Weight & Height for Swimsuit Modeling | Modeling

Weight & Height for Swimsuit Modeling | Modeling

There’s different categories of types of clothing
in our industry. So, there’s certain things where you can model
sportswear and requirements are different. Obviously, if you’re going to model sportswear
you need to be in great shape. If you’re going to model swimwear, you have
to be in great shape. The differences now, we have so many models
who have great books. They have great exposure, that you recognize. We have brands that bring them to life for
us, like Victoria Secret. So, those kind of models represent what swimsuit
clients are actually looking for. That becomes the norm of the most perfect
swimsuit girl, is the girl who does lingerie, which is very mainstream. So, even though you might be able to, your
height, you might be able to be, maybe, a little bit smaller, and get away with it for
photography for catalog, or there’s some catalogs that shoot just from the knee up to your head. So, if you’re really good at your job, and
they really like your face and you really sell their products, it’s a science with catalog. They know which page, what consumers buy,
so they know how good you are for their brand. Then, sometimes you can get away with it. You have to be rock solid. There is no wiggle room on how great of shape
you need to be in. And the girls that model lingerie and swimwear,
and I will use the Victoria Secret models as an example, it is non-stop how hard they
work on their body. There is no slacking. Maybe some of the genes come naturally in
the beginning, but they work hard to keep it that way. They work out all the time. They watch what they eat. It’s not that they don’t eat. They definitely eat. But they exercise like crazy. And that is because that’s what is required
to do that job. And so you have to be in impeccable shape. And I would say having a great body is probably
more important than being a giant when it comes to swimwear, but you have to have a
good body, and I would say you have to be at least five foot seven. It all depends on the brand. It all depends on the photographer, the brand,
whether they like you. The exceptions in this industry only happen
when you’re exceptional. And that’s when somebody gives you a chance.

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  1. Omg the reason she is allowed to talk about modeling is because she is a model scout she isn't a model she can be this size and talk about modeling

  2. To those of you commenting on this woman's weight and how it contradicts with what shes saying, her weight does not correlate with her knowledge. She is telling you what agencies look for, not how to get skinny fast.

  3. I'm really skinny and tall and I want to be a model so bad it's my dream to become model because I just love the process I'm one of those really skinny people in my class and also one of the really tall people I get my tallness from my dad he's really tall but I think I'm to young for modeling I'm only in 5th grade so I'm ten

  4. I'm 5'7", 16 years old, and I watch what I eat everyday, and have my daily excersize routines. Wednesdays are my break days. I'm also competitive dancer but I always really wanted to do swimwear modeling.

  5. thank you I'm 57 I modeled when I was very young and after all these years I've continued to work out I bike 16 miles always working at great shape so I'm thinking going back into the industry thank you so much for your time I appreciate it

  6. I'm 5ft 7in and still growing, I'm 18 and probably will be at 5ft 8in I'm in between 100-105lbs where do you think I stand on the modeling spectrum? I'm skinny, take great care of my face, and body and I can work well with other and in front of a camera.

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