53 Replies to “Wattam – Gameplay Trailer | PS4”

  1. Hello to all the Glitchen who are excited to finally see Keita's new game released. Hopefully a new place for us to hang out again.

  2. This game just makes me want japanese indy games to rise more than in the West.
    Just like in Dreamcast/ps2 era, when gaming was fun and had more variety.

    Thanks Keita Takahashi !

  3. Their NOSE is extremely distracting because I keep thinking is their mouth and nose together.
    It also doesn't help their actual mouth is so far below.

  4. Yeah, great… Funny how they're always so keen to remind us of Katamari…

    How 'bout ya just MAKE A NEW KATAMARI?!?
    Not like anyone's been WAITING for it or anything…!
    But sure, we'll suffer all this artsy/"experimental" BS until they stop beating the dead horse of an awesome game from two generations ago…


  5. Yay for another original concept from Keita Takahashi! I was just a few days ago thinking back to my time with Noby-Noby Boy.

  6. We need more games that are just fun. The industry is oversaturated with games where the core mechanic is killing something. (Btw I play plenty of fps games like bl3 & Apex)

  7. Seeing this makes me want to cry, it brings me back to my childhood when things were simple and everyone was your friend(everything was friendly). I cant wait for death stranding and this

  8. Love katamari, I have it on ps3, psp, vita, I have both mobile games and even the live wallpaper on android. Also love noby noby boy, so I'll be getting this for sure.

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