[Vinesauce] Vinny – Shovelware Showcase 2 (Kart Racing Games)

[Vinesauce] Vinny – Shovelware Showcase 2 (Kart Racing Games)

Fast m&m’s kart racing! m&m’s kart racing breathes new life to the arcade racing into the arcade what? oh do you see these controls? start your engine! ready? voice acting.. set…go…! oh oh god guys.. oh god guys its horrible. i have to tilt the controller approaching sound barrier! oh..ho…i hate it. i have to rotate the controller and its so incredibly unresponsive yep.. i fucking hate this game. blue is so cool because he’s like a blues brother and he has this point but what he’s actually doing is.. he’s practicing his nipple stimulation move red is a cowboy and orange has no personality whatsoever he..you know what orange is a little depressed approaching sound barrier! is that all it takes to break the fucking sound barrier?? jesus! approaching sound barrier.. approaching sound barrier. *guffaw* oh please.. please stop approaching sound barrier oh that is such bullshit oh the textures are so ass just crash into the… what are these..? blocks of granite. oh wait no that’s hay 13.. 14.. 15.. 15 tracks. on the back of the box it says compete against other players on 10 different race tracks the box didnt get the amount of levels right Go! ..and no this is not a PS1 game guys. this is a Wii game this is. is this real? where is everybody? action girlz racing. girlz with a “Z” by the way look at that poorly compressed jpeg. this is an unholy union oh this again. is this the ninja breadman music? 3…2…1… go! oh my god…! oh ho ho ho! move over sisters she just told someone to move over sister good. kart racing just for girls you get a mirror. you get a hairclip. you get other things that girlz with a “Z” like yes. yes indeed. yes indeed i dont wanna be a gamer anymore yep yep no no no. i wanna go to space. dare i say this is worse than m&m’s racing. i am not even kidding. i would rather play m&m’s racing. even ninja bread man controlled better than this. this is blood stool. that’s what it is. this is a blood stool imagine you buy this for like your 6 year old daughter. you give her this game and you watch her try to do this and you just hear her crying. just crying because the game is so unforgiving and horrible this game is guaranteed to break your daughter’s heart move over sister. move over sister does she say only 1 line? she only has 1 line? i’ve never in my years of gaming thought i would experience a game that’s both too sensitive and unresponsive in the control department much better. now i can listen to generic poprock. vomit.. also look at the cursor. they left a little something there here i’ll just do the sound effect. move over sister boom. unfortunately, action girlz racing made me acutely aware of the grim reality of our existence on this planet. and for that i would never be able to forgive it. i give action girlz racing a 5 out of 5 shrek’s back and this time he’s brought his friends for the ultimate kart racing adventure. puss in boots. donkey shrek is a knight a dragon that looks like spyro the undertaker and john cena staring in “Shrek Kart Racing Gameplay” – the Best 2006. (Scottish accent) we couldnt afford to get mike myers to get the voice as shrek ohh.. **faint** mm? i fail to see the correlation between a snail and a giant green swamp beast have you ever thought shrek was really handsome singing in a swamp i mean you know things are bad when you have to get a bootleg smash mouth you’re telling me smash mouth was too busy to do the soundtrack for this game what else are they doing? a gallant knight on his gallant beast as they charge through the realm invading lizards and pinnocco’s yo why did a medieval knight just explode? this beast still be under warranty wooh. this beast is still under warranty now he’s not exploding. wooh. this beast still be under warranty hold it okay now he’s dead confession time. this is better than the other 2 kart racing games it actually works. you can play the game. graphically it doesnt it doesnt look like a fresh turd. and this was on the game cube. the others were on the Wii. the music and the audio is just atrocious, but its not a terrible game

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  1. My nose started bleeding profusely during watching this video. I don't think it's a coincidence

  2. I actually have mms kart racing. Believe me, it's shit. I actually got it for Christmas one year. Also, if you do have it, be sure to look for a nut

  3. Oh god. I remember being a kid and playing M&ms the lost formulas (a halfway decent game but at the time I thought it was amazing) and wanting M&ms kart racing. Am I glad my parents never got me it

  4. When I was a kid I had these sorts of shovelware games. I thought that games were just like that and the controls were part of the challenge.

  5. Action Girlz Racing got me thinking that any little girl who really really wanted a kart racing game would realistically want to play Mario Kart so she could play as one of the princesses, so they have literally no viable market.

  6. You know, shovelware wifi games like Go Vacation and Big Buck Hunter are coming to switch, why not m&ms kart racing (at least with better textures, good controls, more tracks, and a bigger roster).

  7. If he thought M&M Kart Racing was bad he would have to play what its bootlegged from: Hotwheels Racing

    Also, he needs to play Goosebumps Horrorland, the entire thing. So he can feel pain and suffering

  8. The first two games are just bad excitetruck (which is a great racing game with tilt controls) and it was a LAUNCH title for the Wii

  9. Imagine a team of devs who have seen mariokart wii and doubledash and then looks at their game and say "yep this is good"

  10. Funny story about M&M racing. I had the DS version on my R4 card, and for some reason the 3rd track would always crash the game. I have no idea why it happened, I don't think it was the R4 card as it ran 20+ other games no problem. Anyway, it crashed my stepbrother''s game as well and we came up with some stupid explanations since of course we did I was like 6. The most common one was you could only play on that track at night.

  11. A had the m&m's game on my DS and the only difference is that the voice acting on the DS version sounded like the sound engine on the gameboy. the rest including the graphics are the exact same

  12. I actually owned Shrek Smash n' Crash Racing on the PSP and PS2

    Don't ask me why I owned the same game on two different gaming platforms.

  13. I… Actually have that Shrek game for PS2 and i 100% completed it as a kid. Not the best, but good

  14. that girl in the top left on action girlz racing look kind of like penny from the warioware series

  15. I remember owning M&Ms kart racing as a child, and even as a small child who loved all sorts of bad games unconditionally, I still knew something was very VERY wrong

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