WEIRD NEW GUNS! (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Multiplayer Gameplay)

WEIRD NEW GUNS! (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Multiplayer Gameplay)

What’s up guys, this is M3RKMUS1C and welcome to some early multiplayer gameplay and modern warfare I’m not quite a hundred percent sure of what I’m doing with this video I have a lot of different multiplayer gameplay with a lot of different guns I’ve got some gameplay of the scarred got some gameplay of the RPG the javelin, which is really cool in a modern warfare 20:19 We see the return of the 357 Magnum which has like this really we’re looking attachment if I’m not mistaken It’s like this giant stock that’s basically twice as big as the gun or something like that. It’s so weird I wanted to show it to you guys now if I’m not mistaken some of this gameplay is gonna be against other youtubers and stuff like that and it’s kind of like online but some of the gameplay I’ll show you what the weapons is also gonna be in private match against bots because we couldn’t actually get access to them But regardless of that I hope you guys enjoyed the fact that I got some early gameplay of all these cool new weapons for you pretty much the whole time at the multiplayer capture session at the event I was trying to get a one shot quad with the javelin and I got very close There’s gonna be like a double to triple with the javelin. That’s really close to being a quad fee, but not quite I’m so gonna have to try for it when the game comes out same thing with the RPG I was just hitting quad feeds on BOTS with it I definitely had some close calls to some quad feeds at the event which is pretty crazy And I think I’m gonna have some good luck online, but when it comes to hitting a quad pea with a javelin It’s really gonna be where luck meets Opportunity and then BAM I’m gonna have a cliff and obviously I only had so much time to record at this event But I got pretty close. So yeah guys the javelin is pretty good The RPG is very strong as well the best way I could kind of describe It is an RPG from modern warfare 2 with Danger Close, not for nothing The RPG in this game is pretty damn strong and it has a lot of great potential – it definitely handles and shoots way faster than the rice pilaf launcher and the other one in the game that I’m completely blanking on right now on top of that if I’m not mistaken I think the scar was like one of the top tier assault rifles in the modern warfare beta but we couldn’t get access to it So yeah, I’m gonna show you guys some scar gameplay as well I think in the full game, you can probably unlock it a little bit earlier Which is pretty cool the scar montemor for 2019 is definitely one of those assault rifles that handles a little bit slower But it does more damage and doesn’t have as much ammo It’s kind of like the opposite of the m4 in that regard because you know The m4 is one of the best like assault rifles in modern warfare so far You know not having a lot of recoil having a very fast fire rate and you can actually have a lot of ammo with extended Mags the scar isn’t quite like that It definitely fires slower and it does more damage, but you don’t have as much ammo unless you put an extended mag on it but a lot like the scar modern warfare 2 it does have a lot of great potential and I think it’s gonna be a really Strong assault rifle so yeah, I’m gonna have some gameplay of that going on in this video as well I think I might throw in some stuff with the p90 as well I don’t want to spoil any But there’s one really good clip in there that I’m gonna show you guys and last but not least I just have to show you guys this weird ass pistol attachment because it is hilarious You guys really enjoyed the video that I did in the beta called the ak-47 Sniper where I put the sniper scope on the ak-47 and tried to snipe with it. It was pretty hilarious. It was fun and what’s really cool about this game is that there’s gonna be a lot more potential for like really fun class setups because oh my God guys, the pistols have some ridiculous attachments I’m pretty sure you can have like this giant stock and his hyper scope on it as well I didn’t quite get a chance to play with it at the capture event But I was you know kind of making like a decent like a halfway decent pistol class build I didn’t want to make it completely terrible, but when the full game comes out, you bet your ass. I’m gonna do that so with that being said I hope you guys enjoyed the rest of the multiplayer gameplay If you’re new to the channel, make sure to subscribe and turn on notifications So you don’t miss any of the new model warfare videos. I’m going to be posting. I got campaign. I got multiplayer I got spec I got Pologize guys I’ve recorded a lot of videos today I might be losing it a little bit but regardless of me partially losing my sanity because I’m recording so much I do hope you Guys have been enjoying all the video so far and I hope you guys are looking forward to more modern warfare stuff very soon So yeah, I’m gonna try to chill out. Just take some deep breaths And I hope you guys do it the rest of the multiplayer gameplay Assist your teammate jump Like a rowdy Team deathmatch demon dogs came to play Two objectives keep them secure assist your Tina Be advised enemy personal radar Friendly you ate Charlie And Buster strike income fine cover That’s gonna do it for this video, thank you guys very much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed all of this random multiplayer gameplay from the modern warfare private capture event If you guys did enjoy this video and you’re looking forward to grinding model Warfare’s multiplayer, make sure to drop a like the guys later

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  1. LIKE this video for more Modern Warfare multiplayer stuff! ᕕ( ՞ ᗜ ՞ )ᕗ

    I PROMISE this is the last upload today lmao. Hope you guys enjoyed the 6 new videos!

  2. The stock attachment helps with recoil, especially when you have the magnum, the recoil control is going to be easier with that attachment

  3. I just finished the campaign, meh.

    Spoiler alert

    Alex's death didnt really affect me. Whe I played mw1 griggs' death and Gaz's death made me tear up but in here this diddnt really affect me too much.

  4. Watching this give me that old time MW vibes I think I’m really going to enjoy this game P.S. great feeds my guy ?

  5. Is the map where he uses the scar the place where price was imprisoned in mw2, i think its from the gulag mission, looks familiar

  6. I still don't know if getting this game… looks good but I'm branching out of FPS games so is this or Death Stranding

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