Welcome to Inspire Sports

Welcome to Inspire Sports

Hi, my name’s Lucas Tiefenbach.
I was a national gymnast for 10 years, and now I’m a proud owner and manager here at
Inspire Sports Victoria. Inspire Sports Victoria is BC’s newest and
largest gymnastics facility, coming in at just over 22,000 square feet.
We offer programming for recreational kids from walking all the way up until elderly,
competitive programming, trampoline and tumbling, parkour, adult classes, birthday parties,
and special events. We’re proud to offer gymnastics for all.
All of Inspire Sports Victoria’s staff are NCCP certified- National Coaching Certification
Program- by Gymnastics Canada and Sports Canada to ensure quality programming for all.
Inspire Sports Victoria is located at Unit #2 of 601 Boleskine, across the street from
Uptown Shopping Centre. We can be found online at inspiresportsvictoria.com,
or you can follow us on one of our social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, WeChat,
or YouTube.

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  1. This is a fantastic facility! I have two children enrolled at Inspire Sports. One recreationally and one competitively. The coaches are experienced, friendly and enthusiastic. The facility is large, clean and the equipment is state of the art! Highly recommended!

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