Usain Bolt Breaks 100m World Record in Beijing 2008 | The Olympics On The Record

Usain Bolt Breaks 100m World Record in Beijing 2008 | The Olympics On The Record

Hey, Nelly. Nelly, look,
who am I? – Picasso.
– Mm-mm. – Statue of Liberty.
– Mm-mm. – The girl from The Hunger
Games. – Mm-mm. I know, John Travolta. Mm-mm. Usain Bolt is the biggest star
in global athletics. His success is unprecedented –
the first sprinter to win double 100m and 200m titles
in consecutive Olympic Games. His fame makes it hard
to remember that he was just another young hopeful
dreaming of Olympic success. Here he is at the 2004 Olympic
Games in Athens. He was just 17 years old. He was highly considered
as a 200m and 400m sprinter but this first appearance
at the Olympic Games was a not-too-happy experience
for the youngster. Right from the gun it looks like Matsuda of Japan
is pulling up lame and in lane two Unger from
Germany is running very well. They’re going to come
around the bend with Jedrusinski of Poland
in lane seven. Nsiah on the inside trying
to keep up with them. Poor form and a leg injury saw
Bolt eliminated in the semifinals
in a disappointing time. So what happened to Bolt
over the next four years? What path led a promising
teenager to become a world-beating
athlete? Bolt, you see,
was the wrong height to dominate at 100 metres.
Too tall at 6′ 5″. By the time young Usain
unravelled his massive frame, coaches said
the race would be over. That explosive start, so
essential to 100m success, was surely beyond him. Bolt, however, was not so sure. He was formidable over 400m but absolutely hated the hours
of endurance training required for
the longer distance. He wanted to give
the 100m a go. So he and his coaches
made a deal. Bolt would enter a minor
athletics meet in Crete in July 2007 to run 100m, and if he could beat the time
of 10.30, he could drop the 400m
and focus on the 100m and 200m. But Bolt won the 100m in Crete
in a time of 10.03. If young Usain could threaten
ten seconds at his first attempt
aged just 20, without the required years
of explosive sprint training, then, well, the sky was
the limit for this kid. The 100m would be Bolt’s focus and the Beijing Olympics
were fast approaching. He started to put in
some serious gym work and filled out his huge frame with hard graft
and a special diet regime. The results were extraordinary. 2008 in Jamaica – Bolt went under ten seconds
for the first time, a giant leap which put him
right up with the best in the world. Later that month in New York,
Bolt raced against the world record holder,
Tyson Gay. Bolt won in a sensational time
of 9.72 seconds, a new world record. It was only Bolt’s fifth
competitive 100m race. From nowhere, he’d become the most exciting young
sprinter in the world. So how does he do it? Essentially, Bolt compresses
his lightning 200m technique into the shorter distance. He’s still not the best
starter, rarely ahead after 30 metres. Then once he’s up and running,
his huge size becomes an asset. While a top sprinter will
typically take 44 paces over 100m,
Bolt just takes 41 paces. That’s approximately 17 metres
extra distance per pace over the course of the race. And so back to 2008 and
the Olympic Games in Beijing – the final of the men’s 100m. Usain was ready to do his
thing. And they’re off. Big start by Richard Thompson
in lane four from Trinidad and here comes Usain Bolt. Bolt is pulling away,
Bolt’s looking back – you don’t look back in 100m! 9.68 is
a world record for Usain Bolt. 9.68 – a new world record. The fastest man in the world. That celebration on the line told the world
he could run faster. And soon he would. But it was the Olympic gold
medal he really wanted. I know. Mo Farah.

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  1. Hi Olympics :). Would love to see a story video of the technology and camera's that are going to be used at the next Olympics in Tokyo 2020 !! Cheers. These story video's are awesome.

  2. I don't get how they can compare them when you have one person running on the outside of the track and another running on the inside. . .the track is MUCH smaller for the person on the inside. How do they expect for it to be fair when the person can just hug the inside and be at the finish line wayy faster?

  3. "And he looks back, YOU DON'T LOOK BACK DURIN 100METERS" I love the shock in the commentators voice xD (but he is kinda right xD)

  4. i was so mad when he celebrated at the end of the race. yes he got the gold but he shouldve gave it his all to set the bar at his full potential. he probably wont get a second chance and when he does he might be out of his prime. yes hes the fastest man but he couldve been faster.

  5. Can anyone or did anyone calculated and is it even possible to calculate what his time would be if he didn't start celebrating in that final race,surely it would be below 9.68s 🙂

  6. WHAT HIS FIRST ATTEMPT WAS 10:03 HOLY COWS MINE IS BARELY 14:26(Like the first day i entered track with no training whatsoever)

  7. Someone explain to the narrator that the time we see at the finish isn't always the official time. It wasn't 9.68, but 9.69 once the photo-finish was read.

  8. Ah yes, famous sprinter Abraham Lincoln, legend says he was able to outrun a bullet, too bad he was taken by surprise.

  9. How can you not say that you Usain is sheer trouble. When others were standing besides there block he was sitting on his.

  10. **So Usain Bolt never ran the 100m before in his life and only took it up in 2007 then ran just 5 races between 2007 and the 2008 Olympics and started braking world records all over the place. Hmmmmm. Now that's Interesting. Every other sprinter in history going back to the Greeks to up sprinting since their childhood except for Usain Bolt. EH? And then records just started falling at Usain Bolts feet on demand. EH? So no childhood sprinting that anybody could point to, no high school sprinting that anybody could say this kid has got potential, none, just take sprinting at age 20, 8 months before the Olympics and start break all the sprinting world records and keep breaking his own sprinting world records. Just like that, right? If you tried to sell this story to Hollywood, they'll tell you it's unrealistic and it sounds to fictional. In other words, not even Hollywood would buy it, but the public is ate it up and literally was slurping away at this incredible story line. No, Usain Bolt never got caught for cheating and will never get caught for cheating because the Powers That Be are protecting Bolt, because they are one's who served up both Usain Bolt and Barack Obama to the world in 2008 as a distraction while they bail out the banks with the public's money. Bolt knew what was going and was in on it or was probably naive. Bolt was suppose to retire after the 2016 Olympics and leave the world stage along with Barack Obama but he decided to could continue without the assistance of the Powers That Be and the result was embarrassing. That's why Bolt was a flop in the 2017 World Championships and looked as though he didn't belong at age 29. Nobody goes from 10.03 to 9.87 to 9.82 to 9.79 to 9.72 to 9.69 to 9.58 all within 1 year and 8 months who never sprinted before. NOBODY! THAT 9.58 100m RECORD WAS A MISTAKE, IT'S WHEN I KNEW THE BULLSHIT WAS FOR REAL.**

  11. Biggest runniers eyphts states ,karirow city olympic teams me soon it said ok..out sun olympic sports fastest runniers turn jamaica solomon the son fastest bonus times timer lords skys meeting runniers sports real name olympic golds winners..triplee..loves too ok.charges own ones he come on my winners three tests church..vaves ,jovane ,vave real solomon states real son do winners..

  12. Mr IMO,
    Usain has been doing track since age 14 officially.
    He ran track at primary age 6 to 12,
    Kindergarten at age 5.
    His focus was cricket, most West Indies youngsters play cricket, we play in the road and on the beach.
    It is while he was in high school playing cricket that the coach saw how fast he is and recommend that he did track instead.
    Nine months in training at age fifteen he made history by becoming the fastest junior to run a time of 45.5 for the 400m and a year later setting a new record of 19.93 in the 200m.
    This was why Jamaica recommended him for the olympics 2004.
    An arm injury withdrew him from continuing and changing location from Rural to the city.
    Usain also change coach and began to take track serious with the encouragement of his parents and Jamaicans who knew him from Champs.

    The 400 and 200 was his forte but he switched to the 100 and 200.

  13. You are all worried about Usain's and Shelly's fast times and their greatness on track.
    You all are going to have, hypertension, anxiety attack, panic attack and serious case of nerve problems, why? because Jamaica presently have faster than both of them.
    We have juniors running Olympic and WC qualifying times and these are children who are 12 to 15 years, both boys and girls, unless you are going to tell us that we are giving babies steroids so that they can grow up and run fast, in the mean time, show respect.
    You all catch the bus at your gate or chauffeur driven to school we sometimes walk or most time run to the bus stop.
    Running is innate in us.
    To us, Bahamas, Trinidad and other Caribbean countries.

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