Unforgettable Moments in Sports History

Unforgettable Moments in Sports History

Sports events are always exciting There are some moments that years have never passed We have compiled unforgettable moments for you Derek fisher’s memorable basket Hand of god and maradona Nadal’s first Wimbledon victory naim süleymanoğlu, the only person who lifts 3 times its own weigh Has anyone forgotten the 13 points Tracy Mcgrady made in 33 seconds? Two football legends Cristiano Ronaldo and lionel messi. The tennis match played by John Isner and Nicolas Mahut lasted 11 hours and 5 minutes. The incredible speed of Muhammad ali When Derek redmond was injured during the race, he crossed the finish line with the help of his father. nadia comaneci was getting 10 full points for the first time in gymnastics Who forgot Myke tyson? The fastest red card in football history. Federer wins the 2017 Australian Open Unforgettable moments when Lewandovski scored 5 goals in 9 minutes

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  1. omg…can you please not talk? Appreciate the effort you wish to talk but seriously your accent is beyond severe. Its unintelligable.

  2. "When universal coming to me and to my team say listen I'm interesting to do the commentary about you umm it was like in the begining I just I'm in shock I say movie about me". This is how you talk dude. Come on!

  3. 00:46 yeah in that one the guy blatently cheated using his hand it was shown in another video angle. Doesn't deserve to be in the video or be mentioned at all. The refs didn't call it but it takes a big man to step up and call your own mistakes even if it costs you and he did no such thing.

  4. Shaw İn pota kırması, Jason Williams İn asist show ları, t-mag in maç kurtarması, jordanın Dominik wilkinsin yaptığı trow slam in yanına bile yanaşamadığı smacı, bunlar neden unutulmaz anlar, bunlar için ayrı Bi video yap kategorisel olsun, 12,5 dk lık videonun yarısı nba fake-crossover-dunk, çok kötü…

  5. As a Fiorentina fan…and Chelsea, I was rooting for Liverpool for the first time in my life… the miracle of Istambul is STILL one of the most spectacular moments in sports, kids nowadays have no ideas what i'm talking about, but that game… was the hardest fought battle in sports history!

  6. There are so many moments you did not include. Why would you put Jason Williams' passes and AI's trick shots in the video and not even have Micheal Jordan's "the shot" and last shot as a Chicago Bull, John Havlicek's steal to win the game, Jerry West's half court game winner. These moments are much more memorable and unforgettable.

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