Veronica Campbell-Brown Before Winning 8 Olympic Medals | Before They Were Superstars

Veronica Campbell-Brown Before Winning 8 Olympic Medals | Before They Were Superstars

Veronica attended
the Vere Technical High School in Clarendon, Jamaica. It’s an institution with
a rich history in sprinting, having produced more Jamaican
track and field Olympians than any other school. Veronica was in
her final year here and was already being hailed as a future star of
the athletics world. When I came to Vere, I never
really have any great aim. I didn’t know
I would come out so great. But I did like the sport. At first when I came here,
I came as a sprinter and I end up doing the 400 because they think
I could manage. But after that
I come back to the sprints and I realised that I can run
so started to train hard, started to set some goals
and I started achieving them. Veronica’s personal
best times were 11.12 seconds
for the 100 metres and 22.87 for the 200. She was the reigning World
Junior champion in both events. Her coach at Vere
was Patrick Johnson. Stardom is not beyond anyone
as long as you work and you are disciplined enough
to maintain the lifestyle that is necessary to carry you. Then go for gold, because gold is for
anyone who wants it. The facilities at this school
were modest with a basic gym
and grass track. But the competition was fierce. Veronica would train for two
hours a day, five days a week. It was whilst at Vere that she
really improved on her start. Although the Athens Olympics
were three years away, her coach was convinced that
if she continued to progress then Veronica could win
a medal there. Based on her performance
last year, it is not beyond her to be
in the final and to medal because if we look at
her time at the World Junior Championships it was good as a medal
at the Olympic Games. So anything is possible
once you’re in the final. As well as excelling
on the track, Veronica was also
an outstanding student. She had classes
from seven in the morning until three in the afternoon, and her favourite subject
was mathematics. Education is the key. I think academics is more
important than track and field because you don’t know
what can happen along the line. You can get hurt,
you cannot do it any more but if you have
a good education, you can have that to work with
for the rest of your life. So I think education
is more important to me. Most of the pupils at
Vere High School were boarders, including Veronica. There were set times for meals and it was lights out
at 10pm sharp. In later life, Veronica would claim that it
was the values of discipline, hard work and respect instilled
into her at Vere that would play a huge factor
in her success. To further her career, the Jamaican moved to
a college in America after leaving school, and she’d go on to become
a legend of track and field.

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  1. I'm pretty sure if jamaican have a good facility for training, they gonna produce a lot of legendary in track. ??

  2. Even though i am American and root for USA, i've always liked VCB and Shelly Ann Frasier-Price, they both are great athletes, and i never see them with some of the silly, childish antics you can see with some other sprinters, just real emotion and class. Bravo ladies.

  3. Hi VB we met in Chile and you gave me a jersey at the stadium gate love you girl and that same jersey was a motivation for an  entire family and there son who was very ill,when I gave them it his father as a gift for a great Jamaica at that time you had not won any Olympics medal stay strong and you are my Jamaica female great

  4. Jamaica have great facilities. It may not be in every parish but as you can see they produce great sprinters. and Yes some train in the USA but its the heart that makes the difference. As with most Caribbean athletes we have heart and work hard not hard at finding new drugs! It destroys the love of the sport when you find out someone who you admire are cheating and NO not all athletes cheat! some work real hard! Congrads you deserve the recognition!

  5. when I see.. This.. with so much of facility.. we demand more n more.. but.. look at those Jamaicans athletee. they work so hard with little of that facility… I really feel embarrassed of my myself..

  6. Veronica Campbell-Brown was a drug cheat .

  7. Any woman with a chest that big who can run that fast and that often has my utmost respect. As a big chest girl myself, I know how what a hindrance big breast can be while running. She could put her name on a line of sports bras and make a fortune.

  8. こんなに巨乳じゃなけりゃもっといい記録が出たに違いない。ふくらはぎなんか、いわゆる短距離選手のような発達はしていないのに早い。日本の高校生に比べれば、施設も器具もユニフォームもろくなもんじゃないんだが…。学校の給食にはまったく生野菜がないという(笑)。

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  10. Was that a Black Woman on a National stage without a weave!? Wig!? Huh??? A black woman that was on a track without some tracks???!! This ish photo-shopped?

  11. I leave Vere in 89 and I can say I am proud of what they have done with their track program. Much love to Veronica keep shining

  12. OMG, American or not, I MISS my girl!!! Something about her, although not the best to do it, her STYLE and brilliance is the best of which I can think besides ET. I feel SAFP had better training than her, but, she was so much better overall and naturally. ET is the only person I see overall (in Jamaica) who is naturally more talented. VCB is my girl forever, and I'm so sad she's aged and her body will no longer allow her to do it!


  14. A primary school girl wins the Olymipcs Gold medal? That looks like a very poor school somewhere in the third world dark continent. .Her couch does not even earn ten pounds a day..Rich countries finished last…It goes to show that God is no respector of persons.

  15. Those tears at the end was a sign of those years of hard work and dedication she put in that's amazing love VCB !

  16. I love veronica Campbell so much I grow up as jamaican watching this beautiful young woman doing great things I will never forget the positive impact you gave me I love you girl.

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