We Trained With WWE For A Week (Feat. Charlotte Flair & Naomi)

We Trained With WWE For A Week (Feat. Charlotte Flair & Naomi)

(rock music) – This week we are training
to become WWE superstars. – I know that there’s
a lot of backstabbing, changes in momentum. – Today is our first day of training, and we are at the WWE
Performance Center Headquarters. – I am fully anticipating
it being very difficult to perform at a top tier athletic level, while also performing as an entertainer. Alright, let’s go train. – Hi ladies. – Thank you so much for being here. – Thanks for coming. – Michelle and Sydnee have no idea what they’re in for this week. – This week we’re here to get
an immersion into this world. What are we headed into? – So first, if you want
to be a WWE superstar, you have to try out at one of the tryouts. Hopefully you get picked. There’s different steps in terms of, do you have prior experience? So you can see in the performance center, there are seven different rings, so you either go into the
beginners, the experts, or you kind of bounce back and forth. You could be doing this for four years, then you have to learn a move set. Then you have to figure
out your character, and then you have to put
all of that together. Then you have to figure
out, am I a good guy, am I a bad guy? It’s a lot. – So this is a pretty ambitious endeavor, to go from a regular person
into a superstar recruit. While I know we’re going to
be training a lot this week, one week of training
versus years of training is incomparable. – So in order to get you guys prepared, we’re going to have you guys
train with Sean in the gym, and Matt and Sara in the ring. And then me and Naomi
will work with you guys on character and presentation. And we’re going to send
you guys to a promo class with our NXT superstars. – I’m excited to push my body to places that I haven’t gone before, and step into the atmosphere and just
understand the world of WWE. (rock music) – My name is Sean Hayes. I’m the strength and conditioning coach here at the WWE Performance Center. I’m in charge of the athletes here. They’re all going to be
future stars one day. I need to prevent injury, I need to keep them in the ring. For strength conditioning,
there’s mobility, there’s recovery, soft tissue stuff. – The gym here at the PC
is extremely intimidating. And on top of that,
having Sean in your face counting every single rep,
watching you drip sweat, not knowing if you’re
going to make the next one, he will continue to push you. Michelle and Sydnee, they’re going to do an active recovery workout. I’m going to kind of
analyze what they can do. (yelling) – I always smile when I’m like in pain. – [Sean] We’ll activate the shoulders, little work, enough to get the body going and the sweat going, and
feel like they worked out. – I love the conditioning
that WWE athletes do. The coaches here are so
knowledgeable about the human body and how to build strength. I really do feel like
every muscle got worked. – We got to do leg day with the group, and it was pretty intense,
it was super gnarly, and it was also the
smartest workout I think I’ve ever participated in. It allows you to push
yourself while also giving your body enough time to rest
so that you could recover and continue to push yourself. – We got our big challenge of the day. Alright, we’re going to farmer’s
carry half your body weight in each hand, four minutes farmer’s walks, and see how far you
can go in four minutes. Alright, you’re almost halfway baby. Your goal is 10 trips alright. Both you girls, I want you to
finish down there, let’s go. – Let’s just say I’m going to be a pro at carrying all of my
groceries from the car to the kitchen in one go at this point. (rock music) – My name’s Matt Bloom. I’m the head coach at
the performance center. To be able to come here and do what we do, it takes a big toll on your
body first and foremost. I think it takes passion,
I think it takes heart. I think it takes the
willingness to push your body to places that you haven’t
been able to go before. – My name is Sara Amato, and
I am the assistant head coach and the head of female talent. I think it’s really cool
when people who have no experience come in and
try and do what we do, because a lot of people think they can, they have a preconceived
notion that the ring is soft or that it’s something
they’ll very easily pick up and it’s much harder than
you would ever imagine. – Michelle and Sydnee are
going to have the opportunity to be in this very ring with
two of the best coaches today. They’re going to take back bumps. They’re going to take front bumps. They’re going to roll, they’re
going to hit the ropes. They’re going to strike each other. – The first thing we do, we
start with the foundation, and that’s just proper footwork,
moving around the ring. When she hits that rope,
both of her feet are here. She doesn’t have one foot up here, she’s not hitting this way. Her feet are flat. Throw that right hook over
that top rope to make you turn. Go like three, one, two, three, turn. – [Michelle] Those ropes
look so soft and billowy when people are flying
at them, they’re not. It feels like a metal
rope slapping your back. – But actually getting into the
ring was like entering Mars. – What do I think the hardest
part of today will be? It’s probably going to be bumping. A bump is when you get
knocked down to the ground. There’s a variety of
bumps that we teach here. Back bump, here we go. So on that back bump,
I know it looks scary, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not. You have to attack the mat. If you go down slow and
sectionally, it sucks. Tuck your chin. – Tuck my chin, okay. – And bump. Better, not bad at all. Not bad, not bad. – [Michelle] It’s so counter
intuitive to throw your body backwards into the ground. And throw your arms back. I had to face a lot of fears today. – Flip bump, we always go off one foot. Watch her right foot. And her head’s replacing. – When I was very young,
I was in gymnastics, and a girl in my class
before my eyes broke her back doing a flip. It took me a while to
get through the flip bump because I was trying
to get over this fear. And so I decided to stop, and
then I watched Sydnee do it. She did it on the first
try, it was incredible. – You’re basically just
throwing all of your momentum and catching yourself on your back, so I was really stoked
when I did that correctly. – That really gave me a
lot more confidence to like just go out and try like she did. And I did it. – Okay, let’s do front bump. You’re going to come
into a half handstand, and just drop. Turn your face, and you
still want impact here, so slap the mat. Snap, okay, okay. Much better. – They’re like okay, we’re
going to do body slams now. It’s that iconic move where
you’re thrown upside down in the air and you land on your back. – Cut the space, nice,
reach to get her, get her. There it is, how did that feel? – Much better. – That looked good too. Good, try one more. – A huge high point for me was locking in, it really made me feel
like I was in the moment, and it was really intense. And you’re making eye
contact with your opponent. In that moment I actually felt like I was doing something correctly
and felt like I could own it and bring in more of
a performance element. It was also really great to
go one on one with Michelle, and be able to do the moves, perform the moves on each other. – The coaches were really
awesome in breaking things down and explaining to us how to do it. I really do feel that if they
hadn’t pushed me in that way and encouraged us in that
way, I would have never tried something like anything we did today. (rock music) – Each and every week at
the performance center, we hold a promo class,
so a presentation skills, which is a chance for
all of our competitors and athletes and entertainers
to get up in front of their peers and perform
a spoken part of the craft of what we do. – This is Heidi. – And this is Billy. – And we are the reigning. – Defending. – Undisputed. (together) Break out stars of the year. – Boo shak a loo. We’re dozing you right over. – Understand that we are heavy machinery. We run through things, we smash things, we engage in general destruction. – I don’t care if I
have to scratch and claw my way up to the top. If I have to burn this
division to the ground, I will do that. – Presentation and character
is just as important as the in ring training. And Michelle and Sydnee are
going to have the opportunity to take a promo class here
at the performance center, and walk down this very ramp. – We like to put them in the position of being put in the spot. So with Sydnee and Michelle in class, we want to give them a chance to observe what our superstars do, see
what it’s like to portray a character in a larger than life manner, and then we’re going to
ask Sydnee and Michelle to stand up here on this ramp
and show us what they got. And even if it’s as simple as
just giving us some background of who you are and what you’re all about. Knowing who you are as a person, so we can help give you some
guidance, give you some tips, give you some feedback
to create that character. – Hi, I’m Michelle, I’m new here. Oh yeah, let’s just train, let’s have fun, let’s get serious, and I
thought it was just contained to the training, and let’s just say, sometimes rookies win. (applause) – I think that opening
part where you came through with the playful fun, that
part comes off as inauthentic. Alright, this girl’s playing
a bad guy type character. What we do, I don’t know that our audience would resonate that to a happy hey. – I was just more nervous. – It’s going to be, who’s
this chick to come in here and try to play a wrestler, so. – I liked the element of being the rookie. I think that’s a character element of like unexpected strength. – Hi, I’m Sydnee, and
I am super new to this. Yesterday, I was thinking about it, and I saw the future,
and the future is me. (applause) – I think you have a
little less confidence. When you believe in yourself,
a lot of those things do correct themselves. And I think you’re nervous, it’s new, and I think we can do a few
more reps over these next few days, get you a
little more comfortable. – Right on, I have my starting ground. I am known to make sassy comments, so I’m thinking maybe I’ll
pull more from that side of my personality and
go kind of more rogue and a little snappy. – It’s incredibly important for everyone to bring a clearly defined
character that has a voice that can relate to the
members of the NXT universe, the audience, or the
WWE universe as a whole. So we want them to bring
that form of entertainment, mix that with their
athleticism, present that illustrious x factor and exude charisma to entertain the masses. (rock music) – Naomi, this is Sydnee and Michelle. – [Naomi] Hi ladies. – [Charlotte] She’s the two
time women’s smackdown champion. – So ladies, tell me a little
bit about your characters and what you’ve been working on so far. – I put a lot of thought
into the higher points of when I did my promo,
which was I see the future, and the future is me, so
I’m kind of playing off of that and going for a fortune
teller enchantress vibe. – In my promo, I talked
about being a rookie, and how no one knows about me right now, but everyone will soon. And one thing I started
thinking about was like natural disasters that
just kind of break out out of no where like once in a lifetime. – I think it’s so awesome
that you guys have like backstories to these characters and you put so much thought into it. So are you ready to show me what you got? – Yeah. – Once in a lifetime
something happens that shakes the earth to its core. A crisis, hunger, a war,
or even something delivered from mother nature herself, a storm. Something so unexpected,
no one can predict it. Keep an ear to the ground
and an eye to the sky because this storm is coming. – Mirror mirror on the wall,
who’s the greatest of them all? Why yes of course, it’s me. Prophecy, now I know I
might be new at this, but I was made for this,
I was born for this. I can see into the future,
and that future is me. (applause) – Yes. – How did you guys get so
good so fast at these promos? I am so proud of you guys,
how much you picked up and learned in such a
short period of time. And I can really tell that
you guys have worked hard on it, and that you’re really
feeling what you’re doing. – You guys were able to find a character that was believable. Your confidence and presence was awesome. – The promo class with Charlotte and Naomi was such a fantastic way
to end our amazing week here at the WWE Performance Center. When I came into this
challenge, I anticipated for it to be primarily
physical, and it truly was incredibly physical, but I
didn’t realize how much fun and how big creating and
playing a character would be. – This experience has been insane, from being pushed as far as I could, both mentally and physically, doing our first session
in the ring and coming out and feeling like I had
gotten hit by a truck, coming back into the ring and
continuing to push myself, using muscles that I just
have never used before. – I have the most respect
for these athletes. And they are incredible
athletes and performers. – Thank you to WWE
Performance Center and NXT for opening their doors to us and just allowing us
to have this experience to see what it really takes
to be a WWE superstar. (rock music)

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