Welcome to the Team – Enduro Rider Giacomo Redondi 2013

Welcome to the Team – Enduro Rider Giacomo Redondi 2013

Hello, my name is Giacomo Redondi. I am from Costa Volpino, a province of Bergamo. I’m a cross country rider. I started at the age of four. I started practicing motocross from the year 2000 until 2009, where I won four Italian championships. Next, in 2010, I went on to do enduro. Last year I managed to win the World Championship and the Italian Championship in the 125 class. I started doing enduro because I live in the mecca of enduro, Bergamo. There are mountains and trails, enduro was born behind my house. Riding enduro is really nice because even around the world you don’t get to see these landscape images. You must always improvise on driving, then you have to adapt to all situations because there is water, stones, sand, asphalt… you find everything and I really like it. The cross country driving style requires a lot of strength. You must meet any movement that the bike may have facing any obstacle or unexpected moment that you find during the race. The bike is like a runaway horse in the midst of rocks, river crossings, and sand. This is the second year that I’m with KTM, so I found the bike that I really like. I’m ready to battle and win the World Championships in 2013. Greetings from Red, follow me in the next stages of the World.

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  1. Amazing rider! Did anyone else notice that his front tire almost never touched the ground? Congrats though man!

  2. I dirtbike myself but I want to start ride a supersports around tracks again! Both are great thrills in different ways.

  3. Guys check out my video "fun in the powder" it has some sick dirt bike drifting, and some pow skiing! Plus i have much more harescramble and mx videos to come!

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