Video Game Mashups – Kirby vs FIFA

Video Game Mashups – Kirby vs FIFA

[soccer crowd roaring] -(Tyler) Welcome everyone.
I’m Martin Tyler. He’s Alan Smith and we’re going
to talk about this match today. -(Smith)
Yeah, I’m expecting big things here. There’s a great atmosphere.
[whistle blows] -(Tyler)
And the first half underway. [players groaning] [crowd roaring loudly] [pandemonium] [cheerful theme playing] -Hey, what’s up, guys? Thanks for watching the
brand-new video. Here’s what we’re
going to do every Thursday: I’m gonna ask you what video
you want to see next, that’s right. So, vote below. Do you want to see
another videogame mashup, an episode of Daneboe Exposed, or a new episode of
My Roommate Mario? Vote below!
And if you want to win a T-shirt, let me know in
the comment area below what are your pants made out of? Until next time, say no to drugs, say yes to jumping!
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100 Replies to “Video Game Mashups – Kirby vs FIFA”

  1. ¿Pudieras pasarme la imagen de la peliroja que tienes al lado, que aparece al final del vídeo? ¡Por favor!

  2. I want to a series starring me called Joseph Dwyer vs videogame! And I have some good ideas for some annoying orange you tube show for starters annoying orange alternet univers.

  3. my pants are made out of millions of pairs of much smaller pants stitched together. It results in pantsseption of super compfeness.

  4. If I where one of those FIFA players I would run from Kirby I would run back home also if I made a soccer place I would hire Kirby as one of my soccer players

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