What Is A Sports Agent? A Lawyer Turned Sports Agent Explains

What Is A Sports Agent? A Lawyer Turned Sports Agent Explains

Luber: Hey everyone – welcome to JD CareersOutThere
– where we get you career advice from fellow lawyers and non-practicing lawyers – to
help you find success and happiness in your career. I’m ML – and today we’re exploring what
it’s like to be a Sports Agent. We’re talking to Brian Samuels, who’s
a sports agent and a partner at Evolution Management & Marketing in Los Angeles. Brian shares a unique perspective with us
because he left the practice of law to become an agent
after completing a federal clerkship and working as a business litigator and employment litigator
at two corporate law firms. Here’s a little look at our discussion where
he starts telling us what it’s really like to be a Sports Agent. Brian Samuels: Well, it’s not quite all
Jerry Maguire. There is a lot of management more so than
anything else. So essentially, the day-to-day involves a
lot of managing clients – and that is everything from servicing deals that already exist to
finding new deals to having conversations with your athlete clients to find out what’s
going on with them, what new opportunities might exist for them, and then essentially
going out and finding those opportunities. Luber: And so, what type of deals are you
doing? Are the deals with, like taking a player and
doing a deal with a team and a league or is it more taking a player and doing a Nike commercial? Brian Samuels: More the latter, although our
business is getting more involved in the former. So we specialize in the off-the-field, off-the-court
marketing opportunities on behalf of our clients but as this grows, and I’m more than happy
to discuss further, but as this grows, this business grows, we’ve been presented with
opportunities that are going to allow us to begin negotiating on-the-court, on-the-field
contracts for clients that we’re in the process of recruiting. Luber: OK. Got it. So then a lot of times you’ll have someone, let’s
say an NBA player, who’s already got their whole deal in place for playing in the NBA
but then you step in and you’re doing the sponsorship deals and the branding and all
the marketing, that kind of thing? Brian Samuels: Exactly. So we have that deal now with a current NBA
player who was just drafted this past June and we are working with him solely for off-the-court
representation. So our job is to go out and try to procure
endorsement deals, appearances, anything that could generate additional revenue for the
player outside the player contract. Luber: So then are you interacting with the
agents who actually do the on-the-court, on-the-field deals and getting them to refer business to
you with their clients? Is that how it works? Brian Samuels: Basically, and this is like
any other business. It’s very much a relationship game. With respect to clients that we have where
we are dealing solely on the marketing side and they are the traditional stick and ball
sports: baseball, basketball, football, I want to say maybe just a little more than
the majority of the time we’re dealing with the player agent. There are many instances where we deal directly
with the athletes and there’s not an exact science to it. While a lot of these athletes are under contract
with their contract agent for on-the-field and off-the-field or on-the-court and off-the-court,
the nature of the business is such that, we’re oftentimes talking to players first and then
they may refer us to their contract agent or we may just deal directly with their contract
agent with whom we have a good relationship. Luber: So it’s really every deal is unique
and its own animal. Brian Samuels: Absolutely, 100% accurate. Every single deal is different, from the negotiating
of the deal to the papering of the deal to the servicing of the deal to whether they’re
getting paid on time, every single deal is different. Luber: So I want to get into the nitty-gritty
of some of the stuff that you actually do when you’re doing your job……….You
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  1. Hey JD, was wondering if you could help me. i'm currently going to a community college and planning on transferring after two years. I have no idea what i want to do, but sports are my passion. Do you have any recommendations for jobs? Thanks!

  2. Would you say a law degree is necessary? I am currently an economics undergrad. that has always wanted a way into the industry.

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