Wakeboarding Contest on an Obstacle Foundation – Red Bull Wake of Steel 2013

Wakeboarding Contest on an Obstacle Foundation – Red Bull Wake of Steel 2013

It’s the 2nd year of Wake of Steel. We have changed some things compared to last year, mainly the set up. The construction work took some time. We have built a metal foundation. The plates have changed so it should be a little bit safer for the riders, but it’s still very difficult to ride; it’s a very unique obstacle. Hello, I’m Dominik Hernler. I come from Döhbrath. I’m 21, and I’m a professional wakeboarder. We are in Linz at the Wake of Steel. It’s a huge ship, where Shape Obstacles have built a really cool set up. They’ve put some rails and kickers on it, so we will be having fun all day long! It’s very special to be judged by Parks, he’s a legend! Everybody looks up to him, and it’s cool to have him here. I’m super happy, I didn’t expect to win today. I was expecting the podium but not first place! I’m very happy that I was able to land the run the way I was planning and was able to beat Daniel & Raph!

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  1. haha get a clue man… you need to click CC for closed captions. all youtube videos have this capability. Unless you are on a phone or a tablet or something I'm not sure about that. But if your on a computer just do that friend.

  2. you just swim with your arms and don't kick with your feet and your board and vest keep you afloat. I now swim with just my arms even when I don't have a board on out of habit

  3. What you need is a couple of my jet boats straped to your feet, WHAT A RUSH !!,
    check me page out if you like rotations,,,
    all the best..

  4. its actually pretty easy to loosen the boots with the straps so your feet can get out of them easily

    Source: I wakeboard

  5. U can swim with the board. The board floats to the top and u paddle with ur hands or wat connor tinsley said

  6. There's a second edit of the Red Bull Wake Of Steel on our channel! Would be nice if you can check it out and give us some feedback! Cheers.

  7. haha, they take the board off of their feet, although you can paddle, with great difficulty, with just your arms

  8. Life vest keeps your head up and you just paddle with your hands or take the board of, but riders usually get picked up by boats during competitions

  9. I may be mistaken, but I believe that if you twist your feet the the board detaches. Also the board floats, so you can just lay on your back regardless.

  10. yeap! i was looking for this song too. and the winner iiiiis…
    Album: Music for sports – Fever pitch
    Cdx and Emily Taylor: You drive me away

  11. you can but you just move super slow. but usually if you fall and totally eat it the board comes off your feet anyway

  12. wake boarding I would personally say is a mix between all three, when riding rails like this it brings a skate park aspect with a skateboard/snowboard jibbing feel, when in the air it takes more after the aerial snowboarding sense. When it comes to the riding it has a surf like feel but can be altered depending on the fins used (of lack of, in this case). All in all, wake boarding is its own style!

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