We Gave Barbara Palvin $150 at Armani Beauty. These Are the Four Things She Bought | Beauty Haul

We Gave Barbara Palvin $150 at Armani Beauty. These Are the Four Things She Bought | Beauty Haul

– [Kristina] You have
only six minutes left. Oh! – Oh! You scared me! – [Barbara] You kinda have to
look at the price right now. Please give me a lipstick! – Hey, I’m senior beauty
editor of Elle.com, Kristina Rodulfo, and this is Beauty Haul. (upbeat music) Today, we’re at the
Armani Box Pop Up in LA and we’re going to do Beauty
Haul with Barbara Palvin, the Hungarian model who’s
done Sports Illustrated, Victoria’s Secret and many, many more. (upbeat music) ♪ Shout loud ♪ ♪ Bring the crowd ♪ ♪ Bring the roof down to the ground ♪ Hey! – Hey girl! How are you? – Good, are you ready to play Beauty Haul? – I guess I am, what is that? – I’ll take you inside and we’ll find out. – Sounds good to me. (upbeat music) – You only have $150 and just half an hour to shop the store and do
a full face of makeup. How does that sound? – A little scary, but doable, I guess. – How long does it usually
take you to do your makeup? – I’m pretty fast like five, ten minutes, so that gives me 20 minutes to shop. – Are you ready to go?
– Yes. Let’s go. – All right, timer starts now. (laughs) (lively music) – [Kristina] What’s your first stop? – [Barbara] Foundation. Usually I use the
Luminous Silk Foundation, then I don’t need a concealer
which will save me some money. – The Luminous Silk is $64. You’re not gonna have a lot
to work with after that. – [Barbara] That’s all right. Next, I need a mascara,
where are the mascaras? – All right, over here. Do you have a favorite one? – I never know the difference. They’re all black! – That’s all black, that’s all just– – No, but when I put it on I’m like, “Oh yeah, that makes
sense, this is like longer, and now it’s like thicker,” but when I’m buying I’m
like, hmmm, I don’t know. So I just need actually
just a simple black mascara. – The Black Ecstasy Mascara is $32. 64, 32, it’s almost 100. – I need it, so I’m sorry you can’t– – That’s great, foundation’s important, mascara’s important,
those are the key ones. – I would love to do
like two more products. Let’s find a contour. – [Kristina] Lips, now the eye shadow. – Nice, yeah, foundation we got. So I need more like a bronzy colored. – These seem like pinky blushes. – Yeah, I can’t do pink, I look 12. It’s true though. – And how old are you actually? – I’m 25, this is a highlighter. – You are moving very fast. You have 25 minutes
left to shop and apply. – That’s awesome! – $38
– Oof, okay. – So plus your foundation,
plus your mascara, that’s leaving you with– – About like $14 left? – [Kristina] You said that
you wanted a lip over here? – [Barbara] Yeah. – First of all, how do
you even choose a color? There are so many. What’s your usual go-to? – I would add the lip balm and do a liner and then I’ll add– – [Kristina] So you do three
products usually on your lips? – But I guess I’m not gonna do that now. – [Kristina] Lip Maestro
is $38, which is ehh. The balms are 34, so $4 cheaper. Still over budget for you. – I mean the foundation
is the most expensive one, so I’m gonna put this back. – Okay, so we’re
backtracking from step one. – Well, okay I didn’t expect that. – [Kristina] Face Fabric is $49. – Ah, score!
– A little bit better! – And I think you picked my color. – Oh I did? – You did actually, so
thank you very much. I can go back to the lipsticks right? – Okay, we’re down to just 20 minutes. I don’t know how you’re
gonna divide your time. – I am pretty good, okay? I think I’m doing great. – You’re super confident. 38 is too much, we already said. – 34 is also too much, like short on $4. – What are you thinking? – Maybe like a liner? – So liners are $30 and– – That’s perfect! – Cha-ching! – That means I’m $149. – $149. One dollar! – I definitely need something
more bold on the lip I think. Like, I either go for a
stronger eye or a stronger lip. – Why do you just choose one
of those instead of doing both? – Because together, it’s just too much. Together, I’m like a performer. – [Kristina] Ooh, this
is like a deep berry. – [Barbara] I like both of them. What about this? I’ll put next to this. – [Kristina] Yeah, you
can color me if you want. – [Barbara] This is pretty, too. – [Kristina] We’re just an
art class now, just coloring. – [Barbara] Let me draw a heart, yay! – [Kristina] Yay! – I don’t know, what do you think? – I actually really like the bright red. – Yeah, the bright one, which one? That was the eight, all right. – So now you have all your
products and just 12 minutes to do your full face of
makeup, are you ready? – Yeah. – Where do you want to head to? Okay, you have a special specific mirror that you want to do. – Well, let me check how
I look in all of them. – [Kristina] Good, good, good. – Hah, amazing. Bombshell. Am I allowed to use these things, like brushes and everything or? – Yes, as long as they’re
ones that are just free ’cause otherwise it would
go towards your budget and you have $1. – I wanna start with my Face Fabric and an easy way to do it. – Using your hands? – Mmhmm. I am going a little darker
because it is a more summer look and it makes me look more fresh. I’m gonna put some on my ears. – Foundation on your ears? – Yeah, see, because
I went a little darker and my ear would look
too pale next to that. – That is something I never think about. – See, you’re welcome. And then go down on
the neck, and the tits. Sorry, and my breasts. – Get it everywhere. – I’m using my fingers to even it out. Takes off the extra makeup, because I don’t wanna
make it look too thick. One down, three to go! Doing the good old duck face
to show my chick, chickbones? – Yeah, chickbones. – Chickbones. Here, here. – Do you have any like
Hungarian beauty tips that you grew up with
or anything that you do? – I wash my face with
cold water twice a day because it tightens the skin. And I’m just gonna use my
finger for this too actually. – All right, cheekbones! – Use that on the eye, too. – I love that you’re using
one product for two things, it’s really smart. – It saves money, when
they put you on a budget. Oh, I can’t use a brush for that, okay. – Use the fingers, use the
fingers, those are free. It’s funny how everyone
always opens their mouth whenever they’re doing
mascara, it’s like… – Actually, because people
say everyone opens it, when I’m home, I’m like,
like really (grunts). – You close it. – I’m gonna go back to the
contour a little because… – Oh, you’re going under the lash line. That’s interesting. – I’m gonna use this, ’cause it’s free! – And you have only six minutes left. – Oh!
– Oh! – You scared me, you really
scared me with that six minutes. The lip is always the hardest, especially when you do a bold lip. I like to start with the
top of my lip by the way, to like draw it. And see, my lip is very
pale, the outside line, so I have to go over that
and it gives me like, very kissable lips. Like this would be easier with a– – A lipstick. – Yeah. – You have four minutes left. Spending two minutes on the lips already. – Almost done, I’m winning! Come on. Give me a lipstick! – Well, you just finished your look with three minutes to spare. Congratulations. – Well, thank you very much. – That was very, very fast. – I think I’m gonna get a gift for myself in the last three minutes. – Oh yeah?
– Do you wanna come with me? – You have three minutes
to spare, so why not? I’ve never seen this. – That’s right, it’s a vending machine, but you are not getting
candies and chocolates, you are getting beauty product samples. – [Kristina] Okay, perfect. – I’m gonna finish my look with a (speaks in a foreign language) – A fragrance, interesting choice. – Tada! It’s in a little bag! And it’s a baby fragrance! Look at that! Little drops all over me,
that’s gonna dry, don’t worry. And now I’m ready for my date. And I won. – [Kristina] You had 20 seconds to spare and everything is done, your look is done and you even got a little
wet in the process. – [Barbara] I’m swimming in Passione. – [Kristina] Overall, I have
to say I’m super impressed. That was awesome, good job. – Thank you! – And you look beautiful,
your makeup is so good. – Well, do you want me
to do the look for you? – Oh, I would love that. I wanna try it out. Thank you so much for watching Beauty Haul and please subscribe to Elle. – Now it’s my turn to do her lips. – Now I’m gonna get a lip. (lively music)

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