Voices of the FIFA U17 Women’s World Cup 2018

Voices of the FIFA U17 Women’s World Cup 2018

yeah maybe I wonder why [Music] any other way [Music] elphaba Latino y es una pasión like Fatima Chilean football mikulina a for feminine afternoon they went on Mayport okay no I approach oh no he could see on IV c villa de el asalto como que el Tambor Zipporah seer sergio pandanus enter a mono mundial that solid entry mujer en Osama push on oh sandy Quinta causa y cuando vamo son una situación que no parece DC y lo que no person who stood on my manifest amo ecomony no Korea mucho guru pose Oh munechika some very stoic Acadian ester abortion Oh fool femenino and de la falda posted a very emotional toll on me do comenzamos Sakura la voz yeah each organism group oh yeah there is no VM defecate participa misson similar which is a good wipe said so Segundo Monday and El país de una response idea bro tsunoru showed immune polar vector it represent era to PI L moon Delft UNIX / NC immune Deena para ver compartir go con otras elecciones saber cómo pueden poder de sarousch are no estro Fudo l en union feminine ent que que fue muy grande a la paz o de la gente ya sayyid ok Sasha senado el estadio few endo l demos todo y la verdad que estamos muy lejos de lo que es y el perro todas paso a paso yo creo que van a venir mejor es mejor es oportunidades i love to be a referee because it’s never boring there’s always a new challenge to look forward around the corner and it keeps me on my toes it keeps me excited it gives me those butterflies in my stomach training is a daily thing like I consider myself as an athlete as much as the players that we are refereeing so for me when we decided to have a child I hoped that I would be able to come back but I didn’t know for sure there’s certainly a time after no giving birth where you feel your body is in yours it was a very kind of new experience for me the first game I did was kind of really hard on my body and I then you start doubting yourself and that’s a problem because as a referee if you have doubts that you can do the job there’s gonna be problems in the games absolutely you know there’s seven of us at this tournament who gave birth in the last year to know that seven of us were able to successfully come back I think is a real testament to first the fact that us as women are strong and we can you know reach our goals professionally as well as personal goals and also it says cements the fact that FIFA and the referee department at FIFA believes that we can we can do it for me it has always been football fest you know I’ll end everything with a ball on my feet and when I started my coaching career it was the biggest decision of my life I was mostly coached by mail coaches and I said if there’s coaches that are male and are doing so much in women’s football I want to be that woman that does the same if not more in the woman’s game because the girls will relate to me even more and I said I have to inspire that’s girl child’s that young girl that says it might not be possible you know I have to inspire that girl child and say to her trying is a step closer to you succeeding no matter how hard and how bad it can be you know we might have failed in advancing to the next stage but we didn’t fail in bringing in courageous team and that’s what it’s about it’s for them to grow in the game it’s for them to make friendships and see that the world is big and it’s out there for us to take over take charge as women in football no matter what we still have a bigger picture in it it’s for us to still grow the woman’s game it is for us to say no matter the challenges that are there we are not going to stop whether people believe or not we are going to keep dreaming [Applause] I’m interested in women football because I realized everybody was talking about man football but there were people talking about one man football but they were not enough and I felt my presence would be more needed when I focus on women football and I could actually make a difference that’s my last one and it goes to both coaches what I’m here to do it is super important more on the ghana team that’s a black need and as they’ve made it to the sets and think it’s an appearance in the unless everything they are very very inspiring every time I sit here and then watch them sing the national anthem I get so emotional because I know how far they’ve come and I know that dreams they are actually even attaining by just being on the field so there were whole lot of obstacles they had to overcome but maybe they should have going to that because it gave them at Safa now it’s given them a tougher skin the self motivation that they have it’s just on a top-notch level putting images like this out they’re also very very important for girls to look up to [Applause] very very disappointed that that seemed they get a chance to move forward but I’m so proud of them and I’m so so happy for the stage that they were able to get we hope that the developments will be there for them to be successfully moved into then that’s winces and become these big stars that everybody is seeing and thinking that they would grow to be I think I love football because it’s definitely my happy place when I go to the field and go to trainings and yeah it’s just it’s a real freedom kind of thing for me I think we are really close to him we’re pretty crazy we’re pretty loud we knew that we were a really good team going into the campaign so we did see it the goal to create history and get out of the group stage so when we achieve that that was a surreal experience no New Zealand football team has ever done it in any age or gender so I think for us to you know make it this far to the semi-finals is really you know lifting the sport of New Zealand football the news and all the newspapers and the radio yeah the support that climbs being crazy anything is possible no dream is too big and I think you’re capable of anything you can put your mind to [Music] [Applause] [Music] toda ASIMO’s Dame equipo que si personas de cuarto podríamos gala semi finais days contra no a salon de un lugar muy physical pelant a pastor and phenomenal a seminar there’s a principio nosecone means company CEO como se no se Mahina Mo’s como vas eres a sentiment Oh yo Cabarita que lo sentimos es algo muy lindo no Jocasta mucho trabajo y hasta este stuff phenol a Mucha entry no mucho de booze muchas de aquí de las que estamos Arita llamo stress a nose de preparation para este mundial yo que ha sido un gran Paso por que venimos sue mando desde hace mucho y vamos a de menos a mess Tanya since inna meant a para nosotros como si fuera madre aqui senado que siempre hemos cognomen de nuestros when okay nunca dijo mozdok Infierno so trois me antenna Dora no San senado in general a todas muchas muchas valiree’s yo creo que es más bien una mama para nosotros por que somos la ciencia de cuándo es de la final we are way up in sad ain’t it emotionally keep hacia el on take a no somos iguales Paul de yo creo que voy a estar pensando NK NK on Savannah [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] that is a go back’ that the showers [Music] [Applause] [Music] you [Music]

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  1. Hello i have a WhatsApp group for fifa ( ps3/4 + xbox 360/one ) … if anyone would like to join text me at +971563092240

  2. Enhorabuena.
    Merecido por juego y eficacia.
    Estuve siguiendo este mundial y me gustó que las chicas, de todos las selecciones, ni simulan faltas ni protestan al arbitro. Deberian aprender los varones de ellas.
    Saludos desde Asturias

  3. Arriba Uruguay 🇺🇾 perder es no animarse a intentar porque lo importante es jamás rendirse . Más allá de los resultados , chicas a seguir creciendo !!! Todas son un orgullo Uruguayo ❤️❤️❤️❤️ y felicidades España ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Very nice sum up video. Not only thorough while taking into account many points of view (referees, coaches, etc.) but also finely produced and really cinematic… a pleasure for the eyes.
    It is a pitty you couldn't interview any players of Finland, Canada or the Asian countries. They surely have a story to tell as well

  5. Totally amazing film. I love that all people of the game were interviewed. It is also a good tool to show the girls who play football in our country. It is unfortunate that some countries are still not concerned about women’s soccer but we will continue to press in our little way for progress.

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