VR Driving in a REAL CAR – MatPat vs Donut

VR Driving in a REAL CAR – MatPat vs Donut

– Are you ready to give this thing a shot? – I’m so ready. (laughing) How is it? – [Man With VR Headset] All right! – You got this? Oh (beep)! You’re just starting,
are you that confident in how this is feeling? – Video games are meant
to mimic real life. But what if video games were real life? – That’s insane! – No. That’s – [All] Car Wars! (thunder rumbling) – [Studio Voices] Ooh! Ah! Oh! – [Male Voice] Oh my god! – He knows more about video
games than Mario himself. He’s a big-time theater
nerd, just like me, and he has multiple YouTube channels that have more subscribers than ours. Host of “Film Theorist”
and “Game Theorist”, ladies and gentlemen, Matpat! – (laughing) Hey!
(men clapping) Wow, I get applause too, thank you guys! – Today’s challenge is fairly simple. Nolan? – All right, we’ve got a
camera on the back of our car transmitting video to these goggles. So we’re gonna split into two teams. Both drivers are gonna do the course. We’re gonna combine the
drivers’ lap times together. Whichever team has the lowest
combined lap time wins. There is a time penalty for hitting cones. The slowest team gets a punishment. (dramatic gasping) – Oh, oh, great! Okay, what are we talking about? (groaning) – [Zach] We’re talking about this. – This a Carolina Reaper pepper chip. The hottest chip in the world and we can all speak from
experience, it is not a fun time. – Is it really that bad? – [James, Nolan And Zach] It’s really bad. – Very bad. – Probably one of the worst
things ever happened to me. – So is this an official
rig that you guys have? – Official is one word that you could use. We bought FPV drone camera
that you wear the goggles with, so it’s really low latency
so you see in real time what you’re doing. Then we’ve got it clamped to this thing and it’s honestly pretty sturdy. – [Matpat] Good job, man. This is impressive, I love this. – Thanks! – So we get 15 minutes to practice, not on the course but in the VR headset to just get a feel for what
this is gonna actually be like. – Where am I? (laughing) I’m gonna try get close to the camera and see what that feels like. See what the field of
view is on this camera, and just try to get used
to it as fast as I can. I wanna win, I don’t
wanna eat that chip, so. – Oh gee, oh my (laughing), you’re just starting off like noth– Are you that confident
in how this is feeling? – No, I just knew I had
plenty of space. (laughing) – That’s rude. ‘Cause it’s a wide angle lens, stuff that’s close seems further away. – Okay, so we got some cones up here. Oh, you got this! – [Zach] Oh, is this a little slow? – Yeah, a little slow.
– Oh boy, look at me go! – [James] How fast am I going?
– You’re going at about five. (laughing) – Nice! – [Nolan] No, oh, oh! (laughing) We got a cone. – [Matpat] It literally does
feel like a video game though; a very nauseating, low-quality video game, but a video game nonetheless, it’s great! – Dude, that is so weird. I think I’m gonna puke! – Yeah, feeling a little sick? – [Nolan And Zack] Yeah. – Sick about your chances of winning? (laughing)
– Nope. – No. – You’re awfully quiet there, man. (laughing) – I… Feel really bad. (speakers drowning each other out) I’m very nauseous right now. – No-one’s gonna puke and
then have to eat the chip. – Yeah. – I didn’t realize how much, even if I was driving
in this big parking lot, I’d be looking over there
and looking over there. – The lack of peripheral vision, just being limited to what
you can see on the screen is really tough. – We can’t even see our front corners. – [James] I know. – Think we’re gonna take down some cones. – (laughing) Yeah, it’ll definitely be the battle of the cones and the penalties. – [Matpat] Oh, certainly. (steady electronic music) – So the course starts out
with, it’s a little zigzag. Then we’ve got kind of
a sweeping left-hander, then we have a left. Then we’ve got kind of a series of 180. Then, finally, a hairpin,
a 180 degrees right, straight back into a very wide area. Then we come through that
to a pretty immediate left. Then it’s a series of three
slaloms that are really tight, and then we sweep right and find ourselves in the exit chamber. You basically have an inch on either side to get the car through. – How do we decide who goes first? – Let’s rock, paper, scissors. Two out of three?
– Yeah. (palms slapping)
Rock, paper, scissors, sheet. (bell dinging) (palms slapping)
Rock, paper, scissors, sheet. (bell dinging) (palms slapping)
Rock, paper, scissors, sheet. (Windows error tone) (palms slapping)
Rock, paper, scissors, sheet. – Aah!
(bell dinging) – All right. Nolan, you
wanna go first or second? – First.
– Second? – First.
– Second. We’ll go second. (laughing)
Second! – Let the games begin! – I will say my nerves are building. – All right. Here we go, wish us luck! – [Timekeeper] In three, two , one, go! (engine humming) – [Nolan] Strong start for Matpat, he’s going into that first chicane here. – Straight, okay, and right. Perfect. – Wow, he’s insane. – He is cooking. – How’re we looking, how’re we looking? – You’re good, straight
through, turn straight. – I don’t wanna eat that chip. – I don’t wanna eat the chip either. – [Zach] Tighten up,
tighten up, tighter right. Now hairpin all the way left. – Left, left, left. Hit, hit, hit hard. – This where it gets technical. – Straight, straight, straight. – And now hard left.
– Hard left. – Hard left.
– Hard, hard, hard, hard.
– Perfect, good, and straight now, straight now. All the way right, all the way right.
– Okay, and right. – He got through it. – Oh my god. – [James] Is that where I hit four cones? – No. – I think we might have
gotten out of that scott-free. All right, now down the path. Right, right, right. Okay, straighten up. – He’s coming down the home stretch into the narrow section. – Perfect, run it.
– There, run it. There we go! Yeah buddy! (clapping) – Dang, dude. – Dude, that is fast. – All right, put me in
the driver’s seat, coach. – Getting good at third person driving! All those years of video
game experience paying off! No cones down? – [James] Yeah. – Yeah! That in and of itself I’m happy with. – Shall we do it again? – I think we do it again.
– All right. I’m not gonna get greedy, I’m not gonna go too hard at it. – [Timekeeper] Zach and Matt, lap two. – Here we go.
– Go! – [Nolan] Off they go. (engine humming) – You got the right here. Great. Turn, turn, turn, okay. Back, back, back. – Zach’s handling it no problem. – (laughing) I know. – [Nolan] Into that left handing sweeper. – And get over to the
right, yeah, there it is. Slow, slow, slow, you’re
getting real tight over here. – Oh yeah, real tight.
– Keep going right, right. Hard, hard, hard, hard, hard. – [Both] Oh, oh! – Knocked over a cone. – I hear those nerds over there.
– Yeah, I know, they’re taunting it. – Cheering.
– Okay, get left. – You really have to line yourself up into that narrow section. See how he does it. Okay. – [Matpat] And start your right. And left, hard, hard, hard. – He does the chicane section, no problem; forward Zach Jobe. He’s so smooth. – [Matpat] Yeah, going in there. Right, right, right a little bit more. – All right, here he comes
down the narrow section. Crosses the line, wow! (engine roaring) – Whoo! All right, I think we
may have hit one or two. – Maybe we should hit them
with a 55 second penalty for celebration, excessive celebration. I’m just saying, maybe it’s an idea. – I tore that thing up!
– [Nolan] Yeah, well done. That was really– – That felt good. – [Nolan] Yeah, that
was nice, very smooth. Definitely having the
lowest combined time– – Would bring us out in top. If we go out there and
we go around the course in less seconds than the other team, I really feel like we can get the win. – Yeah. Well said. – Yeah.
– Do your best, James. – Yes, sir.
– I believe in you, man. We’ll be okay. – (laughing) We’ll be okay! – [Timekeeper] All right, here we go. In three, two, one, go! – Go get ’em boys! Yeehaw! – [Nolan] Veer, more,
more, more, more, more. All right, other way. Great, great, great. Other way. Other way. – Little tight.
– Oh! – [Nolan] Line up the
approach. Keep going. All right. – [Matpat] It’s feeling
pretty seamless, I gotta say. They’re smooth, man. – [Nolan] All right, straighten out. Oh, oh, no, no! (dramatic clanging)
(beep) – Oh, oh, no!
– Yes, yes, yes! – Oh, no! – Just go, just go, just go, just go! Start cutting, start– Right, right, right, right. – Okay.
– They’re way worse at this than us.
– Okay, oh and there’s it on the other side.
(beep) I mean, they’re hitting a lot of cones, they’re not necessarily knocking over all of those cones. – Go wide a little bit. Go
to the right, there you go. Now start cutting the other way. Keep turning, keep turning, keep turning. Position yourself,
position yourself, great. – Oh, they’re getting close to those. – That right, that left
side is getting tight. Oh, right side. (dramatic clanging)
– Ali baba, there’s one! – [Nolan] Left, left, keeping going. Keep going, start turning right. There you go, yeah, okay. Good, steady pace, steady pace. – Oh, last one! Oh, come on! – You did good. – Sweet. What was my time? (beep) I got smoked. That is so stressful. – Okay, so combined, you guys did a 250. – Yeah, (laughing) and then I did a– – You did a 220. – (laughing) Yeah. (laughing) – [Zach] Boys, it’s not looking good. (mumbling) – You got this, dude. You got this. (clapping hands) All right? – Feeling good about this one. – I’ve put us in a terrible position just like most fathers. You got this. – Honk when you’re ready! – I will when I’m going!
– We know, he’s getting ready! – When I’m ready to go! – He has a mountain to climb and he’s gonna do it on his time! – (laughing) What was that about? – And (car horn honking) (electric guitar music) Oh my god, this is so weird. – I don’t think they started the timer. Hey, look at him go, he’s doing great! – Left, left, left, left,
left, left, left, left, left. Ooh, nice Nolan. – This is actually
legitimately really impressive! – [James] Left, left, left, left, left. – Did he rip off the headset
midway through this or what? – [James] Left, left, left, left. Little bit to the right. – Okay. – There’s something fishy going on here! – [Zach] A fire just
lights in Nolan’s gut. – [James] Right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right. Okay. Straighten out. – What is this, there’s no way! – I will literally be very mad (laughing) if he managed. – [Matpat] There’s no way. – [James] Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Yeah! – I can’t even hate that! – Wow!
– We did it! (hurling)
(laughter) – We gotta give credit
where credit is due. That was a hot lap. (groaning) – Let’s hear the official times. – Zach and Matt, combined
time, two minutes, 59 seconds. – Ooh.
– All right, under the three. – Wow.
– I’ll take that. – [Matpat] Respectable. – James and Nolan, three
minutes and 45 seconds. – Whoo! (hands clapping) Yeah, buddy! Victory is sweet, but defeat– is spicy.
– Is spicy. (laughing) – Whoa! (laughing) – [Matpat] Sorry. – Oh, this sucks dude, I hate this! I just did this! (laughing) – Cheers.
– Cheers. (dramatic whooshing) – A huge, huge thank you to Kia for making this series possible. They gave us a ton of cars for us to do our head-to-heads with. Today we drove the 2020
Kia Soul GT Line Turbo. Kia’s quirky city runabout is back and it looks better than ever. The Soul GT Line Turbo is powered by a twin-scroll
turbocharged inline form, making a 201 horsepower and
195 foot pounds of torque. Power goes to the ground
through a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission
turning the front wheels. Other performance touches
include a sport tube suspension and larger disc brakes. The Soul GT Line Turbo has a sporty front and rear fascia as well
18-inch alloy wheels and a chrome center
exhaust tip in the rear. Other sporty touches include
this unique side sill and integrated fog lights
and GT Line badging. Inside, the Soul GT Line
Turbo is all about the ride. You got a leather-wrapped steering wheel with matching shift knob. It’s got all the goodies you expect. It’s got Apple CarPlay, Android Auto. You got automatic climate control. Also, it’s got customizable mood lighting that synchronizes with your
Harman Kardon speakers. That’s sick! Thank you to Kia and
the Soul GT Line Turbo for partnering with us. It was awesome. – Cheers. – Cheers. Oh yeah, wait, wait, wait. (laughing) Let’s put on those gloves. (laughing) – Cheers. – Cheers. – [Zach] Good luck, boys. – Oh, over the teeth, over the gums. (crunching) Doing great, man.
– Oh, that sucks. – Oh, he’s got it. You do you, man. – Remember to like, share and subscribe to Donut Media so we can keep
doing fun stuff like this. Check out Matpat’s channel,
“Game Thirst”, “Film Thirst”. – Seriously, subscribe to this channel. They deserve it. – Follow Matpat on Instagram. – MatPatGT. – Follow Donut @donutmedia. Follow me, Nolan J. Sykes. Follow Zach Jobe, @zackjobe. Follow James Pumphrey, @jamespumphrey, on all platforms. – I love you! Aah! – But hey! That’s just some wars! Some Car Wars! Thanks for watching. – That’s where I
recognized your voice from. (hysterical laughing)

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  1. Why would you VR drive a car like that? a more practical use is to make the car safer by removing the windshield and driving with either a screen in it's place or a vr headset that gives you an FOV without any blind spots in forward vision.

  2. So I don't think it's illustrated very well here. As someone who uses VR frequently, I can tell how bad it is for them. They have the ability to turn their head irl but the camera image stays fixed in their headset. Just thinking about it makes me want to puke lol

  3. This technology should come in cars stock so people can have different views of their surroundings instead of backup cameras

    Or not I mean I'm not smart

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