Violent fights break out at Brazilian football match

Violent fights break out at Brazilian football match

Violent scenes at a soccer match in Brazil
as clashes between fans caused the game to be suspected for more than an hour. The violence erupted 17 minutes into the first
half after the home team Atletico Paranaense opened the scoreboard 1-0 against Vasco da
Gama. According to authorities, four fans were injured
in the incident, which was made worse because police weren’t initially allowed in the stadium
due to state laws preventing local forces covering private events. The game, which eventually resumed, ended
in a 1-0 victory for Atletico. However, coming just days after the draw for next year’s world
cup, which is being held in the country, the disturbing scenes will raise further fears
for fans’ safety.

17 Replies to “Violent fights break out at Brazilian football match”

  1. Ah, I see Brazil is gearing up for the World Cup & Olympics… shakes head THIS is exactly what the world was worried most about when those two venues came up.

  2. Under the charade of sports, a gang war, and a huge riot, vicious brutal psychos trying to kill each other —  seems they wee not able to burn the place down. If they fight with such  hatred, passion and anger now, What will they do when there is no food?

  3. @BloodTar No I think they are just immature. I remember my own compassion and conscience was not always as good when I was young.

  4. o problema desse jogo foi que não tinha grades de proteção impedindo de os torcedores dos dois times se encontrarem para brigar, já que a CBF estava tentando fazer igual nos estádios da Europa que é as duas torcidas juntas.

  5. The scuffle turned so violent, locals say a statue of the Virgin Mary came alive and beat the holy snot out of everyone.

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