(Weekly Idol EP.310) BLACKPINK Random play dance FULL ver.

(Weekly Idol EP.310) BLACKPINK Random play dance FULL ver.

This time you’ve come back with “As If It’s Your Last” after 8 months? Right Please introduce (your new song). Who’s going to…? Who wants to do it? Well our song this time is called “As If It’s Your Last” Up until now, we’ve always showed a powerful, strong image but this time we went with a more fresh summery, very exciting song It’s much girlier than I thought There’s a lot of point choreography too (Ask us about the point choreography) Did YG take part in it? What part did he make/help with? What parts, like the points or? The part where we blow a kiss YG did this himself? He told us to blow kisses and we did… Originally, we–ah, should I say it? ( omg Jennie lol ) We originally had a different ending pose but when YG saw it, he said “ah, this is too boring” HD: What was the original ending? We’ll show you Ah, this is good though? It used to be L-O-V-E Then after the CEO saw it… L-O-V-E was a lot better though HAHAHAHAHHA But this is a lot more… (To. Mr. YG: These are solely the opinions of Doni and Coni) Well now we’re going to do Random Play Dance Last time, did BP succeed? CN: They didn’t HD: The Random Play Dance was a fail Ah, that’s right! Even though you failed last time, don’t you want to succeed even more now? It seems like we’ll fail again though No, because The choreography for the 1st and 2nd verses are different but the song itself is the same so there’s no way to know which is the 1st or 2nd verse Before your comeback you couldn’t eat that much right? You dieted right? How many meals did you eat a day? Three… Three? Three meals a day plus snacks Currently, I only eat one meal a day JS: Huh? (These people are also dieting, one meal a day) I only eat one meal a day too Everyday I overeat (Coni made a pun) Anyway, this time we’ll give you a dessert? Should we order dessert for you if you succeed? Shaved ice? Yes, shaved ice!! Okay then, let’s get strawberry shaved ice Each person gets their own strawberry shaved ice Each of you get strawberry shaved ice and chicken We’ll give you both if you succeed in your first try CN: You guys can do it! We can do it CN: You guys are Blackpink right? Yes we can do it (So bright) Wait, they’re doing a group cheer. Do it with them 1, 2, 3 Are you ready? BP: Yup We’ll be doing the Random Play Dance now (Even if you mess up) Just act natural I’m nervous Music please! (Let’s go Blackpink) They’re doing well so far since they’re currently promoting this song (Part jump) (Wandering eyes) (Wandering soul) (Her face even says she’s flustered) (Jisoo, you get a warning….) (Jisoo, we can see everything even if you hide behind Lisa) Wait, wait a second She was wrong! No I wasn’t! Why, why (was she wrong)? Because, normally I’m here Jennie’s here–those two were wrong too It looked like you were in that moment Who was wrong among the members? JS: Lisa, Lisa I was wrong for all of it… CN: I didn’t know because of your facial expression There’s just too many similar parts in the song We understand that but for Jennie and Rose, we didn’t know they were wrong CN: Their faces didn’t show it at all But towards the end, me and Jisoo were wrong Oh is that so? No! Do you know why? Do you know why? Why? Don’t be surprised You’re too excited We know you feel wronged but The order of us (starting from the right) is Rose, Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa But Rose, Jisoo–Jennie’s supposed to be next to Rose So who’s supposed to be over here? You are (Jisoo) But my spot is here I’m used to performing in a wide space DN: Right? Wait but look, it’s supposed to be like this Rose’s all the way on that side Then I’d just stand over here Huh? What are you talking about? (Jisoo…you’ve lost…) They’re really weird Jennie says the stage is usually wide Yes, we like big stages If that’s so, then Lisa would be all the way up there Everyone, it’s up to you (Please vote for who you choose) This is a recorded show Anyway, which do you want? Chicken or strawberry shaved ice? I want to eat chicken JN: I want chicken
JS: It’s been so long since I’ve had chicken Okay, so chicken, chicken, chicken Strawberry shaved ice is gone (Whine…my strawberry shaved ice…) Okay, chicken and cold water Cold water’s good for your health Each of you get a whole chicken One chicken per person? Jisoo you better do well We’re only keeping our eye on you right now Music please! This is your new song! You can’t get it wrong (Her face says a lot) Huh? I heard someone just say “Huh?” (Clumsy Jen-jen) Jenni! No, it’s supposed to be like that Wait, wait Our choreography, Mr. Potato (direct translation lol) says even if you get the moves wrong on stage You can’t let it show on your face No, our choreographer says don’t get it wrong onstage. You have to get the choreography right (The same teacher would never teach different things) But he says if you happen to get it wrong, don’t let it show on your face Since it’ll come out on camera Did Mr. Potato come today too? Why is he called Mr. Potato? His nickname has been Potato since elementary school Just one strawberry shaved ice Strawberry shaved ice? – Earlier you said one per person…
– Okay One shaved ice per person CN: Without red bean Yes, without red bean For your last attempt, we’re betting one shaved ice per person Okay, this is the last song DN: You succeeded at Random Play Dance!

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  1. Tu le pegas a mi lisa y te juro que hay papá yo soy un hijo del hombre más bello del mundo y tenemos bastante dinero
    Like si tú tampoco te lo crees menos yo jajajaja

  2. Seriously how are they so bad at a random playdance they're with only four members and their choreography is really easy like NCT a group with more than 18 members nailed this better… No hate 🙂

  3. Jisoo♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  4. What struck me was how scared Jennie seemed to be before saying the bit about the ending choreo being changed. These girls are too wonderful. I think they would be able to make their personalities shine more if they weren't censored as much. They seem to be really goofy and fun loving women. ❤

  5. like si a jisoo se le entendio "ella empezó" en el minuto 4:31
    like if jisoo was understood "ella empezó" in the minute 4:31

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