What happens with the medals after doping cases? Ep. 2 ft. Austra Skujytė | Take the Podium

What happens with the medals after doping cases? Ep. 2 ft. Austra Skujytė | Take the Podium

Being an athlete is trying to make your body perform as well
as you can. Be prepared mentally,
physically, to be prepared for something what might happen
what you are not expecting, to really pull the
best out of you. London ’12 that was probably
mostly replayed competition, especially with the medal
slipping out of your hands. There are cheats, there
are athletes who doped, they were stripped
from their medals. The medal reallocation for that
fair sport, for that clean sport. This is focused on
the athletes who haven’t had that
opportunity to celebrate. I grew up in Birzai. It’s the most north
part of Lithuania. I have two brothers. I grew up outside because we were always in the
yard playing. I am Austra Skujyte
and I do track and fields and my main sport was
heptathlon. When I looked at those
people who have one event, of course they have to
make it so perfect. We don’t have to be
perfect in everything but we always have
something to improve because we are never
perfect in everything. So I kind of like that. Now I am a coach. I’m coaching younger
generation. Try a little farther.
To try after this one. Just a
little bit backward. You blasted the
dust out of it. Good. It shows how many
centimetres you jumped up. Look at how the others
swing with their hands. 54.7. So that’s it. So now let’s
do a few standard laps, OK? Take your positions! Attention! As an heptathlete, making for
Olympic games is very good. Going into Olympic Games, you always have those
butterflies in your stomach that makes you
perform even better and you turn everything off. And then you completely
enjoy it. Austra is very motivated. I will compare her
from Greek mythology. You have the woman
warrior, Amazons, so I will say that’s
a typical example nowadays. In Athens, I ended up running
even my personal best in that 800
and I got the silver. In 2008, it was different
story. I had some Achilles problems. I ended up just not
finishing competition. It’s always easy to quit. It’s so much easier
to quit and walk away but you never know
what you can achieve. In 2010, I asked
Aleksas to be my coach because my sprinting
was terrible. He was good in numbers.
He was good in strategy. He is very caring and he is like a dad to
everybody around who has been coached by him. London, that was already
a little bit different because we had Aleksas
Stanislovaitis with us, Austra’s coach. He, as a person,
strongly supported her and she was really strong physically, emotionally,
psychologically. We were like a really
good team together. Actually, he got me in
really, really good shape that I was able to perform my
ever best in my all entire lifetime. And so after three years, I ended up being at the very
front. Heptathlon, it’s a
seven-event competition, so we have four
events in one day and then three
events on second day and it’s very important
to have rest in between. After the first day, I was
selected for the drug testing and I was set aside, like I was not allowed to go
back to the village. While everybody else was
going back to the village, ate, had a massage
and bath, whatever, I could not do that. I had to stay in the room
until I give the sample. I got back like
at 12 maybe in the evening and I wasn’t sleeping well, and the next day it was not as
good as I was ready for it. And so that damaged
my second day. I was so close. I was very, very, very sad
to… ..to lose. And so ended up being fifth. I am receiving the bronze medal
because somebody was cheating. I assumed that they had
a situation in the past and circumstances but I know if there is a system
of corruption, sometimes it’s hard for that
child who is growing up to know that there
is another way. I am Jurate
Stanislovaitiene, wife of Austra’s coach,
Aleksas Stanislovaitis. I met Austra when I was
exercising myself. Of course, I got to know her better when
Aleksas started to train her. He died at the end of April and in May the decision had
been made. And he always
said to Austra… He said, “I believe that
one day “you will get the medal back.” So I think he would
have been extremely happy because it
was many years… he… He believed it. He knew it. At one point, it feels really
good to receive a bronze medal, especially when I found
that I got an upgrade. It was a joyful sound. But also at the same
time I know that I don’t have my coach with me
to celebrate together. He was the one that really
believed in what we did together. It wasn’t just me
who is getting the award. It’s us as a team. Thank you, and best of luck
with your bronze medal. -Thank you.
-Thank you. Lithuanian Republic’s Prime
Minister Saulius Skvernelis. Lithuanian National Olympic
Committee President and member of the International
Olympics Committee, Daina Gudzineviciute. And on stage now, she,
deservedly, Austra Skujyte. Truth has prevailed. And today is your glory.
It is not the glory of Lithuania or glory of truth
in sports, since you have achieved this
with your own blood and sweat. Congratulations!
I’m proud of you. – Thank you.
– Thank you, thank you. Good luck to you.
You’re amazing. – Thank you very much.
– Thanks very much to you. To all my trainers
with whom I trained… They are like sculptors.
They made an athlete out of me. They made me a person
and an honest fighter. Also, thank you to
Dalius Barkauskas… doctor, massage specialist, therapist and everything
else… psychologist, friend,
sometimes trainer… when no trainer was beside me. Certainly, I want to thank Aleksas Stanislovaitis, but he is not with us here, sadly, but I would like so much
to give him a hug and to celebrate this win
with him. I just really hope that some
day some of my athletes could experience something
so great and big. That’s my dream, to get
somebody else there.

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  1. Its very hrd to even win a bronz medal at olympics..My deep respect to all Oly medalists u have to be the few best in the wordl to stand at that Olympic Podium and that too with you sheer hard work amd no cheating

  2. How sad that her coach died before she found out she’d be getting the bronze medal. Cheating cheats so many people out of their rightful achievements. It wasn’t just for Austra but for all the people who supported her.

  3. God bless her. It is so hard not have enjoyed the moment at the podium not due to your perfomance but to someone else's cheating. And it goes beyond: when you are on the podium sponsors are likely to support you, a cash price could be there and more oportunities to compete abroad show up and these are things that can not be received years later. Ask Lidia Valentin who has been once on the podium but who has received two more medals retroactively. I am glad the Olympic committee is giving these athletes the recognition they deserve.

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