What does the Bible say about sport?

What does the Bible say about sport?

What does the Bible have to say about sport? Well let’s go back to the beginning. The very beginning. Did God create sports? Well yes! And no. It wasn’t God who first picked a ball between two sticks and called it soccer. Or kicked up the ball, bounced it, and invented basketball. God did not create the games we play. But he did create people. And he made us to run and jump. And kick and catch. He gave us talents. And sport is simply organized play. Where we can use those talents God has given us. We’ve been created by God in His image. And we can recognize our ability to play sports is a gift from God. And use those talents to please Him. How can we please Him? By using those talents for His glory, not our own. And by loving all the different people he has put around us. But, what about when sport goes wrong? Like anything in life. We see our sinful rejection of God in sport. Instead of respecting the one who made us. We use our talents for ourselves. And we don’t reflect God in our relationships. What can be done about this? Well, God sent Jesus Christ to pay for our sin on the cross, and restore our relationship with Him. In Romans 12:1, Paul says: “Therefore I urge you” “Brothers and sisters” “In view of God’s mercy” “To offer your bodies as a living sacrifice” “Holy and pleasing to God.” “This is your true and proper worship.” Because of what God has done. Restoring us forever in relationship with Him. Whatever we do, we can now give as worship to God. So as we play, we can now offer God our talents. Seeing our sport as an opportunity, to thank and worship Him. And we could offer God our relationships too. As we share life and the Gospel with those around us, in sport and play. So, if you love sport and are a follower of Jesus. Get out there and play.

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  1. bullshit… this was just crap .. were are built for movement .. too work ,build , help others , grow food , care for animals ect… Gid does not suppirt violent, competitive sports . .. that is designed to place one or a group above ANOTHER.. a sports that destroys ,harms ,hurts our body , which by tge way is to be treated like a temple ! Not causing brain damage and addiction to drugs , materialism .. Sports are mini Wars .. desensitization propaganda.. .. people attacking each other wearing gang colors representing a land ,city ,kingdom , tribe Team whatever .. IS NOT WHERE JESUS WOULD HANG OUT .. FOR PLEASURE .. GET REAL ..WAKE UP .. READ THE BIBLE ..GET TO KNOW THE CREATOR AND JESUS .. because you can't get to God but through Jesus he said that himself and he sits on the right hand of God

  2. Imagine an America that would get even 10% as excited about God, as we do about sports, and our other “fun” time. “People will become lovers of pleasures, and lovers of self, rather than lovers of God.” [The Holy Bible]

  3. So this is telling me if someone is good at fighting we should go and knock people out and say glory to god ? All because god gave me a talent to fight ? whether you eat, drink, sleep, or whatever you do, do it to the glory of god.

  4. The works of the flesh according Galatians, which says that those who do them will not inherit the kingdom, include strife, rivalries, fits of anger, envy, and divisions. Sports perpetuates these works among us. Hard to defend sports as something that would be endorsed by Christ.

  5. This is basically every Sunday church they don't use scriptures a lot and tell a story the whole time and people learn nothing most people don't know about the mark of the beast,or dietary law or GODS feast days

  6. I love me some e-sports, and im not joking I love watching the overwatch league and fortnite, but I do get engaged with others like rainbow, COD, CSGO

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