Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 PC gameplay at E3 2019

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 PC gameplay at E3 2019

please for wealthy clientele officials
working in the Seattle PD human trafficking task force claimed that the
city has seen a 30 percent rise in the numbers look out hello there I am happy to see you
accepted my invitation off course and I don’t want to waste your time all I need
you to do is to find a thin blood by the name of slug he’s in hiding but the
Nosferatu most likely know where he is once you find slug all you have to do is
purchase some information off of him it sounds simple I know and while I would
usually handle something like this myself slug has made it clear that he
doesn’t trust my people whatever reason so can I kill to get this done for me good here’s the money for the
information make sure slug delivers if he attempts to back out of the deal feel
free to use whatever methods are needed to get him to comply until then I’ll be
waiting here for you I look forward to your results use me car Boxster have a good one I assume your handlers have sent you to
find our smelly friend no they weren’t I can help you can find slug under the
freeway a bit south of the square in a place the locals call the jungle he’s
smart enough to hide among the homeless down there but not quite smart enough to
do it well you’ll find the entrance near King Street Station but you’ll want to
watch yourself slug is a coward but he survived this long on his own so he’s
bound to be a handful he’s also not the only one you’ll need to look out for
lots of unsavory animals in the jungle how about you tone down the politeness
teddybear you’re not fooling anyone but since you seem eager to please there is
something else you can do slug is a scumbag but he is just barely
ours scumbag talk to him about coming to see us we’re prepared to give him
another look in exchange for a little info we’ll also make sure he’s safe from
anyone who’s after him man there’s always someone after that guy do this
for us and no one needs to know well let you keep anything you’ve been promised
from whoever sent you to me if you need we can even float a little tail upstairs
verifying that slug met the business end of a salt shaker if you know what I mean
so do we have a deal good don’t hurt yourself
until we meet again pardon hey I told you shit stacks to stay out
of this side you get your fix when we say so now turn around or I’ll stop you
into the goddamn mud oh okay you I don’t know you that’s a good start
what do you want you’re making the right move this city
no loyalty at all doesn’t matter what you do for them
do they ever bring you up in the ranks no just use you when it’s convenient
we’re all fighting over scraps here plenty of cities these nights where if
you’re ambitious you can get ahead trust me you’re better off funny I don’t
remember telling you my name they sent you
get close before you make your move we’ll see about that
okay rats I’m not on your cheese wait wait don’t kill me I don’t have the
data on me it’s it’s here I can tell you where it is I just one of them don’t
have to work for that I didn’t mean it personally understand I just wanted to
fuck with your bosses that’s all no please no you you have you met with and you’ve done
this will not sit well with the pyramid let’s hope for your sake they don’t send
me to meet with you again after tonight

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  1. Clarification: I just found out this morning that Hayden was not playing the game, it was one of the developers. Sorry for the confusion, I updated the description to take that out.

  2. it looks as though someone switched the the axis on em definitely wasn't Hayden he'd of done much better ….I hope lol. still not too shabby for a pre-alpha a game I look forward to seeing more of.

  3. The character design looks pretty generic so far. Was that supposed to be a Nosferatu in the basement? He shouldn't be hiding he looks like someone who was in a bad car accident he could go out in public without the risk of breaking the Masquerade…

  4. 10:05 he broke his shoulder,elbow and wirst, OMG it's time to hire Riggers Artist and call the modeller supervisor to review the wireframe.(Its suppose to be the hero model,Lord!)
    10:08 this weird animation when he has finish to drink,he is moving like he is a newborn whish was shaken too violently, doesn't make sense.
    10:40 dialogue not expressive enough facial animation need to be retake.
    12:42 2 or 3 Headshots no one die….., Combat system need to be review
    12:55 this kind of camera motion is for panoramic its a heresy for a FPS game(do they play with console controller or PC)
    15:58 Power ability not impressive (should be more dynamic like a star wars game)If I am Psychokinetic i want move stuff around me like toys and NOT simulate constipation , animation need to be changed (just saying : when you make a fist your thumb has to cover the rest of your fingers, the thumb shouldn't be behind the phalanges.)
    – At least the set dressing is nice .But we need to see more people in the city(people making the queue for the night club for exemple, Have a walk in your downtown to understand what is night life, bright and lit windows shop, night clubs people drunk, cute girls, people walking every where, homeless asking for few coins)

  5. Can anyone explain why the character had the CHIROPTERAN discipline and was wearing DARK BLUE clothes at start and then suddenly has NEBULATION and WHITE clothes in the Jungle?

    Or why the entire Jungle section is 100%, frame by frame, similar to the IGN video? Seriously, start them both together at the same time, this video from 9:35 , and the IGN video ( ) from 8:52 , or try to mash-up them here: ( ).

    What the hell is going on?

  6. 11:03 & 11:57 Did you just kill a transgender NPC??? Aahhh, BIGOT!!!! But seriously, what's with every other NPC being transgender? This is obnoxious. Furthermore, ALL the animations are really BAD, facial, combat, etc. That end fight with Slugg sounded like Sluggs voice acting was replaced with the generic male NPC voice while he was getting punched 17:06 and on. Just listen! The NPC's walking the streets feel so lifeless. They see the player run up walls, jump from rooftops and have absolutely no reaction. The important NPC's are just as lifeless. They don't interact with the world. Oh, this is bad. I know this is pre-alpha, but nowadays that's more or less what we end up getting.

  7. Oh god this looks absolutely awful. Can't wait to see some KB/M footage because clearly this game doesn't play well with a controller. Looks clunky as all hell.

  8. Lol the enemies need some work.. he did a parkour flip and the npc just watched him then got smoked with the pipe lol

  9. i like the world but the combat looks awful. they really need to work on that. the movement is kind of clumsy too.

  10. There's no way I'm touching this game at this point. It feels like a "street vampire meets mortal kombat" variant 0_o

  11. Am I the only one that can't get past the fact that almost all the enemies in the Jungle were women. I have no problem with female enemies in games, but it really breaks the immersion when you're in a crack house under an overpass and all the women look like super models. And am I the only one who heard some of said super model drug dealers speaking with men's voices. I expected the game to be woke but this is just too far, assuming it wasn't just a sound bug of course.

  12. This looks as bad as the first game; clunky controls, poor hit registration, npcs that just stand in one spot at all times..I really hope this all changes by release. If they need more time, push the release back. I'm sick of everyone releasing half baked games.

  13. Yeah, i have to agree… That looked terrible, especially combat wise. Voice acting was meh, the movement was stiff but i like that you can climb and move in the ways they showed. Hopefully this is still pre-Alpha?

  14. I'm worried. Everything feels so static from combat, animation, stiff character interaction (Where's the flair?) npc's Roaming around, doing nothing. Show off more vampire attributes during cutscenes and gameplay. I want to feel like a badass vampire. The way the game plays and looks, feels alot like the first game. That's a bad thing. It's 2019, this isn't amatuer hour. Go big or go home.

  15. This game still needs improvements. Hope they just let toggle first and 3rd person just like in red dead redemption 2

  16. Animations and combat looks rough, but I bet it's gonna be a lot smoother before release. Or if it isn't, it still hits the most important point about Bloodlines, but this could be another diamond in the rough.

  17. WAAAAAAAAAAAAIT A SEC…. what clan is this person playing as? since it has both THAUMATURGY and POTENCE
    or was it just for fun? like a hack or something or will we be able to blend abilities?

  18. well, as long as the world is believable, i will take it. i learned to live with stupid TES Combat in Oblivion and Skyrim, i can manage this…underwhelming stuff.

    but as i said, the story/world has to deliver, and it looked a bit lifeless…but there is time still to polish this.

  19. I hate that the game is only in first person, I was hoping that their was a third person option that you can choose like bloodlines

  20. I'm no game developer at all. However I would like to think that this is still super early and that people will react when someone blatantly breaks the masquerade. Furthermore I hope that the combat improves. How did the player consistently miss their enemy like that? And there's hardly any reaction from the NPCs being hit by a pipe. These regular humans should be terrified of dealing with a vampire, and when the vampire makes contact it shouldn't be a "Oops that hurt. I'll keep attacking" screw that.

  21. so bad it will not let the player change vision between first and third person as the previous game, i like to see my vampire kicking everybody's ass.

  22. it's just me or the vampires are all looking "too human"? in the first game they have a more pale undead appearence, also… silent protagonist? really? ?

  23. The rotation is so slow that the player would rather walk sidewas at times than turn around. He/she even runs into walls a few times because it takes forever to turn.

    Also, @12:39 WTH, emptied the whole mag on her head (Yes, I know a few shots were misses, but quite a few were not) and she didn't take any damage!

  24. Man I never thought I would be saying this, but I hope this game gets delayed. I love it way too much for it to be unpolished. Though it would just be following tradition if it is.

    The short period left before release, given the current unpolished state, is worrying to say the least.

  25. This video would be much better to watch if the person could in fact PLAY this game, instead of fumble around in the whole playthrough.
    In this early stage the game is obviously not working, but what could we except from a pre-alpha version?

  26. interesting but time-consuming … and obviously I'm not a vampire to live for 1000 years?!?!? … not yet ! . but for the quality of graphics and details, it makes sense interesting … but the very difficult safety on the system questions and answers !?! . and it matters a lot and how to play probably 35% of the game … fast action or meticulous elaboration style ?! but for what's on the console I'm afraid to think how it is …

    Keep in mind time shift np tha ps3 …
    it seems as if it does not have to come out on the consoles !!! Without control of the mouse you are tormenting infinitely .and you do not get anywhere …. and now this is the eternal question that somehow are stolen from the pc and ported on the consoles ..

    just that to ask that something has been happening for a long time … and not to think the will escape !!!1 so booom

    probably before launching the playstation 3 …

    but at the moment it is an assumption … but I am curious how to appear in a lawsuit in vague cases . how these official thieves are going to defend themselfs . if they will still be able to get there !?! .

  27. Why 1080p looks like 480p!? Looks like shit. Also played by a dev!? Holy…i would be ashamed….the game will suck at launch for sure. 9 months away, so much work to do. They wont get it done in time, wanna bet?? The whole presentation in this video is utterly shit, srlsy…ashamed, again. (Doesnt matter that its pre-alpha – if its in this state i wouldnt show it to the mass!)

  28. It's a good game guys they just need to:
    Fix the combat
    Fix the NPCs
    Fix the controls
    Fix the AI
    Fix the difficulty
    Fix the animation
    Fix the glitches
    And done deal for 9 months right? Totally got it.

    Pre-alpha buzzword my ass.

  29. Question: If the vampire character can turn to mist and go through the ventilation, couldn't he have turned to mist to go through the bars of the closed door?

  30. This looks like a clunky mess. The bad animations, the dialog loops, the constant switching from 1st and 3rd person, there's no mood or atmosphere with the music, tons of female gang members is weird enough but then they sometimes have male voices too. I really hope this is just a basic beta copy. I really want to like this game but this is just sloppy cringe.

  31. For a world of darkness game I was expecting a edgy club song. This was my only chance to listen to edgy music and not feel cringe.

  32. Your soul is in heaven
    Your body is in hell
    It doesn't matter much to me
    Sound or obscene
    Only bones between you and me
    ? ? ♥

  33. 11:22 guys i mean look at this. I dont think the combat looks bad the player is just really incompetent.
    12:39 wait did he just miss 8 times with an aim lock on or do bullets to the HEAD not kill humans? He/she actually missed you can see the holes in the wall
    another thing is how insanely tanky the MC is. Its like you are the fallout 4 bullet sponge enemy. Waaay too easy but maybe there are difficulty options and this is just so the person playing doesnt die because he/she sucks?
    I hope there is a block and counter in meele combat and enemies will use these because right now it looks super bad.

  34. True to the first game forced out before its ready. Still if it proves to have to same gooey center it will be fine.

  35. Animations and AI are absolutely terrible. I'm talking Fallout 3 from 2008 levels of bad. Fallout 4's animations and AI weren't acceptable in 2015, this sure as hell isn't acceptable for 2020.

  36. PCWorld ? And you are posting a PS4 Gameplay video ?
    This game doesn't look this ugly on PC, dude ..
    GTFO !
    It's not a next gen game, not even close. This is still for PS4 and Xbox One as well.
    nothing special YET.

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  38. hm…….I love the idea of the game play mechanics but executions and impersonations of it, leaves a lot to be desired if not I am now very worried, but at the very least the dance moves look great, so funky all nighters it is,
    But I swear to Kane Heather better make a cameo or else!

  39. Why would you play a first person game on PC with a controller…? I know that this is dev footage, but still, what the fuck.

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