Urban Sports Festival in Vigo – O’Marisquiño 2013

Urban Sports Festival in Vigo – O’Marisquiño 2013

Arnette O’Marisquiño is a Spanish freestyle festival that gathers most of the urban sports disciplines into one event. It’s more than a championship, it’s a sports celebration to be with your friends in the amazing city of Vigo. You don’t feel like you are competing, because you are meeting people and sharing your time with pros and music artists. See what happens! Well, this year the event is FMB silver. We have five kickers instead of three. The first kicker is 1 meter higher and longer so it will be amazing. I hope people enjoy watching us riding. I am very pleased to be here in Spain. I’ve heard about this event before and I wanted to come, so I am very happy to have a chance to compete here in O’Marisquiño.

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  2. I love this clip! can somebody tell me title of the music track/band? I can't stop listening to it and watching these guys fly in the sky!

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