Volunteer Programme at the 2018 FIFA World Cup!

Volunteer Programme at the 2018 FIFA World Cup!

I feel very happy for them. They’ve put in an enormous amount of hard work. The work they do is hard and physical and it didn’t just start today. It started a long time ago, four years ago now. They always do their best. They’ve given their all to try and make this World Cup… one of the best we’ve ever seen. I am really proud of the Volunteer Programme. I am proud of the volunteers who help in the tournament organisation. They are incredible. This is the biggest team we’ve had. They help us with their smiles, their commitment and dedication to the job. Thank you to all volunteers.

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  1. Cocky stupid England shits just got what they deserved… In Russia they left bad reputation, arogance, fightings and bad football. Those shits are now fighting for 3rd place, and hope they come 4th… England is not even close to football… Go Croatia for the win ?????? Love from Slovenia, neighbours ??

  2. Don't this distract you from the fact that IT'S COMING HOME! The Fly Emirates Airplane with the English players inside it lmao ??? ??????

  3. Must have been a great experience.⚽ By the way, I have made a song for football lovers. Come check it out.

  4. Well done Russia -your world cup is the best that I watch in my life and it was so exciting to look it!

  5. FIFA – corruption, bribery, crime, dishonesty, unscrupuiousness, double-dealing, hypocrisy, fraud, venality, malfeasance…

  6. I just came back from Russia, it was really great experience, very well organized, friendly people and beautiful country, well visit again for sure, love from Iran ❤????❤

  7. My family and I will never forget those bright red shirts and smiling faces. We felt so welcome in Russia. UNBELIEVABLE job by all of them! So friendly, so helpful and SO MANY HIGH FIVES! ✋?✋?✋?

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