Vespa GTS 300 Super Sport Akrapovic Test

Vespa GTS 300 Super Sport Akrapovic Test

nowadays to most of the people that work super sport means hundred eighty brake horsepower and hundred ninety miles the Vespa GTS Rogerson sport doesn’t have that much power but that doesn’t mean that it makes less fun weather into men woman on a man or woman woman use the GTS stay subway there’s no need to ship a stepless CVT automatic transmission takes care about that 22 brake horsepower and 22.3 newton meters are the performance data up to 270 a cubic 1 cylinder four-stroke engine visually the Supersport is one of the horniest Vespas matt black or gray painting a red suspension accorded seed air slot on both sides and the front and trendy writings give a cold status to the Vespa within the crapper vicha Remus muffler the GTS gets much hornier you other models with big engines the Vespa storage space for helmets is pretty small to only jet helmet fits in it but instead we found a nice little medical kit and a miniature back in the glove box despite the small power victories at a traffic light are still granted scarcely anybody can harmonize with the clutch like this to accelerate from zero that quick Vespa 300 is exactly as easy to drive as its smaller sisters in one move it accelerates up to 81 miles and decelerates to zero just to say

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  1. You guys can´t be taken seriously for the simple reason that you fail to use proper gear. What kind of fool rides in shorts and a t-shirt?

  2. yeah, sounds logic huh,

    because when you fall with a scooter you cant possibly get any injuries…

    now serious, this isnt a 50cc scooter, its a 300cc motorscooter, protection is the minimum thing to wear when riding it…..

  3. I think vespas are awesome, but I dont know why you'd spend this much on one when you could get an awesome used dual sport bike for less

  4. In your next test can you get a hot chick to do the riding only wearing bra and g-string? That'll be awesome, thanks!

  5. LOL i'm sorry and I am not trying to hate, but my friend just told me she wanted to buy this thing today and now that I see this thing with an Akrapovic exhaust, it just cracks me up lol…please understand that my bike is a 2013 Kawasaki ZX10R and to call this a "super sport" is like calling my ZX10R a scooter. Sorry in advance

  6. The ninja has a 300cc now. Its also built with true sports riding in mind and has the handling characteristics of a true standard sports bike.At the end of the day its the rider and not the bike. I have been to a track day where a guy in a 250 ninja was riding circles around 600cc bikes. My thing is that this moped looks silly with a exhaust built for supersports. Imagine if i put a basket on my zx10r, that would look silly as well lol

  7. i own a orange decal 2013 model of this scoot…. full throttle on a straight with not much wind & it maxed out at about 83mph on the analogue clock which would prob read a true 78mph going by the diff between my clock & digital road-side speed checker…. …if you're lookin for a small engine super-bike …buy one of many ! …if you're lookin for a top of the range twist & go scoot you can chuck about & with a bit of oomph…buy the vespa gts 300 ltd edition… & it'll hold it's money !

  8. No gloves. No leg protection at all. No arm protection, and cornering at that speed. As a motorcycle channel you should be setting an example. Put some decent protection gear on and set a proper example to all two wheeled riders. Please.

  9. @Pieter Van Rossem"ow please… such boring reactions:p "wear protection"… please:p it's a Vespa! let's keep it fun!"

    So because it is a Vespa that means you don't have to wear protective gear because it should be "fun"? Well it's more fun if you don't end up in hospital with half your skin missing or breaking a leg, arm, hand or wrist. Whether it is a super bike or a tiny scooter, you can still hit something or fall off. 

  10. Dope video checkout what we have going on at my Channel … Just did some work with Jadakiss and Lil Durk…

  11. @fingerhorn4. Fuck off along with the rest of the "fun police" hiding behind keyboards. You probably ride in a cold, miserable country with over-policed roads and wouldn't know what to do when faced with riding in a 40+ degree blast furnace. Go finger your horn and stop annoying us.

  12. awesome review , think i am going to get it. just got my full licence, i was thinking yamaha x max 300. i test rode it just after test riding honda sh 300 and i was disappointed with it . i am getting the impression that vespa is better than honda sh 300 . i will look into the accesories

  13. I've been riding a 200 GT for almost 10 years now, great fun, totally city-compatible (i.e. getting past car traffic jams) and very comfy on longer rides (not highways though). I also own a 1968 150 Super 🙂

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