Wenjing Sui Cong Han w/Eng Subs “The Road To The Olympics” Feb 2018

Wenjing Sui Cong Han w/Eng Subs “The Road To The Olympics” Feb 2018

In 2017 Grand prix cup of china, When they finished their performance, they got many plush toys of green onions and little bucket from the fans. Audience show their love to this awesome chinese pair skaters. They call me Brother Cong is because I am older than Sui, and Cong has the same pronunciation of green onion. When I was younger, I didn’t have a waist line so my body shape was like a bucket. Sui and Han partnered up in 2007. They were smaller at stature and were seen as the underdogs at that time Everybody said I was not going to succeed in pair skating. They said “Don’t take it seriously, just for fun” Han Cong had hesitated because of the doubts. But his dream of skating keeps him moving foward. I trained more than other people every day. I would complete the training plan for boy and then do the plan for girls as well. Girls have plan to do more training about jumping and bouncing. For boy’s muscle strength training, I was training with those boys who are 185 cm tall. I started from unable to lift the barbell at all to I could lift the same amount of weight as them, or even better. So I was training as hard as I could. I didn’t want to waste any time. While other athletes might have time to relax and hang out, I was lying on the bed because I was too tired. It hurt everywhere in my body but I still got up and went back to train again. I was using the training to stimulate my muscles and body. And let me realized that I need to work every hard to compensate for my weakness. I don’t have natural talents, so I have to work hard to make me improve. Their hard work paid off very soon. Sui and Han won the first place of world junior championships for three times in a row. When they entered the senior level for the first time, they won the first place of the Four Continents Championship. However, When people think they are going to have a bright future, they experienced their first setback. They couldn’t make it to the 2014 Sochi Olympic Game. Not only we were not doing well, we were sort of out of lucks. So after that, I realized “尽人事听天命” (Do one’s best and leave the rest to God’s will.) I have to do my best I lost my confidence at that time. I felt that I didn’t have the capability to do the olympic and I was very upset. When they were at their down times, Sui and Han even doubted that their skating career would be near end. It took me two or three months to realize that I still have my dream for skating. Because we still love skating, we still have dreams, I still have potential to grow. No matter how my body condition was, I still want to fight for it. So I converted my frustration and shortcomings to my momentum to keep going. I trained very hard every day. and all until the 2015 world championship.. In 2015 Shanghai World figure skating championship, Sui and Han finished with 2nd place. Their tears are the emotions from their hearts. We not only had to exceed other teams, but also surpass ourselves. It was very a depressed and difficult year. But at the end, when we performed our best, it was such a great relief for my life. I felt like all the worries and troubles were gone. I felt that I had skated my best and I have won everything. The second place in the world championships moved them to be one of the top pairs in the world. They started to increase their level of difficulties. And trained with the quadruple throw again, with a pretty high success rate. At the meantime, they started to suffer from injuries. Both Sui’s ankles were injured. During the nationals in early 2016, she had to put local nerve block agents to her feet in order to compete. The pain was stabbing to my heart. Every time I finished a throw jump, I felt like I didn’t want to get up again. In May 2016, Sui had to go through surgery on both her feet. She was on bedrest for three months. The pain was huge and I couldn’t stand it. I couldn’t sleep without the pain medicine. I couldn’t turn at all. And I had to lie on the bed all the time. My back was stiff, and my thigh and my leg were very painful. The pain from the injuries made Sui very upset. But at the same time, the support from the coaches and teammates encouraged her. Han visited her in the hospital every week. I read books and animations. I was out of the shadow gradually with the help from people around me. During the time when Sui was on her rehab, Han never stopped. He trained by himeself everyday. I was thinking she would be back for sure and I couldn’t fall behind. So it was the best time for me to make up for my weakness. From the training and competitions, we can see she was very good at interpretation and performance. So I did extra training on my performance aspects. In 2016 Artistry Stars On Ice, Han was on the ice with Sui on a wheelchair. (Han Cong performed “Angel” by himeself) Angels have wings. Although Sui had injuries on her feet, she can still fly over the ice with her wings. Even though it’s a solo performance, I felt like I am not alone. I am skating with her by my side. Everything is done by both of us. She never left the ice. At the end of 2016, Han finally had his partner back. But it was full of challenges for Sui to go back to the ice. It was not easy to stand up again. I had to learn to walk and run at the beginning. Not to mention skating, I had to learn how to do basic things from the beginning because i was on the bed for three months. I didn’t know how to walk. Every time before she train, she had to carefully wrap her feet to protect them. It was a question mark when she could get back to her level before the injury Is it still possible to get on the top of the podium? Everything is uncertain. It was very difficult. I was so eager to go back to the ice. I was deeply touched by all the applause and cheers from people when they saw us back. I had to go back to the ice for my fans, for my parents, for people around us, and for my very supportive country. No matter for whom, all my skating is about the joy. I hope to bring the joy to everyone. No matter what, I had to be back. 2017 Four Continents was their first competition after Sui’s comeback. They won the first place. At the end of March, they won the top again at the world championships. It was the first pair world titles for the chinese team since 2010. You will grow after you have went through all those trouble things. Right now, thinking back , all those uncertainties and scares seem like nothing. Maybe it’s because I am a open-hearted person. In the new season, their free program music was “Turandot”. In 2002, Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo skated Turandot and they won their first world championships. It was a breakthrough for the chinese pair skating history. And the little girl Sui Wenjing was attracted by Shen/Zhao’s performance at that time. And made her mind to start figure skating. I was very little and I couldn’t find words to describe after seeing their performance. It was very breathtaking (震撼). That was the only word I can use. Even after so many years, their Turandot was still a breath-taking masterpiece in my heart. Now with the coaching from Shen and Zhao, Sui and Han will perform a new Turandot in their own way. Their performance is delicate, with both sharpness and smoothness. They tweak their movements back and forth even only for a small turn. The new version of Turandot is also a great success. Sui and Han won first place at both Cup of China and NHK Trophy. And becoming the top favorites for the olympic gold medalist. When I am on the ice , I am not by myself. I represent my country, and all the people supporting us. We are there to fight for the olympic, and fight for the gold. Our goal is the top for sure. But the most important thing is to do our best. We skate our best program and people can enjoy the beauty of our program. On the ice, Sui and Han are the in-love princess and prince. Many fans are expecting they will have romance off the ice. But as for now, it seems that it’s not like what people are expecting. When we are on the ice, we are into our roles. Our emotions are more real than actors. It’s great people think that way because that means we have great interpretations of our roles. We are friends closer than best friends. It’s a very complicated relationship. But we don’t have romantic bubbles. It’s her who accompanies me for the most of the time over the years. We are like brother and sister. Brother Cong keeps talking a lot, I am still a little bit impatient but I still listen. If she needs help for anything, she only needs a word and I will be there right away. But for the future, who knows? I don’t want to think too much right now. I don’t want to say things too extremely. Things will get to the opposites when they reach the extreme(物极必反). So who knows?

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  1. Love how han cong was collecting the green onions dolls
    It's like he is in a open supermarket buying vegetables to cook
    And sui weingeng
    She is a fighter and I like her character
    Both of them are amazing
    Hope they win the olympics

  2. Until the ISU adapt the protocals similar to what is implemented by the IWF whereby athletes of certain size are expected to lift certain weight, smaller male athletes like Han mostly Asians will find themselves in a disadvantageous position. Pair skating is going in an unhealthy direction.
    Regardless, I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you two.

  3. Thank you so much for this Suihangold L. !

    I love these two more and more every day. Hearing them talk and seeing their (extremely) different personalities gives me so much joy lololol. They are truly complementary on and the ice and off. She is so cute and fun and brave, and he's so calm and kind and respectful. They're both stronger than most and hard working as hell. I ADORE these two <3

  4. They are so sweet. I just adore them. I know they were disappointed not to win in PyeongChang but a couple of years ago, Wenjing couldn’t even stand, let alone skate. It is really remarkable how they came back and reasserted themselves right at the top of the sport. A lot of that gets lots in the heat of the Olympics when you’re so focused on the medals themselves. But they have accomplished so very much. Keep going, Sui and Han! ❤️

  5. Когда Вейнджинг дорастет, они скорее всего поженятся))) очень милая пара.

  6. 桶16-17岁的骨垢炎,20岁的跟腱手术,22岁奥运前夕的脚掌骨折,23岁世锦赛前夕的摔伤,葱的腰伤。。。希望今后伤病退散,不留遗憾。

  7. Плакали оба после первого выступления после травмы Суй. Вцепились друг в друга и эмоции пошли, что вернулись, смогли. Все-таки встать после такой травмы, снова начать кататься в топе, прыгать, изгибаться… Большое мужество, большое терпение и огромная вера друг в друга.

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