Valfaris – Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Valfaris – Gameplay Trailer | PS4


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  1. This is Awesome!!!! The new Contra from E3 has to do what the Sonic movie did… Shelve it and make extreme changes.

  2. Woah finally a 2d side scroller true fans of the genre have been begging for. And a metal soundtrack!!! Yes thank you!!! Keep it brutal and sick!!

  3. @nintendo switch this is the type of games you should be importing into the platform. Not those childish silly mobile phone games capable games which you so called “Indie” games.

  4. This looks nice but does anybody make action AAA titles anymore? I'm sick of Indies with ant sized characters

  5. This game looks out of control and i for one welcome that, would be awesome to get 2 players at the same time though. This game has the soul of Contra. Cant wait to play it!!!

  6. Wow wow wow I hope these guys make a side scrolling beat em up or shoot em up using the same graphic style I really hope they do.
    Of course for the ps4 please guys..

  7. "All right guys, and what if we take Turrican, gives the main character a WH40K's Space Marine esque armor, make the game a metroidvania and adding tons of metal music?"

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