Wakeboarding in the Jeita Grotto

Wakeboarding in the Jeita Grotto

We are at a very unique location, one that is very hard to depict by mere words. The camera will now be able to give this place what it deserves. and highlight the distinctive and stunning nature of the Grotto. Jeita Grotto means a lot to me personally. I went there hundreds of times, and each time I get to discover new corners and features.

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  2. I really don't think this video is about the skill of wakeboarder, it's more about the badass location!!!!

    (What is towing him???? Some sort of winch or something???? I don't know much about wake boarding.)

  3. So it's an electical winch that's towing him, very good job, it's good to hear only the sound of water under the board

  4. Red Bull: visiting the world's most beautiful places… and DOING SPORTS in them!! This is kind of like high-budget porn, but without the sex or nudity.

  5. I get why it's "all about the location" but I don't understand why the riders are sooo bad. It's redbull, they should have the best wakeboarders on call to ride these places. Mix skill and beauty in the winch sessions such as the Red Bull Wakeskate winch in the cranberry bog. That was amazing, this sadly was not….

  6. No matter how nice is the video and no matter WHO is wakeboarding and how he is, to do this video you guys are VIOLATING a precious place… When people visit this place they are asked not to use any lights, phones, or cell-phones, no screaming or touching allowed either so they don't disturb a fragile environment !
    Again, human beings are proving they are destructive for an amount of money without any respect of nature… Sad, VERY sad 🙁  

  7. You should put the money in saving the nature not destroying it. Cave systems takes milions of years until they look like that. Furthermore, they are often closed ecosystems and very sensitiv. A wave, noice or light can destroy what nature built over ages! This is so sad. Shame on you Red Bull. 

  8. I like that you showed the beauty of Jeita Grotto but I do think we do have Lebanese athlete to co-shoot this ad. You can search in Batroun-North of Lebanon. That would make me as a Lebanese to like this ad.

  9. Just FYI, Lebanese government didn't give the permission to shoot this video, a third party as usual"corruption". Sorry Red Bull but this is the truth!

  10. The fragile national symbol and New 7 Wonders of The World finalist was violated by cameras and shooting crews, without the Ministry’s consent. We all know Rebull, the pretty gray and blue can is found on every billboard, TV ad and supermarket shelf. However, the company was – unfortunately – granted permission by no other than MAPAS; the firm in charge of the renowned cave. the 1995 law clearly decrees that no shooting shall take place inside the cave

  11. This is a sensible environment, it takes hundreds of thousands or even millions of years to shape this fragile landscape. This video is a small example of how the lebanese people suffer from the ignorance of some leaders.
    Jehel w jahal 3a madd l nazar, hayde l tharwe lal lebneniyye w lal 3alam kello mech la chakhes aw cherke !!!

  12. I hate you Red Bull for filming this inside Jeita Grotto!! As if you didn't know how damaging it is to one of the most precious treasures in the world!
    Too bad the government is absent to stop you from it. But I bet you knew that too.

  13. This is blasphemy. Who gives a crap about some wakeboarder. They risked one of the most beautiful sites in the world for an F-ing ad? Splashing water on a stalactite disturbs the chemical process that is forming it. That A-hole will probably be dead of old age before the damage that was done is repaired.   

  14. Environmental idiocy. These guys should get off their energy drink or onto some ritilin, or find a smarter place to do this.

  15. I would have liked to see the entirety of the cave in a documentary using the same technology to protect is composition. this is beautiful , for those who are commenting on the skill level remember this is a tight cave, tighter than you think it is just look bigger on the screen.

  16. You should all be ashamed of your selves
    I will never buy Red Bull again
    And I am passing this to everyone I know and all my social media

  17. C'mon Red Bull. Really? As someone who has had the opportunity to visit this beautiful wonder a couple of times now, I'm having a difficult time digesting the WHY of this? I'm not sure how I feel about this. Either way, you've pulled off a fantastic feat and I can't even begin to imagine how challenging it was to pull off, not to mention the risk involved.

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