Upcoming RACING games for Android, iOS, PC and Console + NEW Game Announcements in Summer 2019 ??

Upcoming RACING games for Android, iOS, PC and Console + NEW Game Announcements in Summer 2019 ??

Hello racing fans, E3 is around the corner
and if you are a gamer then you must be excited. As during e3 week, we see a lot of new game
announcemnts. So, in this video i will be cover up all the
latest stuff happening during the e3 week and summer regarding racing
games. lets get started…. First, lets talk about the racing games which
will be released during summer. Team Sonic racing, its a highly arcade racing
game which was released for Xbox one Playstation 4, Pc and nintendo switch on 21st
may. Next game is Crash team Racing,
it is a kart racing game which will be released on 21 june for Xbox one, Playstation
and nintendo switch. Both team sonic racing and crash team racing
have impressive visuals and gameplay. Next one is a mobile racing game which will
be released during summer and that is the Mario kart tour, Nintendo announced during
the start of the year that mario kart tour will be released for android and
ios devices and it will be a free to play game. During e3 week, i am expecting that they will
release a gameplay trailer for mario kart tour and maybe they will also
announce a release date. Last one is Grid autosport, this game is coming
to Nintend switch during summer 2019, we dont have any exact release date
yet but i am hoping for its release in july. So, these are the racing games which will
be released during summer. Now lets talk about new racing game annoucements. So, the first stop is Grid. Out of no where suddenly on 21st may, codemaster
announced that grid series is returning this year with a reboot of the first
grid game which was released way back in 2008. So, the grid reboot is coming on 13th september
for xbox one, pc & playstation. Next one is a pretty unexpected announcement,
gameloft announced that the famous arcade racer ‘Asphalt 9:Legends’ is now coming
soon to Nintendo switch. Switch
version will have a 4 player split screen mode. While the game will be a free to play
or not that isnt known yet. You can expect more info on the switch version
in the coming weeks. Next one is also an unexpected announcement,
Lion castle announced that super street the game is coming to Nintendo switch later
this year. It wont be the same game which
is available for pc and consoles, it is a follow up named “Super Street racer’. It will deliver the same experince but it
will be slightly to better suit the nintendo switch. Last one is coming from Xbox, Forza horizon
4 next expansion will be announced and revealed during the Xbox e3 breifing which
will happen on 9th June. Forza
horizon 4 players will get the first look of the next expansion during xbox e3
brefing and the expansion will be relased later in june or early july. Now we have talked about all the new releases
and announcements. Rather than these
there could be an unexpected annuncemnt of a new racing game anytime. Right now, there are 2 racing games which
are in development and will be released this year for android and ios, project cars
go and table top racing. But we dont have any info about the gameplay
or release date. So, there’s a
chance that maybe we could see an announcemnt trialer for these games during the e3
week. So, thats all for this video. for which game announcement or release you
are most excited ? let me know in the comments. Considering subscribing if you like my
video and i will see you in the next one!

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  1. Ooooo lots of racing games! Thanks for update 😀

    For every game you announced, is it free to download?

  2. My comment is a reply to the SS dream question in reference to “ Mine is Split Sec 2:) “ ✌️??‼️???

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