Unlikely things for a sports commentator to say | Mock the Week – BBC

Unlikely things for a sports commentator to say | Mock the Week – BBC

Unlikely things for a sports commentator to say Wimbledon, day 3, still not seen one fucking womble Pass, pass, pass another pass sorry I’m on Tinder Welcome to coverage of the
first ever Willy Wonker olympics officiated by the umpire, the lumpire and the dupididumpire Oh, and that’s some excellent curling, I have
never seen a dog take a shit like that before And that was 9.6 seconds Sorry darling There is Hamilton, Hamilton is driving at 180 miles an hour this is not the musical I expected Welcome to the Tour de France, presented by
Francis dela Tour de France And now it is just Mo. Farrah against the clock, which doesn’t seem fair, it doesn’t even have legs It is just a clock And he’s gone down in the box,
fair enough it is her birthday Well after arriving at the wrong Nation England
believe they have now arrived at the correct one, they think it’s Moldova that is now And welcome to our 5th day at the Oval today Don’t it go on And that’s a clean entry, very little splashing and a lovely flick at the end, this really is the most
impressive urine sample I’ve ever witnessed Well you have to hand it to relay runner don’t you Ha oh, the parachute has failed to open at 300 metres and you can’t make mistakes like that at this level Oh this is the campest grand national I’ve seen oh sorry it’s the dressage Has that crossed the line? She’s calling HR so I think it did Oh and he scored what a weekend Michael Gove is gunna have

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  1. I've got one: Jimmy Savile is taking a break from the marathon in the back of his caravan humping his way to a youthful finish!

  2. For cricket fans:
    Dravid is yet to score a run and Shia LaBeouf is on his way to scream "Hit it, Hit it, Hit it" to his face.

  3. When I saw the title for this I pictured a sports narrator loyal to his local team compliment and show appreciation for a ref that gave the narrator's local team a penalty.

  4. Entry: Roger Federer is grunting quite a lot today, but in all honesty we should really leave him and Mirka alone. Let's get back to the tennis match!

  5. This show was funny a very long time ago when they had talented guests. Not sure why YouTube put this dreadful cringey video on my feed. I didn't even know this nonsense was still on

  6. He’s the best..no, she’s the best…no, the other one’s funnier with his well rehearsed joke…no, he’s way cooler…pathetic

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