Waterskiing a Greek Shipwreck – Nikolas Plytas 2013

Waterskiing a Greek Shipwreck – Nikolas Plytas 2013

To outdo yourself… It’s what makes you an athlete. Skiing is a way of life. Today I will take it one step further. What I am doing today is very innovative for my sport. I am trying out slides on top of the shipwreck. What makes me nervous most is that it is rusty, rough and high. I am not sure whether my board will hold out…I am not sure if I can hold out. This has never been done with a monoski, especially with trick skis. We’ve seen such things with wakeboards but never with trick skis. The surface of this board is much smaller and this makes it really hard to stay on the ship. I will do my best. Nikolas is one of the most talented skiers in the world at the moment. He has already been highly decorated in European and worldwide level. He holds many records and medals and he is still so young! I thought this would be easier. The shipwreck held many surprises. He risks his physical health, but this is something we are used to doing. I like taking the risk. It was very difficult for me. I feel I took a big step…for me in this sport.

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  1. херня если честно =) вейкбордисты в 100 раз круче нааваливают на стильке 😉

  2. I don't understand why he doesn't just wake board, what he is riding is pretty close to one anyway?

  3. Why am I a smartass? I dont have resources like RedBull to pull this off and upload a video. However, I feel like the tricks performed in the video arent impressive.

  4. Kudos to you, Nikolas. Let the haters do what they do best and you keep on skiing.

  5. Those of you who are saying this looks like an awkward wakeboard and you cannot do cool tricks on it are wrong. The trick ski is 10x times harder and the tricks are way more impressive. Guys do freaking front flips behind mastercraft prostars with these things. Go watch other trick skiers like Erika Lang and George Mayling this video does not do the sport justice.

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