Wasteland 3 Alpha – Combat Gameplay – First Look at the Game!

Wasteland 3 Alpha – Combat Gameplay – First Look at the Game!

Hey everyone, and welcome to Wasteland 3 Alpha! So, you might or might not remember Wasteland 2 – if you don’t, it was a tactical turn-based strategy RPG, released back in 2014. And this is Wasteland 3 Alpha, which is focused mostly on combat the full game is coming in 2020 and the Alpha was released like, basically today, which is 21st of August. Let’s check it out, shall we? I’m quite curious. Wasteland 2 was pretty damn good Right click to drive, hold right click to continuously follow the mouse cursor mission: reach Aspen at all costs Remember, this is a demo, many aspects will change in the final game Alright then. I haven’t actually played yet, so this is like, my first experience with Wasteland 3 Alpha Here we are. That’s us. We get to drive for now And this is our squad right here Can we see some details? Yes, we can. Ok then, so we have a Trooper. Level 15 Trooper level 15 Combat Medic level 15 Sniper, and level 18 Hobo, okay thief’s kit – lockpicking +1, what do we have here… a sickle, which is a melee weapon hobo shotgun, ok snake squeezins the one the only Alright, what about the other dudes? Some armor Diffusal Kit, +1 explosives. An assault rifle a submachine gun, a frag grenade, a medic pack Ok, what about the actual combat medic… medic pack, injury kit… and antidote we also got a light squad weapon and a rocket oh, I like that. Requires 6 big guns and a stethoscope +1 first-aid skill and the sniper some armor as usual Grooming brush, what? +1 animal whisperer, okay Tundra rifle, which is a sniper rifle a hand gun which seems to require six small arms, but we don’t have that Machine turret, interesting. So that deploys a robotic machine turret that will attack your enemies Self-destructs after combat has ended, and the medic pack. Then we have some arrtibutes… let’s see what we got here coordination Coordination is your physical condition, self control and health. Take care of your body and it will take care of you So here we can see the exact effect of our current coordination skill Then we have luck, which is fairly self-explanatory I guess we get more critical chance, more crit resistance and more evasion from luck Awareness Awareness is your sense of surroundings. A good Ranger knows that often it’s your eyes and ears that keep you alive So we get higher hit chance we get precision strike rate and ranged damage bonus Okay, then we got strength which is kind of like awareness, but for melee Then we got speed combat speed, evasion, initiative penetration Intelligence. Critical chance and critical damage and charisma Precision strike rate, leadership range and experience bonus Alright, then. Can we see anything else? Nope, these are all locked and here are the detailed stats of this particular guy Alright, let’s keep moving, shall we? Yes, let’s. Looks like we’re going in this direction Is there like, a map or something? No And this is as far as I can zoom out. In fact, you can’t zoom in or out This zoom level is locked at the moment. I assume we will run into some enemies, that seems to be kind of the point of this demo Yes, we hear you So, anything going on over here? Okay… being careful is my specialty… NOT Aspen. This snow filled resort used to be the home of the Hundred Families elite. That was before the psychotic Victory Buchanan and his crew of drugged out Breathers showed up Okay, enter area. Right click to move, drag select to control your squad. Mission: locate and capture Victory And we are not actually in combat yet, so we can move around freely Here are some dudes Alright, let’s move into some better positions, shall we? Our sniper can be on the right side There is cover, which we can see right now. That’s full cover Our medic can be… maybe right here Scotchmo should probably be more in the front, because he has a shotgun and Shellshock as well. And we should try to take the first shot if possible So we can see their detection radius Ok, let’s move a bit closer and we’ll take a shot at this guy. Here. Nice! That was decent damage and now we are in combat. So, how about we maybe throw a grenade? Yeah, that is a nice target for a grenade. Alright, let’s go There. Nice! We almost killed the guy on the left, and we killed the guy on the right. We can also use our tank Which has a pretty nice weapon – railgun 100% base chance to hit, range 21 Ok, let’s give it a shot, shall we? 85% chance to hit or a 90% on this guy, but he’s slightly out of range here nice How many can we kill? a lot of them actually I can be in range with Scotchmo That’s 51% chance to kill him basically and unfortunately we missed… that’s fine Let’s see, what about Banshee? I could actually use the handgun instead of the sniper rifle Which would give me two shots But sniper rifle might still be a better choice. Yeah, with the sniper rifle we can actually kill this fella right here There! He’s down And then I could still overwatch with the handgun Because that requires 3 action points, so let’s do that in case they try to charge us Then we got Shellshock So Shellshock actually has precision strike Which seems to be charging or so Let’s just shoot this guy… no, we are out of range. Hold on and I can’t really move any closer or I won’t be able to take a shot Just shoot this guy…. here We should be able to use precision strike on the next turn if I’m not mistaken We still got the Doc He can still try to do something What’s our chance to hit? 60% from over here and it will also be full cover Sounds good to me Go go go! Here – we got him! Nice! That leaves us with three enemies but that’s basically my turn done, not much else I can do We can reload, but there’s no need. I can also move Probably best if we stay in full cover. Alright, let’s end the turn Here comes the overwatch, or ambush. It’s overwatch for me, okay? Alright So first, let’s use the tank. I like that railgun thing 40% 90% Okay, let’s go for this one Nice and let’s check out precision shot Right here So, target a specific area of an enemy to inflict special effects Let’s see. We can target the head – deals 25% bonus damage and has 50% chance to deal +175% bonus damage. We can target the arms reduces the target’s hit chance by 50% and 30% chance to deal +50% bonus damage and reduce the target’s damage by 75% I like this We can target the body. Deals +35% bonus damage and reduces the target’s armor by 75% and we can target the legs reduces the target’s combat speed by 0.8 and we will also have 75% chance to inflict bleeding on the target This shot won’t kill him, will it? No, I don’t think so. Also our chance to hit is not that great, actually. Probably best if we target this dude… the crazer And we can still use precision strike So, what’s the best option here… I just need extra damage We could target the head We can target the body That’s guaranteed to do more damage alright, let’s go with that one and then we can finish him off with the pistol That will do That’s 3 action points and he’s dead and I can still use my primary weapon… or I can use precision strike with the pistol It’s not highlighted anymore. Okay, that’s weird Maybe you can’t switch the weapon either way, let’s shoot the Breather and miss terribly Well then, that’s slightly unfortunate. We can however move into cover, flank the other Breather and shoot him with the shotgun There – it won’t actually kill him, but it’s pretty damn good damage. Then we can kill him with her railgun. Goodbye! Alright then I think that’s pretty much it I’m out of range for that one so just use ambush in case he tries to move closer and I think I can take a shot with Doc Yes, I can. It’s only 11%, but it’s 7 times. I could also use the rocket But maybe we shouldn’t waste our rockets. Ammunition seems to be limited Here. Yeah, the ambush wasn’t too bad I didn’t really take a lot of damage. So we’re fine. Does the tank have unlimited ammunition? It seems to have unlimited ammunition. I don’t know Wait, it says zero ammo in inventory But we can still keep firing Well, either way they are dead Let’s check out the loot. I assume there’s a loot involved My favorite part! Yep, there’s loot alright! Savage armor: +9 armor, -0.3 combat speed And some more armor and ammunition. I’m just going to loot everything and then we can see what’s an upgrade and what isn’t we can also highlight everything we can interact with using shift everything except corpses apparently. No, we can also highlight corpses So we got a medic pack, nice one! And another medic pack, and injury kit Yeah that looted several corpses in the general vicinity, not just the one I specifically targeted Then we got some flamethrower fuel, except I don’t actually have a flamethrower some ammunition alright and looks like we have to open this There’s the generator Medical crate, I like the sound of that antidote and crystal clear These amazing tablets immediately remove any current negative effects acquired from substance abuse, except shame Sounds about right Alright, so let’s just open this And turn on the generator… I assume we’ll have to repair it There it is – it’s repaired. Alright, weapons crate Pulse rifle, that sounds useful… and energy cells I’m going to check out all the loot before we move on, obviously Eterni-Tarts The snack that even at the end of the world couldn’t kill Eat to restore a small amount of condition, okay So I could just eat it right away on this guy, because we don’t heal automatically between fights We have to actually heal ourselves So there it is, yeah, that’s not a whole lot of health but it’s something Alright, let’s move on – there’s some more loot. Ammunition box I’ll take that Grenade box. I like the sound of that Oh. Requires level 9 lockpicking and I actually literally cannot check what my lockpicking is, because skills are locked in this build – can’t even look at them we got a shotgun, pretty sure that’s better than the hobo shotgun, but we’ll check once we’re done looting I think we are almost done looting basically There’s still one more weapon crate up here Some Colorado dollars and Aspen radio, okay And a sub-machine gun Okay, I think we looted everything now so before we move on let’s check what we can equip that would actually be an upgrade The shotgun is definitely going to be an upgrade It’s right here 41 to 61 damage twice and ours does 38 to 56, so that is an upgrade Okay, let’s use that then Other than that What else do we have? I could replace the sickle with a submachine gun, for example, but let’s keep one melee weapon equipped We got 6 Rockets right now. What about the armor? Well, this guy is not using any armor at all, like literally none Combat speed penalty Might not be the best with a melee weapon and the shotgun, however not using any armor whatsoever is definitely bad So let’s just give him some armor. That looks pretty crazy Okay, then, maybe this one. Yeah, the penalty is not as bad on this one. And boots Here you go And that’s pretty much it I don’t have a hat for you unfortunately clearly you already have one! And what about that other armor? Savage armor +9 armor Is that actually better? That is slightly better Again with a bigger combat penalty, as in combat speed This is also an improvement. But again combat speed penalty plus 7 Alright. Let’s get the armor. Yeah, that looks pretty crazy Anything else? What about the weapons We got the pulse rifle. Is that actually an improvement or not? 23 to 29 damage 3 times Okay, that isn’t really an improvement But it uses a different ammunition type, which means it might actually come in handy What about the submachine gun right here? That is not an improvement But again, it uses different ammunition I think we are basically done I can equip some extra items. How about we equip the grenade? so that we’ll have more than one and Scotchmo also has some inventory space… we can give him the injury kit and what else? I guess that will do – and the medic pack. There you go. We got quite a few of those but it’s like, one time use – it disappears after you use it as far as I can tell there Alright. Let’s move on, shall we? And check out this next area. Yep. We got a Breather up there already But we also got a booze box Interesting. You’ll hate yourself in the morning. Alright Medical crate Can we just go through here? Yes, we can What the heck is this? That does not look very inviting, and it doesn’t look very safe either as far as I can tell Can we just walk through this I’m not totally convinced, but I don’t know, I think so This is totally safe, I promise Okay, I don’t think I can go through here easily, or can I… can we open the door? No requires level 9 lockpicking and apparently we do not have that, so I suppose we’ll be going in the opposite direction Let’s see what’s going on here Several nearby structures appear to be brand new. Looks like the Breathers interrupted a building boom Okay a sawdog interesting and we detected a trap So I assume Scotchmo will be the best at disarming it Maybe keep everyone away in case we fail. Yep, we did actually fail Requires level 9 disarm explosives or something Okay, we should probably heal ourselves Yes, let’s maybe do that Here… and I might have to remove the status effect, can we see it? Seems to be gone by now. Well, at least the trap is gone The dried blood caked on the cement mixer suggests some questionable building practices Yeah, I’m sure it’s building practices. Do we just kill that dog, or what? I guess I don’t have much of a choice. I assume that will alert literally everyone in this area So maybe we can just like, go around Yeah, there are too many dudes around here. I guess I’ll have to fight them Okay, let’s fight them! Shoot him, or something. Come on, fire! Are you firing or what? What the heck? Well, never mind, I thought I fired but apparently I did not. Did we alert everyone? I can’t quite tell. The others didn’t seem to move, so maybe we did not alert everyone. And how about we test this sickle? It should be fine. Requires 2 action points only, which means I could attack multiple times with it Yeah, we can attack the sawdog multiple times And one more Apparently he missed from melee range… seems legit Now we can use a pistol to finish it off Who has a pistol actually yeah, this guy, our sniper There’s no need to use the ammunition for the sniper rifle right now, we can finish off this fella at least I think I can kill him quite easily Let’s take a look. Well, I can use precision strike Might be a good idea to move first… like so. And we could try a headshot Let’s try a headshot, why not. There it is 72 damage! Not quite enough to kill him, but I think we can kill him Can we kill him? Possibly I got full action points here submachine gun from melee range That might be our best bet This is only 58%, but it’s 8 times although this weapon will fire 3 times but again, I have to move one way or the other – otherwise my chance to hit will be terrible yeah, let’s go with a submachine gun here and he’s dead. Nice Ok, we are not in combat anymore, so we did not alert everyone. Let’s check out the loot What’s this? Junk. Ok Nitrogen tank… looks like we can actually shoot it to cause an explosion And a generator… ok, another sawdog on the other side, a weapons crate Can we pick up the weapons crate without alerting anyone Possibly I think we can Yes, I’ll take that That was a sniper rifle, is it better than ours? Let’s find out That’s the one – Red Dragon – 95 to 131 damage That is actually better than mine Yeah, it is, quite a bit better in fact And it uses different ammunition Okay, let’s use it There we go Can we see how much ammunition we have in our inventory for that? 6 ammunition in our inventory. Also, we need to actually reload, even though we’re not in combat. It doesn’t reload itself I’m just saying there Okay So let’s move on. What about this generator? I’m not quite sure what it controls But there it is. We repaired it. Okay. Now there is a patrolling dog just around the corner And some other guys. Might be best to just kill them to be honest, Yeah, I think we should just kill them But this time I will take the first shot Not at the dog. What the heck are you doing? That was not my intention at all. Just want to move into better positions So, how about like, over here? Then we can take a shot 45% is still kind of bad to be honest But it will have to do Wrong weapon. Here – that’s better! Nice! Didn’t quite kill him, but it was decent damage. He has a lot of health 164 health. Shame we can’t use the tank in here That would have made it a bit too easy I suppose Ok, so we can move into cover and then take a shot with the sniper rifle Let’s do that What’s our chance here? 77%. Let’s test this sniper rifle then. Here – that almost killed him but almost is not quite good enough in this case Who can finish the job? Oh, I could maybe use the rocket Possibly Seems like a good idea Will that hit more than one of them? It doesn’t seem entirely clear Or I can just take a shot with my regular weapon – it’s only 47%, but this will fire 7 times, so it will kill him Here. Yeah, that was like way more damage than I needed, but he’s dead now, and I can still move slightly What else Probably overwatch for Scotchmo No, he can move close enough to take a shot But he might be a bit too close to the dog. I think overwatch will be a better solution here Take a shot at the Crazer? No, out of range Okay overwatch it is then Or rather ambush. It’s overwatch for me, okay? I’m going to call it overwatch. You can’t stop me! Here they come There it is, and we got the dog We still got the Crazer, but that should be easy enough. He didn’t even seem to do anything Is he in overwatch himself? Not anymore he’s not There – done Wait, we are still in combat. So are we in combat with that Breather all the way in the back? Let’s just ambush then With the pistol Yes, we are in combat with him. Sure, whatever 10% is maybe a little bit too low for my taste just slightly too low That’s better. And we can use precision strike. No, out of sight apparently Let’s overwatch again I could use the rocket now, but I don’t necessarily want to. I don’t have that many of those I don’t even have that much ammunition for the sniper rifle. So, preserving ammunition seems like a pretty important part of the game As for Scotchmo… Well, just keep him back here. The only problem is that, that makes him fairly useless because he has low range Let’s move a bit closer There. Done. Okay, here he comes He does have 121 health There. Nice! Not quite sure what exploded there. Some barrel Let’s check the loot I assume they had something useful Yeah, that’s not too bad. I’ll take everything and then we can check our inventory after Ammunition, that’s definitely appreciated more booze Can’t go wrong with more booze, clearly And grenade box. Can we open that one? Let’s find out. No, requires level 9 lockpicking, which apparently we do not have, so alright Here. We can heal ourselves with that. Was that called like Slackers or something? Yeah – Slackers Bar Okay, that’s pretty funny Well then, we did take like, a little bit of damage Might as well use that Or we can keep it for later once we take more Right so I can’t open the grenade box, unfortunately We still got a medical crate back here Oh, and a trap. Will I trigger it? Move out of there. Come on No, we did not trigger it That was lucky Nitrogen tank. Can we open the safe? Apparently, we can – but we cannot open a grenade box. Seems legit! We got a Meson Cannon That looks pretty good 85% base chance to hit, so higher than most of our other weapons 25% chance to apply shocked. It uses energy cells, it requires seven in big guns skill not sure if we actually have that Ice Spike. Emits cryogenic pulses that turn nearby enemies into ice blocks. It’s up to you to turn them into ice cubes. Okay So do we have enough skill to actually use that weapon? This one. Do we have the skill to use it? Doc can use it instead of the rocket launcher for example or instead of the light squad weapon. We got 46 energy cells, which seems enough for a while Okay, let’s give him that one Right here That is definitely an upgrade and I’m keeping the rocket launcher We got six rockets right now and I assume one is loaded, so that would be seven and I assume we have to reload… no, we don’t It’s already loaded. Okay, anything else in here that we can check out? Looks like that’s basically it Grenade box. Yeah, I already check that one. We can’t open that one Okay So, I don’t know how much longer this beta is, but that’s going to be it for this episode. Thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed it so far. Let me know what you think I’m quite looking forward to seeing more and I’m definitely looking forward to playing the full game next year, but for now Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed it leave a like if you did, comment and subscribe for more. I’ll see you next time! Bye bye!

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  1. Really enjoyed Wasteland 2. And this looks like a clear step up from that. So yea, looks really promising.

    I hope they will be able to deliver with this game — without a boatload of bugs –cough-.

  2. Nice looking game. And vehicle at 12:12 has unlimited ammunition, there is an infinite sign next to a bullet icon

  3. Having first played the original Wasteland on my Commodore 128, this series will always be a winner in my book.  Hope this turns out to be a good one.  Thanks for showing the Alpha content Marbs.

  4. I really advise to do the gauntlet run, cause it can help;) I`m early backer of this game and just can`t wait for release. 😉

  5. Damn, the game looks stunning. New mechanics and the improved UI over W2 also looks great. Gotta get back and finish my Wasteland 2 playthrough I guess.

  6. What I like vs. Wasteland 2 – snazzy new setup, colourful battlefield, armour (instead of accessories) actually changes the appearance of the character.

    What I don't like – looks like the same lazy item leveling as W2 (the smaller caliber sniper rifle does more damage than a .50 caliber, simply because it's found later in the game; hated this about W2, when weapons with the same barrel length and sometimes the same ammo type did 10x more damage and had way more penetration, with no explanation why except that they showed up later). Also, the SPAZ-12 looks just like a SPAS-12, except it gets called French instead of Italian and they take the opportunity to get a shot in at the French. Jokes about the French? Wow, that's creative! :/

    Nevertheless I hope it's good, Wasteland 1 was one of my all time favourite games and has been on every computer I've owned since first getting it for the C64.

  7. At this moment this game looks more promosing and polished than the last build I saw from Phoenix Point. All in all I am really looking forward to both of them. Who would have thought but we actually live in a "turn based renaissance" at the moment. Good times for me.

  8. Currently I'm playing Wasteland 2 Director's Cut for the second time and maybe I'll play It again.
    Now Hope to buy this new chapter.

  9. Combat looks better, but still arcady and have flaws of modern type TBS combat. And again, take cover, long range weapon + overwatch to win every battle without risk (cuz enemy always rush you when cant reach, you have only 4 units to control and % to hit, one miss and you in the ass). But when arcady game requires you manual reload all guns after combat its dumb to. I always say look at Silent Storm or 7.62 series, i bored of firaxis TBS combat clones.

  10. "You might not remember Wasteland 2" – lols – im playing it right now – at this very moment (just alt tabbed for a bit :P)…. this made me laugh 😀

  11. that one set of armor had high fire resistance, maybe you could've ran through the fire with whoever had it on to hit the other pressure pad?

  12. I didn't know slavoj zizek has a gaming channel.

    But seriously, thanks for the cool video. I've been waiting for wasteland 3 for years

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