Unknown Facts About Melania Trump (Updated 2019)

Unknown Facts About Melania Trump (Updated 2019)

Title: Unknown Facts About Melania Trump (Updated
2019) Things you need to know about Melania Trump! 10 – US Citizenship
Born on April 26, 1970 in Novo Mesto in Slovenia, Melania Trump is just the second First Lady
to have been born outside of the U.S. The first? Well, that would be Louisa Adams, wife of
the sixth US President, John Quincy Adams. She was born in London. However, she was born as a U.S citizen since
her father was an American. Melania Trump has the unique distinction of
being the ONLY First Lady not to have been born a citizen of the United States. At the time of her birth, her father managed
a car dealership while her mother worked for a children’s clothing company. She became a model at age 16. She first did modeling work in Milan and Paris
before landing in New York City in 1996. 10 years later she legally became a citizen
after marrying businessman and future President, Donald Trump. She’s fluent in an impressive five different
languages, including Slovenian, French, German, Serbian and of course English. Take that Mary Todd Lincoln! Just kidding, it’s not a contest. 9 – Wedding Bells Ringing
This shouldn’t come as a surprise, seeing as she married a billionaire. Well to be fair, she’s actually quite wealthy
independently of The Donald due to her own success in business, but we’ll get to that
later. As we discussed, her beginnings were rather
humble, but she has apparently developed a taste for high society since then. Take the cost of her wedding for example. She and President Trump were married at the
Mar-a-Lago Ballroom at one of Trump’s resorts in Palm Beach. Her dress cost $100,000 while her ring reportedly
cost around $1.5 million! It’s estimated that the ceremony cost an
extra $1 million, give or take, which when you compare that to the average American wedding
that costs about $30,000, it seems a bit excessive. But hey, to each their own. We just hope it doesn’t end in divorce like
President Trump’s two previous marriages. Having lived the high life in Trump Tower,
the move to the White House might actually be a downgrade for Melania! 8 – “Model” First Lady
So we mentioned how she used to be a model already, keeping in line with Trump’s most
consistent policy position, only marrying models or tv personalities. What we didn’t tell you was that no other
First Lady was a former model. That’s probably not a huge surprise to you,
but it’s still an interesting fact. And one that her husband’s political enemies
tried to exploit. An Anti-Trump Super PAC cleverly named “Make
America Awesome Again” spread a racy photo around during the Republican Primaries. Trump was absolutely furious, taking to Twitter
as he often does to let off some steam. Actually, probably a lot of steam the way
his twitter history looks. He accused the Ted Cruz campaign of circulating
the photo and promised to “spill the beans” on Heidi. This past election kind of felt like the old
19th century politics when candidates used to smear each other’s wives. Anyway, she really has had an illustrious
career as a model. She’s appeared in various magazines such
as the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated, Vanity Fair, Vogue, GQ, and New York Magazine,
just to name a few. She was even part of Trump Model Management
company. 7 – Entrepreneurial Spirit Even if she never married Donald Trump she
would still be a very wealthy woman. She has an estimated net worth of about $11
million, mostly due to her modeling ability. But she has also launched some successful
businesses, such as her own line of watches, her own skin care products, and something
called Melania Caviar Complexe C6, which we later found out is a type of anti-aging skin
care product. Much like President Trump, she has a knack
for using the courts to her advantage. In 2013 she sued a small Indianapolis distributor
for failing to honor a marketing agreement. As a result she won the lawsuit and collected
a whopping $50 million from the lawsuit. 6. Age Dynamic President Trump is the third woman to marry
the real estate mogul turned President. His first two marriages of course ended in
divorce after he had affairs. As such, President Trump is significantly
younger than her husband….24 years younger in fact. Keep in mind, President Trump’s eldest son
Donald Jr. is just eight years younger than Melania. Donald Jr. has five kids, the oldest of which
is just one year younger than Melania and President Trump’s son, Barron. That means that in theory, an uncle and his
nephew could go to high school together. You ever heard that old folk song “I’m
my own Grandpa”? That’s not exactly what’s going on here,
but it’s still an odd dynamic…and it’s a really clever song if you ever get the chance
to listen to it. But hey, age is just a number… though seriously,
read up on the history of that song. A man really can become his own grandfather. It’s totally possible! 5 – Charity
Uncle Ben once told Peter Parker “With great power comes great responsibility.” Those words of wisdom come courtesy of Spider
Man, and is definitely a truth that Melania seems to take to heart. Trump has definitely been afforded a lot in
her life, but she seems to also give back quite a bit. She has been involved with a number of great
charities over the years such as The American Red Cross, The Boy’s Club of new York, The
Breast Cancer Research Foundation, The Police Athletic League, and the Martha Graham Dance. During an interview with Barbara Walters,
she told Barbara that as the First Lady she would likely pick a cause very dear to her
heart to focus on one hundred percent during her tenure. 4 – Independent Woman
Like the majority of Americans, she doesn’t agree with some of her husband’s hardlined
stances or brash demeanor. With that in mind, she has maintained that
she doesn’t try to change her husband’s mind, even though she often make her opinions
known. Specifically, she told CNN that she wished
her husband hadn’t repeated a woman at a rally who shouted out that Ted Cruz was a
beep. “We are both very independent — I let him
be who he is and he let me be who I am” She told CNN’s Anderson Cooper. She went on to say she didn’t like how he
always insulted people on social media and some of the language he used on the campaign
trail. She also claimed that she was surprised by
the 2005 leaked audio, but pointed out that she thought he was being egged on by Billy
Bush. While it may seem a bit odd for the spouse
of a politician to disagree with them, it’s not uncommon for husbands and wives to disagree
with each other. In fact, after a while it probably becomes
the rule rather than the exception. 3 – Already Famous Usually, when someone becomes the first lady,
we get to know them in that singular context. Granted, in the past 70 years, there have
been many First Ladies who established their own legacies, such as Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie
Kennedy, Betty Ford, Nancy Reagan, Hillary Clinton, and Michelle Obama. But Melania Trump was already fairly well
established. We’ve already discussed her clout in the
modeling industry and her business prowess when it comes to beauty products and accessories. All of that is pretty impressive in and of
itself. But she has also been rubbing elbows with
societal elites for years. For instance, check out some of the folks
who attended her wedding. Shaquille O’Neal, Tony Bennett, Regis Philbin,
Barbara Walters, Simon Cowell, Kelly Ripa, Heidi Klum and P. Diddy. Even Billy Joel performed for them. Oh yeah, former Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton was there with her husband, former President, Bill Clinton, if you can believe
that. While Presidents obviously shouldn’t be
elected based on their celebrity status, Melania’s far reaching connections in the business,
philanthropy and entertainment industry allow her to build civic coalitions. At least we sure hope so! 2 – Speech Problems? Okay, you may have seen this one coming and
yeah, the point has been belabored to some degree, because it is a legitimate critique. At the 2016 Republican National Convention,
she gave a speech to the convention on its first night. Unfortunately, significant portions of the
speech appear to have been plagiarized from Michelle Obama’s at the Democratic National
Convention in 2008. As it turned out, a speechwriter named Meredith
McIver who worked for the Trump campaign, claimed responsibility for the mishap. She stated that she worked with Melania Trump
on her speech, and that the future First Lady made it clear how much she admired Michelle
Obama and how she was inspired by her 2008 Convention speech. Even President Trump himself, who seems to
have a deep dislike for President Obama, tweeted how good he thought her 2012 speech was. As the New Yorker pointed out soon after the
incident, McIver has worked for the Trump Organization since 2007. Obviously she was also doing work for the
Trump campaign, which of course is a conflict of interest that has some blurred lines, something
the FEC has rules against. While this isn’t the scandal of the century
or anything, it did raise legitimate concerns over the character of Trump’s campaign and
more abstractly, the potential conflicts of interest over the course of his presidency,
given all of his private business interests all over the world. 1 – First Lady Heritage In addition to Michelle Obama, Melania Trump
has indicated in the past that she admires other former first ladies such Betty Ford
and Jackie Kennedy. Mrs. Ford was popular in her own right, but
she became the first lady during turbulent times after Richard Nixon was forced to resign
from office. But Jackie Kennedy seems to exist in a league
of her own. She remains one of the most admired people
in the entire world from the 20th century, as gallup polls have often reflected this
sentiment. As Mrs. Kennedy became an icon for style and
beauty, there should be a fairly obvious parallel here with Melania Trump. She’s already been hailed as “the most
glamorous first lady since Jackie Kennedy” by Roger Stone. Additionally, like Jackie O, Melania also
appears to be a dedicated mother. By all accounts, Melania is intensely focused
on raising her young son, Barron, in a similar way that Jackie was with her four children. Melania Trump had also hinted that her role
as First Lady would be more traditional, similar to that of Mrs. Kennedy. She at least seems to be drawing from some
good examples. Here’s What’s Next!

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  2. Louisa Catherine Adams wife of John Quincy Adams, was the First Lady of the United States from 1825 to 1829 was born in London and was the first First Lady to be born outside the United States. There was no United States America in 1775 when she was born, therefore, there were no U.S. citizens.

  3. I think we have a different understanding of the word "fluent". Judging by this woman's English, she is NOT fluent. She's B1 or B2.1 at best. I am a B2 German student, B1 Spanish, and an A2 Korean student, but I am only fluent in English. Please check your dictionary.

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