Using transitions in HitFilm

Using transitions in HitFilm

In addition to sequencing your clips, editing
will also sometimes involve adding fades and other transitions to your project. I’m Axel
Wilkinson, for, and in this video we will learn how to work with Transitions,
and how to adjust the Opacity of your video and the levels of your audio. Before we get
started, you can download my project file, if you want to imitate my every move.
In the Effects Panel, we have folders of video transitions and audio transitions, both of
which can only be used on the Editor timeline. To use a transition, find the one you want,
and then drag it onto the timeline and drop it on the end of a clip, where you want it.
For example, if we find a Cross Dissolve, and drag it to the end of our last clip, the
clip will fade out, dissolving to black. However, in most cases, transitions will be used to
span two clips, to transition from one shot to the next. Drag our transition to the first
edit point on our timeline, and you can place it centered on the edit, or butt it up against
either side. After you drop it in place, you can easily adjust the duration by dragging
the ends. Open the Wipes folder, and add a Linear wipe
to one of the edits. Now open it in the Controls panel, and we can adjust the angle of the
wipe, and the edge feather. Some transitions will have properties to be adjusted, while
others will not. Its worth mentioning that a real edit is not
likely to use this many transitions this close together. In reality, this sequence probably
wouldn’t use any transitions, but that would make for a boring tutorial about transitions.
So, for the purposes of demonstration, I’ve gone a bit overboard.
We can also adjust the Opacity of video, and the Levels of audio, on the Editor timeline.
Just below the title bar of each clip, there is a line that we can drag up and down. On
video, this is the opacity bar. On audio, this is the Levels bar. In either case, if
we position our cursor over the line, it will become a double arrow, allowing us to drag
the bar and make adjustments. Drag the Level bar of the Shotgun sound upward all the way,
to make it louder. Sometimes, you may need to adjust these controls over time. Keyframes
allow us to do so. Near the end of the first clip, hover over
the Opacity bar and CTRL+Click on Windows or CMND+Click on Mac to create a keyframe
on the video opacity bar. Now create another keyframe, a little bit farther along. As we
position the mouse over either one of these, two crossed lines appear, letting us drag
the keyframe left or right to set its timing, and up or down to adjust the opacity. Drag
the left keyframe all the way left, and all the way down. Then drag the other one all
the way right, and up. Now the clip will gradually fade in, increasing in opacity over its entire
duration. If you need to place a keyframe right at the end of a clip, its easiest to
create it closer to the middle, then drag it to the end.
You can create as many keyframes on a clip as you need to. So if you need to dip the
audio quickly, to remove an unwanted sound, for example, then you can easily do so. Let’s
use this technique to remove the popping sound of the prop gun as it fires. Turn off audio
track 2 by clicking the Speaker icon. These eyes and speakers toggle each track of the
editor on and off. Now play through that bit of the timeline, and you can hear the sound
of the prop. Add three keyframes to the audio for that shot, near the middle. Drag the first
one to just before the Shotgun sound, and match the level with the clip that comes before.
Drag the middle one all the way down, and line it up with the start of the Shotgun.
Position the third one about halfway between the second keyframe and the end of the clip.
In the Controls panel, open the Properties for the clip, then move the playhead to the
position of our keyframe, and set the Level to -20 db. Both the Opacity of video and the
Level of audio are also available here in the Controls panel, so you can set exact values
for any keyframe. Drag the audio bar for the last clip down,
so it roughly matches our last keyframe. If you want to be exact, you can manually set
the Level of the last clip in the controls panel. Play through to see if the pop is properly
removed. If you still hear it, adjust the keyframes as needed. Then, turn Audio 2 back
on, and play through the timeline. Opacity and Levels are the only properties
that can be animated over time on the Editor. If you need to use keyframes with any other
properties, you can convert the clip to a composite shot to access full keyframing capabilities.
We will look more at working with composite shots in our next tutorial. Until then, I’m
Axel Wilkinson for, and thank you for watching.

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  1. im in love with hitfilm 😀 see what i created

  2. With keyframing and basic transitions there is a ton of opportunitys to do. A curve editior would be great for easier handling and better control of your project. 

    Regards Patrick

  3. How you supposed to use that Transitions Project files in the link above? It does not even load into HitFilm?!

    When I try to load it, It says, "We're Sorry, HitFilm Express 3 has encountered a problem and has to exit! Help us by sending a crash report"

  4. i dragged one of the transition effect to my video but cant see it…when i play the video its there but…i cant edit it like what you did in this video…it doesnt show in my editor

  5. Hi, how can I use fast forward or slow-motion effects? I tried the "speed effect" and tried changing the speed to 0.5 for example but it didn't work out. Any tips? Thanks in advance.

  6. Whenever I add in transition affects in Hitfilm there is this horrendous fps tearing in the preview.
    I am attempting to add a fade affect and the fps drops to around 5 whilst the transition takes place, therefore I can't properly edit. However the final result after I export is just fine.

  7. I'm using hitfilm4 express. when I use a cross dissolve between two clips it fazes into the same clip and then does the same to the next clip. what am I doing wrong? I'm not doing anything your not.

  8. Hi! I'm new to the software, and while I put two videos together, when it transitions to the second video it isn't clean, and it looks almost as if it had to buffer before transitioning to the next clip. I haven't put a transition on it, so i don't know what the problem is, do you have an idea? Thanks!

  9. I'm trying to use a fade to black transition at the very end of my video but it just won't work it only works in between clips but not after them… please help.

  10. Hello, thanks for the video.
    I have a question, I'm trying to make a photo slideshow and I want to use the same transition for all thr pictures (190) , is there any way to do it and apply the effect to all the pictures at ones and not one by one? I'm using hitfilm4express

  11. Oh my gosh I double-clicked on the effects and that didn't do anything so I thought you had to buy them, but then I saw that you can just drag the effects.

  12. Okay i put the transition in but when the transition is used its all choppy and glitchy until the transition is done.

  13. Having to add audio and video transitions separately is annoying for most projects. Also audio transition fades to silence, and then to the new audio, instead of fading between the two, with no other options. All I want is to string a series of clips together, with a simple transition between them. I don't know why in almost all video editing software, this ends up being more work than it should be.

  14. sir actually
    when i drag video transition
    for example cross dissolove drag to time line there is no green reactangle like yours
    and there is no effect seen in output
    pls help
    i have hitfilm pro 9.0

  15. Dear Hitfilm, When I apply the transition between two clips it also removes the clips background. Can you please suggest me how to apply it correctly?

  16. I dont have the Transitions – Video or the Transitions – Audio folders!!!! I've searched everywhere on Google to try to solve this issue and I came up with nothing. The only thing that comes up is this video and two other videos talking about how to do transitions in HitFilm

  17. when i use the transition dissolve between clips, they dissolve to a paused video, instead of dissolving to a video already playing..

  18. Hi, I just downloaded HitFilm Express and I'm wondering how to use transitions and presets from various users? The presets I have are from YT users Justin Miller and Evo HD. I also want to know how to use the light flares from HitFilm Express's YT channel.

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