Welcome to Lee Donggook’s 2019 Winter Sports Training! [The Return of Superman/2019.01.27]

Welcome to Lee Donggook’s 2019 Winter Sports Training! [The Return of Superman/2019.01.27]

The Return of Superman, episode 261. “Our Winter Story”. Give me the beat. Sian is dressed up as Mommy Son. (The best freestyle rapper, Sian Son) ♪ Even if there’s lemonade in the sea of Incheon ♪ ♪ Without a cup, you can’t drink it ♪ (Beatboxing) ♪ Flurry of snow ♪ ♪ Snow falls from the sky ♪ Hey, Sian. (What are they doing there?) Hey, Sian. (I’m not Sian.) (Sian Son reveals himself.) What were you doing, Sian? I was playing Mommy Son. Sian Son sang. – Did you sing a song? / – How does he know? (He copies everything.) Do you know why we’re here? I don’t know. – You can see people skiing here. Right? / – Yes. I want to go sledding. But you’re not here to play today. – What? / – You’re not here to play. (What is he thinking?) Sian, we’re not here to play. Why not? Do you remember summer sports training with Uncle Yong? – Are we training again? / – Yes. Since it’s winter, it’ll be winter sports training. (What?) (Last summer…) – This happened last summer. / – One, two, three. They received intensive summer sports training. (Sian went through a lot.) I’m sorry. – You’re lying. / – No, I’m not. It’ll be more fun but also intensive. – Why? / – What? – Why? / – Healthy citizens make a healthy nation. – What did you say? / – It’s cold, isn’t it? I’ll make you hot soon. I’m glad my dad isn’t an athlete. They’ll have some hard time today. I’ve invited a very special guest. About two million applicants wanted to train you for this winter. The competition was fierce. Many people from all over the country applied, but I don’t like talking to strangers, so I only chose one. How old is the person? – They’re about the same age as Sian. / – Really? Whoever it is will go through a lot today. (Who is this person who is going to suffer?) There are two people. – What’s their name? / – What? What’s their name? It’s someone you will be surprised to see. It’ll make you smile instantly. Who are you thinking about and smiling now? Who is this? (Who has passed the fierce competition?) They’re here. Look. – Hello. / – Seungjae? It’s Sian’s soulmate, Seungjae. They’re good friends but also good rivals. Sian and Seungjae. (Full of affection) – Just seeing them together makes us smile. / – Yes. It’s not hard enough. – It is. / – No, it’s not. – You cute little thing. / – No. They recently had a bit of a rivalry over Naeun. (Punching) They meet again. I can’t wait to see how today will unfold. Does anyone know why we’re here today? We’re here to ride a sled. Oh, no. Seungjae doesn’t realize it yet. They’re still excited. (Rustling) – Here. / – What is that? – Is that a placard? / – Uncle Jiyong will help me. Who knows how to read this? Sian and Seungjae’s love is on it. That’s what you wish. We’re here to be trained. That’s right. Look. “Welcome. Lee Donggook’s 2019 Winter Sports Training”. “Planned and supervised by Lee Donggook”, “sponsored by The Return of Superman”. “Participants, Ko Seungjae”. (I never applied.) He’s well-prepared. As soon as I’m ready, I’ll become strict. – He’s an instructor. / – He an instructor now. Such training is necessary. – Okay. / – Dad. Do not call me your dad. What does it say here? “Captain.” Attention. Salute. – Victory. / – Victory. Can my son join in 2020? – At ease. / – At ease. There are three rules you’ll follow today. – Do not fight. Understood? / – Yes. – Louder. Understood? / – Yes! You will follow all the courses. – You’ll not try to back off. Understood? / – Yes. – Do not cry. Understood? / – Yes. – Louder. Understood? / – Yes! Our first course is a warm-up exercise. Let’s begin. One, two, three. One, two, three. One, two, three. They are doing quite well. Hold your ears. Start. (The newbie trainee Seungjae tries his best.) He should not try too much already. – One, two, three. / – One, two, three. You need to sit down properly. What’s this? One, two… (Help me.) Does it warm you up? – It doesn’t. / – Not yet? (Seungjae, you fool.) Everyone, lie down. (He will force them to warm up.) (Shrieking) – It must be fun nonetheless. / – Raise your legs. – This one is hard. / – Which number is this exercise? It’s been so long that I don’t remember. – Eight. / – My gosh. Stand up. They should start to sweat by now. Are you sweating now? My legs are sweaty. – Your legs are sweaty? / – Yes. Your head isn’t sweating yet? Yes, it’s sweating. What we’ll do next is… Go and take one for yourself. Go! You should copy me. Say, go! – Go. / – That’s right. (They make their choices.) – I’ll take this. / – Be quick. You’re slow. This time, I choose this. (Rushing) Sian’s first, second, third, fourth. Are we riding a sled? You will with a mission. – What is it? / – Seola, Sua. – Go down on your sled first. Okay? / – Okay. And stay there. Sian and Seungjae will go down and bring each of you back up here on the sled. (Starting point, Finishing point) – You’ll drag them back up. Understood? / – I’ll start. Who will you bring? Seola. Do you pick Seola? Why do you choose her? She’s so light. (Seola weighs 20kg. Sua weighs 26kg.) I see. Seola weighs less. – I pick Sua. / – Right. Why do you choose her? – She’s so pretty. / – Is she pretty? – Gosh. / – My goodness. Come to me. – She’s a pretty girl who eats well. / – That’s right. (Happy) Sua has always been heavy. – No, I choose Sua. / – Okay, ready? Wait for me, Seola! Wait for me, Sua! – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. Off they go. Wait for me, Seola. I’m coming. I’m coming! First, they go down first. Then they bring the girls back up. I got here so quick. Seola, get on. Sua will get on yours. No, you will. Seola, take mine. He insists on her as she’s lighter. (Seungjae aims to turn the table.) Why me? Because you’re pretty. (Struggling) Be quick. Understood? It’s slippery. We don’t have time. Gosh, they are not exactly Rudolph. Hurry up, Seungjae. Hurry up, Sian. Speed up, Seungjae. (She doesn’t move.) Push it for me. Sua’s heavy, right? Seungjae is being dragged. (This is the dignity of the girl who eats well.) Oh, gosh. I can’t do it. I need to push her. (He’s trying with all his might.) Meanwhile, Sian is far ahead. The difference is quite big. We’re nearly there, Sian. – She’s heavier, right? / – It hurts my heart to see him try. My gosh. Seungjae’s knees might freeze. Hurry up. I’m trying. (I’m regretting) Up until then, he thought she’s pretty. – Despite that, she’s still heavy. / – That’s right. You get on the sled. I’ll pull you. No, it’s okay! He can’t give up here. Great. We’re here. Sian comes first. Just a little bit more. Use both your hands. That’s it. You’re nearly done. Seungjae, do not give up. Don’t look back. You’ll reach the top step by step. You’re there. Great. Take my hand. (I’ll take your hand, my friend.) It’s like a drama. It’s all about friendship. I can’t help crying watching you try. You have made it. – They actually did. / – He’s tenacious. May I try one more time, Captain? Wait down the hill. I pick Seola. He picks first. Sian, we need to take turns. – He wants to switch. / – Why? Why can I empathize with what Sua feels? I’ll choose Sian this time. Fine. – Let’s go. / – Go! (Who will be the winner of the second round?) If Sian arrives first, wouldn’t he go to Seola? What’s going on? She was here. She was here before. It changed. – Seungjae is here. / – Oh, no. (Moving) He’s being sneaky. Hurry up, Seungjae. Oh, no, Seungjae. – He’s devastated. / – Even before he set off. “This game is going to be tough.” He knows he’ll lose. Sian, you should take Sua. Okay. (Seungjae is hopeful again.) – Come to me, Seungjae. / – Seungjae. – He might win this time. / – Take Seola’s. You arrived later, but you can reach here earlier, Seungjae. – Does Seungjae’s sled have a motor? / – No, wait! Wait just a moment. Sian. It’s too heavy. (Laughing) Wait for me, Seungjae. – It’s the opposite now. / – Right. I switched with you. You’re being mean. It’s a competition after all. (Sua eats something.) What are you eating, Sua? What is that? – Is that snow? / – She even eats snow. Is that snow? Why wouldn’t it move? Why are you so heavy? (Falling) Wait, wait! Wait for me. I switched for you. – You can do it, Sian. / – He’s very competitive. – He may end up crying. / – Let’s go together. – Wait, Seungjae! / – He’s roaring. (What am I to do if you just go like that?) (Seungjae runs towards Sian.) Seungjae is softhearted. – Is he coming to help? / – That is so sweet. (I’ll help you push!) I feel proud of him as if he’s my own kid. (Thank you, my friend.) One, two. You can do it, Sian. This is sports training. It’s to teach about teamwork. – Cooperation. / – Exactly. That’s what we learn in training. I’m helping you. You can do it. There’s so much we can learn from the kids. Seungjae. Seungjae. – Didn’t you hear me? / – What? What about me? Oh, right. (I forgot.) – Right. It is a competition after all. / – Right. That’s it. You’re nearly there. Seungjae, you’re almost there. Who is the winner of this sled race? (Seungjae wins by a whisker.) That was close. – Seungjae wins by a whisker. / – He won. – Stand up. / – Sian. – What is it? / – Nothing. – What is it? / – Nothing. – What is Sian doing? / – Hold on a second. That’s what you do when you hold back your tears. – Look. / – What’s wrong? No, look at me. Sian, are you upset? – Stand straight. / – He’s not upset. It’s okay. Everyone, stand straight. He has pride and is quite competitive. He must have gotten it from his dad. Sian, everyone won. – It’s not important who wins or loses. / – Yes. He’s the son of a national athlete indeed. That’s how they grow up to be stronger. – Oh, no. / – They look like – a national athlete team, / – Right. huddled together like that. Stop crying. (Upset) This is nothing. Look at your captain. I told you winning is not important. Trying your best means everything. – Understood? / – Yes. Louder. Understood? – Understood? / – Yes. That’s a good boy. You did great. Come here. Captain, I’ll take Sian to the toilet. Okay. Comfort him. Be quick. Okay? Yes. Why would you cry? If you cry, it makes me feel bad. Are you okay? He’s so sweet. They are true friends. That’s how you develop a true friendship. I don’t usually cry. Where are we going? – We’re going to have fun. / – Just the two of you? You said we’re going to the toilet. I lied. (I lied for you.) Our training is over. Let’s go up here. (Are they breaking away?)

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  1. Sian is so lucky to have his noonas protecting him and sengjae also caring for him. I didn't realise but watching them I was smiling the whole time ❤?

  2. from here I can solidify my heart in choosing by sian or seungjae. seungjae … ohmygodd I think I really fell in love with seungjae. His attitude is very sweet, he is very kind, and sporty … plss god can you make me become a child again so that when I am big I can get married with him lol. at the beginning he struggled to push without crying without complaining and without help. he lost and he accepted. and the second time he even helped push so that the sian could go upstairs. I'm really fascinated by his personality. I think his parents will be very proud of this child??

  3. I cried in this episode ??? Seungjae parents must be proud of him. He really knows how to care for others. Such a selfless kid ???

  4. Parents dnt need to teach thr lesson ..Thy knw evrythng undrstnds at dis age nly…m so proud wtchng u all..so cute ..I love u kids..????

  5. If I were the parents of Sungjae I might feel they're happiness Sungjae was so well-mannered at the same time super sweet despite his being only child Ilove him so much!

  6. is it me that Sian doesn't like losing yeah it's a good thing but Donggook should train him that winning is not all the time that losing is part of our life too. But i really admire Sian for being competitive at a young aged

  7. Donggok appa comes up with the most hilarious and entertaining things. ??? Kind of cool too to have the kids participate in various activities together. Builds up their childhood and its stories and memories. Lee family fighting! ♥️
    I also love and adore Seungjae! ♥️♥️♥️

  8. I hate Seoul because of the laugh she always laughs and I also don't seungjae u wish jeasi and her sister would be here

  9. even though there are time seungjae is mischievous still he has a good heart i love this young boy his character

  10. It's okay to be upset and disappointed in yourself, Sian, dear. Just know that winning isn’t everything and as long as you've tried you best and the next time around you remember your teaching, you'll always get better, that is what's important. ??

    SeungJae, great job, love. You have such a strong conception of taking care of other people. Even if you fail, just continue to keep trying and loving others. ??

    Sua, baby, make sure you take care of yourself. A lot of us remembered what the psychiatrist said about you and your eating habits. You don't have to feel ashamed of yourself and I hope in the future you don't turn to food as a way to solve your issues. You're a strong, beautiful, kindhearted girl and TROS' audience loves you. ??

    TROS kids (girls, specifically) you don't have to look a certain way in order to fit what everyone else is expecting of you. Most of you are growing up so nicely. ??

  11. I can imagine those 3 will grow up to be fearless,their dad is such a weird guy hahaha but in a good way lol

  12. Is that place where Blackpink went to shoot their episode for blackpink house??i mean i think i saw the red ones like fences same as the one that this ep has

  13. What sort of pride is this? He cant accept losing or I say he cant accept others winning ? ? u can clearly tell how a child will end up when he will grow …

  14. I felt like crying when Sua and Seola hugged Sian because they can feel Sian. Awww. Their relationship as siblings is evident here. Also, Sungae’s feeling after seeing Sian cry is so relatable. You didn’t want your friend to feel that way because you never meant to make him cry afterall. Awww. This show is really awesome! Some comments here are so immature. Ugh. Let’s spread love instead! Woooh!

  15. Here I am thinking about Sua. Hope Dong Gook teach Sian how to be careful about his words and actions about Sua's weight. I know that attitude is normal for siblings but insecurities start inside our home. No matter what people outside our home say, if we have a good self esteem foundation inside our home, it will be tolerable.

  16. Seungjae’s deepest nature is so empathetic and kind. His intelligence and emotional capacity are well beyond his years. His parents are both very gentle people so I think that’s where he inherits his incredible character from.

  17. I low-key ship Sua and Seungjae ? I hope Sua ends up with a sweetie that knows she's especially pretty and makes Sua feel amazing about herself all the time ?

  18. Friendship goals : Sian: Where are we going? Seungjae : We're going to have fun! Sian: You said we're going to the toilet. Seungjae: I lied. I lied for you. Our training is over. :'( <3 <3 <3

  19. Sua is so cute especially when she was eating the snow ? I hope she never gets self conscious about her weight and I hope everyone has the same attitude about it as her siblings and seunjae

  20. Honestly I hope sian matures further. I know he’s a kid but he needs to start learning that losing is ok, and esp when your friends win you should be happy for them because that’s what friends are for. If he doesn’t understand that, the future would be really tough for him

  21. My fave familiy is donggok and jiyong apa.. This episode is amazing.. I am crying.. Omg I miss seungjae but I hope his life go well and be happy, grow up well seung jae ya

  22. I really wish can have a husband and a son like Ko Seungjae! You melt my heart and inspire me to be kind hearted, loyal, and loving all the time! I cry so much because of you touching my heart Seungjae ??♥️??

  23. Kids are adorable.
    Sua said "I'll use my hand to move" and so she did till the end. Are you ok? to Sunjae
    Seunjae "it,s ok i'll pull you", Also helped Sian in pulling Sua. "Why did you cry? I'm sad when you cry" to Sian. "I lied" (want to know Sian's feeling)
    Sian took and pull Sunjae's hand when he asked to take his hand. He said ok and exchange at once when Seola said go to Sua. Asked Sunjae why did you say we're going to the toilet? (knows its nit the real reason). Admit what he did "I don't usually cry I don't know." (Emotional and competitive spirit).
    Seola "Go to Sua." "We won last time." to Sian. Comfort Sian when he's holding back his emotion.
    Altogether they all are competitive, emphatic and loving kids.

  24. This was released on my birthday! I know it's pretty late but in my bday I didn't received any gifts and it was just like a normal day..But this is the best gift that I could of ever had..Btw Seungjae is so cute and such a good friend, and Sian is so cute..The sisters are so nice!

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