USA breaks 4x100M Women’s Records In London 2012 | The Olympics On The Record

USA breaks 4x100M Women’s Records In London 2012 | The Olympics On The Record

Even the best athletes in the
world get it horribly wrong
once in a while. So what happens when you take
four top sprinters, and ask them to hand over a 30
centimetre baton, three times, over 400 metres
in a flat-out sprint? Take the US women’s 100m relay
team at Athens 2004. They were favourites to win
gold, but disaster struck. Team USA were disqualified
when this happened. The baton transfer
was just too late. Four years later in Beijing, another group of superfast
women were dreaming of gold – until they dropped their
chance. Passing a baton around a track
is pretty simple in principle, but doing it at light speed
in front of millions can make for interesting
viewing. They should make the baton
something really precious. You know, if it was a
smartphone, no-one would drop it. Ha-ha-ha! Yeah –
I’m going to tweet that. Oh! So what’s the problem? It can’t be lack of practice.
Right? In fact, athletes put a lot of
work into perfecting
their relay technique. Right to left. Left to right. Early take. Late take. Upswing. Downswing. Orthodox. Unorthodox(!) Now on to the 2012 Games in
London. The US women’s sprint team
had to fix this. A third consecutive failure
did not bear thinking about. Team selection would be key. First up was Tianna Madison, a long jump world champion
with impressive track speed. Next, Allyson Felix – also not a 100m specialist, but as the 200m Olympic
champion, no-one ran the bend better. Third up, Bianca Knight,
the world junior champion. And finally, Carmelita Jeter
for the last leg. Her job was to close the deal. Jeter had run the fastest 100m
in the world in 2012. Their closest rivals, Jamaica, were led by 100m gold medallist
Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce. Madison was to run leadoff
against the champ. Fraser-Pryce off like
a rocket for Jamaica with Madison outside her.
She’s going very strongly… She held her own against
the Jamaican on the first leg, handing over to Felix. The US had
a super changeover there… Felix ran an extraordinary
bend, putting the Americans into the
lead. Allyson Felix here to
Bianca Knight… Wow, terrific run, the
Jamaicans are in second place, there’s casualties further back but we’ll come back to that
later because this is
a brilliant run. It’s coming up to the final
handover – Carmelita Jeter to take
the baton… One more to go.
Just don’t drop it. And here they come now.
Carmelita Jeter, this is a huge lead for the US. Let’s look at the time –
this is special. This could be a world record
by a huge margin… 40.82. We’ve witnessed history here
tonight. What an amazing performance
from the US women. This perfect handover enabled
Jeter to carry the baton home. Her split time over
the final 100 metres was a sensational 9.70 seconds. The US didn’t just beat the
world record – they shattered it. The East Germans had owned this
event in the ’70s and ’80s, setting a world record that
lasted an amazing 27 years. Until now. It means we’re the best in
the world – in history – and I’m just so
happy. We haven’t had one since ’96 and we’re glad to be the team
to do it. We got the stick around. That
was the most important thing, and all I knew was
I had to bring it home. But I looked at that clock and
I saw that we was moving! Those four women
took a massive half a second out of the longest-standing
record in women’s sprinting. The only thing that dropped…
was the time on the clock.

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  1. I watched this a million times. Rewatching, slow motion and regular. I love it when they break down world class sporting, it gives you even more details behind an extraordinary story!

  2. Athletics is full of drugs/doping. I give up telling people to wake up and justify how a world record was beaten by German athletes on drugs in the 80s. It’s not rocket science.

  3. It's funny that the baton drops in 2004 & 2008 both had one thing in common…Lauren Williams. I think she was the problem. I was honestly surprised they let her even run in 2012.

  4. And they did it without any performance enhancing drugs. Can the same thing be said about the record braking German team in those days? I really doubt it.

  5. What "bend" is he talking about. Allyson rand the "back stretch"! She always runs the 2nd leg. with exception of 2004 when she started. ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

  6. Lies. Jeter did not have the fatest time in 2012 . Shelly Ann did with 10.70. Jeter ran 10.78 that year for silver behind shelly in 10.75.

  7. Why have they got some guy re-commentating the race but using the exact same dialogue the original commentator used? Either use the original, or say something new.

  8. The German Democratic Republic (GDR) owned the event in the 70's & 80's thanks to a STATE RUN PED Program in place. I always found it ODD that ANY dictatorship or former communist regime would have the word: DEMOCRATIC in their formal title (North Korea). There's nothing Democratic about enslaving an entire population to serve the state. Such a slap in the face of freedom and liberty.

  9. Shelly-Ann seems like such a sweet, pleasant person – always smiling and so gracious! Tiana and Felix put them ahead and they stayed ahead.

  10. I feel Jet was on so much form that she wouldve won the singles gold. Her split was 9.7 which say from her start block seemed a 10.7 maybe less

  11. The Most Inspirational Olympics for me!✊✊✊✊

    Nothing to do with Amerikkka, just Four Beautiful Amazing Lovely Wonderful & Sexi Indigo Women!??✊?????✊??


  13. They broke a record that was set by men. The East Germans had so much steroids running through their vein most of them grew micropenises.

  14. That flying JAJUAR was so on fire she couldn't even stop after passing that baton to that "over the speed limit CHEETAH" who chewed up that 2nd leg and spat them out to that TIGER who went into beast mode delivering those carcasses to the LIONESS who went in for the kill. Talk about blood on the tracks! Magnificent Race USA!

  15. Jeter pointing at the World Record Clock was awesome ….. A 9.7 split would almost be a world record 100 for the men …………

  16. Sorry but it's all L. Williams fault — 2004 her arms her arm kept on swinging in all direction…2008 her arm was quite steady but she left a little bit early and fast….that cost the USA team the gold….

  17. the track and field relay runners of today do not even know how to pass the baton. you're not supposed to run right up on the next person, in order to pass the baton, what you're supposed to do, when you are ready to enter the pass zone, is to at the top of your voice, YELL, MOVE, so the next person can get a good start and ready themselves for the baton pass. we meaning The US, need to teach the relay runners better so we an achieve better results, at the worldwide meets.

  18. 2:16 Jeter ran 10.78 in 2012. Shelly Anne Frasier-Pryce ran 10.70. So Jeter did not run the fastest 100m in 2012.

  19. Our Lady sprinters ! —–the most beautiful athletes on earth !! ——–Black—–Beautiful—–Proud. —————WolfSky9

  20. Female sprinters——Black , white, Asian—-are the most beautiful athletes on the planet. ————–OUR ladies ! ———-Black & Beautiful. ———————–WolfSky9


  22. 40.82. . . . So let me get this straight. .. . That means everyone averaged a 10.2. And with the baton exchange basically and 10.0 or 10.1 ?. These women were amazing

  23. The utter insignificance of the teams behind the U.S. leaves no question the dominance of the Americans in Sprinting. Clean sprinters.

  24. Watching Allyson Felix sprinting is magic——-she's a Black Gazelle ——a GORGEOUS Black Gazelle ! ——–I just sit in awe ——she's THE most beautiful sprinter ——–IMO—–over time —–in history. Flo-Jo was THE most beautiful but no one can match the sheer versatility over the years—with that long, effortless stride —–of MY Lady , # 1 : Allyson Felix.————–1st, among Team USA's Black Queens ——proud—tough—–smart—determined—-THE BEST ———————WolfSky9

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