two years ago and I still havent got a "serious injury", Ive also been to the doctor and i havent got any signs of CTE. Although the doctor said that iz is posibblle but only in pro boxing. Ps. Im 16. I hope this video doesnt keep you away from boxing, its a great sport and a great combat. Have a good day! 😉

  2. I’ve been doing some research and it says that cycling is the most dangerous sports because it involves in the road. Can you guys agree to this because i believe there is still a sports that is more dangerous than cycling.

  3. No equestrians (horse riders) have more injuries and more severe injuries. And if it wasn’t including high school sports it will be horse riding with most deaths. In america equestrian suffer the most head injuries than any others. And no boxing is as dangerous as riding no your facts. If they are talking about the weight force try riding a horse and being crushed by a 1000 pound animal that’s a little bit worse huh?

  4. I saw a guy get his throat slit and lose a bunch of teeth and get a hanging eyeball during an Ice Hockey match, so I'm thinking… that?

    Wonderful idea too, taking my four-year-old nephew to see his first ever hockey game. Especially since this guy got thrust up against the screen by four other guys and they smudged their blood all over it too, would've been less gruesome to take him to an Autopsy.

    I've done martial arts, assuming they would be dangerous, but most of those are more like dance classes, too formal and decorative to help in a real fight.

    What you really need in a fight is a hockey puck that gets tossed around everywhere by the one guy intent on just playing the game; because thay guy is always a bit of a shitty shot and will most definitely cause more fights.

  5. I compete on USA boxing. It's definitely not for everyone. I never got a concussion. But it's mostly due to pain tolerance as well as our mouth guards. They are way thicker and protect our jaw from getting knocked out so easily.

  6. You’re kinda just talking about studies in and about america so you can’t really say it’s the most dangerous in the world

  7. Ok I have to disagree on boxing what about bull riding I mean people that might weigh 100-200 pounds with slinging fists vs 2,000 pound angry animals with slinging horns, who do you think will win

  8. My one problem with this is that all or most of the data is from North America. And although they seem to be the centre of western society, are not as heavily populated. Just because gridiron is popular in the US does not mean that it equates to other, more globally recognised sports. For example football (not American Gridiron) is way more popular and although has smaller percentages, it is more widely played and more often per person.

  9. Motorcycle sports, equestrianism, bull riding, even gymnastics! You didn’t even consider sports like these!

  10. The only type of boxing which is civilized is French boxing; the goal is not to knock your opponent out but to touch hitpoints (the shoulders, the abdomen and the basin) which get you points. It’s not that violent compared to other types of boxing.

  11. What about Rugby? Or is this a study of sports in the US cause if thats so then change the title and stop clickbaiting

  12. Don't let this discourage you from taking up boxing, it's much less dangerous then most people think. In fact, recretaional boxing is probably more safe then basketball or football since people don't really know how to punch correctly at lower levels and good trainers won't even let you sparr untill you leran how to protect yourself.

  13. isle of man TT one mistake you are died!!!! supercross one mistake it break all youre bonesss!!!!

  14. This is so poooooo not true. No matter what people say, horse riding is the most dangerous sport in the world. You sit on the back of a animal (with a mind of its own) only being able to hold on to 2 pieces of leather. Horses can kill you with just their hooves. They can fling you of their back with 1 tiny jolt. I've been riding horses all of my life and 6 of my friends have broken their back meaning they are completely paralized and can not move nor even stand up. I was in hospital for 4 weeks because I was crushed by a horse and broke 6 of my ribs and both of my shoulders popped out of their sockets. Boxing may be dangerous but it can't even compare to horse riding. This guy rambled on and on about risks in others sports so I will about horse riding now:

    It can break every single bone in your body.
    It can crack your head open.
    You can be crushed to death.
    You can be paralized.
    Perminent brain damage.
    Loss of vocals.
    Internal bleeding.
    Loss of hearing.

  15. what about horse riding! if you look at videos and search the web horses are really dangerous and a lot of people die from that spir or get injured! horses are living things with their own brains so they can spook or scare and if your food gets stuck in the saddle when you fall or you get stepped on your injured! that is my opinion on the most dangerous sport in the world!

  16. Bull riding is the most dangerous sport in the world because you try to stay on a bull that is over 2000 pounds for 8 seconds

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