UW-Superior | Athletics

UW-Superior | Athletics

(Coach) Here at UW-Superior, Yellow Jackets
work hard, and play hard. We have 13 NCAA Division III sports and nearly
300 Student-Athletes. We have 35 Conference titles, 3 individual
and 2 team National Championships, as well as numerous All-American awards. Not only do we play hard on the field, but
we work hard in the class room. Our student athletes have on average a higher GPA than our regular student population. Being a Yellow Jacket is about Hard Work,
Team Work, and Determination, but don’t take my word for it. Take theirs! (Players) Yellowjackets are… Fluid Swift Fearless Supportive Thrilling Aggressive Competitive (Coach) Because in the end… (Players) We are Superior!

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  1. As a prospective student who is considering UW-Superior, might I suggest that UW-Superior finds something other that what is stated at approximately the 0:29 minute mark in this video? I mean, do the UW-Superior coaches, and student-athletes walk around campus and bully the students who aren't involved in UW-Superior athletic programs? This video suggests that they do by-way-of presenting a video-bullying session. Admittedly…I love the raggedly look of many of the students; especially all of the mullets (have to keeps those ears warm up there on all of that ICE).

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