UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy – Western Ghats Gameplay Video | PS4

UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy – Western Ghats Gameplay Video | PS4

CHLOE FRAZIER: Ganesh’s Trident,
and behind door number two… aimed right at those Hoysala
ruins. It’s an old fortress just beyond
those waterfalls. Trident mark on the map for you. Let’s see what’s behind the bow
door. Another old fortress sitting smack dab in the middle
of the lakebed. I’ll jot a bow on the map in
that spot. Last but not least, the axe
door. And another old fortress tucked
into the mountainside. I’ll just mark that on the map
with an axe. [GRUNT]
[RUMBLE] CHLOE: Whoa. Guess I should have looked for a
call button before climbing up. [GRUNT] NADINE ROSS: Well,
was it worth the climb? CHLOE: And then some. Found the three symbols. NADINE: Really? CHLOE: Yep. Each one was pointing towards a
different fortress. Those will be the best places to
look. NADINE: Perfect. Okay.
I’ll keep on eye out for Asav. CHLOE: Perfect. Not that I’m too worried about
him though. NADINE: You should be. We won’t have the advantage of
surprise again. Don’t think he was expecting
much from you. CHLOE: Wait.
Was that a compliment? That sounded like a compliment. NADINE: His guys are idiots, but
Asav is — we just need to stay the hell away from him. Hey, Frazier, we got company up
ahead. CHLOE: Let’s get a close look. [GRUNT] [BIRDS CHIRPING] [GRUNT] [GRUNT] MAN: I say we blow the
wall open, see what’s inside for
ourselves. MAN #2: Asav’s expert demanded
that the sites be unspoiled. MAN: Always telling us what we
should and shouldn’t do. I am tired of picking through
the scraps. MAN #2: Justice requires
patience, brother. MAN #3: And a good deal of
money. MAN #2: Yes, that too. MAN: Oh, so you’re on his side
now? MAN #3: I am on the side of
logic. [GRUNT] [GRUNT] [MUSIC PLAYING] NADINE: All clear. CHLOE: Let’s see what we’ve got
here. Don’t recognize this. It’s not
one of the three symbols. NADINE: We should stay focused. CHLOE: Never say no to a chance
to make some extra cash. [BOOM] CHLOE: Let’s see what they
bricked up in there. Interesting.
Some kind of Hoysala token. NADINE: I hope that was
productive. CHLOE: Just a token of some
kind, old Hoysala thingy. NADINE: Think we need it? CHLOE: Need, probably not;
want, definitely. Never understood the appeal of
people like Asav. NADINE: Easy. He finds men who are weak and
offers them power, gives them purpose. CHLOE: Purpose? Sounds more like bullshit to me. How did you get tangled up with
Asav anyway? Purpose? NADINE: I’d rather not go into
it. CHLOE: He certainly seemed to
have a thing for you. NADINE: Don’t remind me. Proved
useful at the time but — CHLOE: Uh, do tell. NADINE: Rather not. CHLOE: Maybe over drinks? NADINE: Not enough alcohol in
the world. Look there, one of Asav’s
trucks. CHLOE: Looks clear out here. Interesting circular motif, like
the disk. We’re definitely in the right
place. Hey, look. Shiva’s axe, matches the symbol
in the tower. NADINE: Shiva, he was the god of
destruction; right? CHLOE: Yes, but maybe not in the
way you’re thinking. NADINE: Not literal destruction
then? CHLOE: That but also in a more
positive sense, like losing ego, ditching bad
habits. NADINE: Shedding old
attachments. CHLOE: Exactly. This should do the trick. [GRUNT] CHLOE: There. [GRUNT] [GRUNT] CHLOE: Okay. Going, going, gone. NADINE: Let’s get inside. What do you suppose this place
was? CHLOE: Hard to say.
A fortress? Not the right layout for a
temple. NADINE: In we go. CHLOE: Sala versus the tiger. NADINE: Doesn’t seem like a fair
fight. CHLOE: Sala won actually. He was protecting his guru and
killed the animal in one blow. It’s where the name Hoysala
comes from; “hoy” meaning “strike” in their
language. [GRUNT] CHLOE: No, no, no.
Ah. [COUGHING] NADINE: You all right, Frazier? CHLOE: Yep, fine. Come on down. [GRUNTING] CHLOE: They’ve left
their climbing gear. NADINE: This should come in
handy. [GRUNT] CHLOE: Correction, our
climbing gear. [GRUNT] [GRUNT] NADINE: I think
I hear voices up ahead. CHLOE: Hello, boys. [MUSIC PLAYING] MAN: I’m sure there’s a man here
with floppy boots. MAN #2: I’m smaller than most
men. [GRUNT] MAN: Man down, man down! MAN #2: Safety’s off. Search the area. [MUSIC PLAYING] NADINE: Here we go. [GUNFIRE] MAN: There you are.
Shit. NADINE: All clear. CHLOE: Yep. [GRUNT] CHLOE: Oh, my. NADINE: What the hell is this? CHLOE: We’ll find out soon
enough. Okay. (Grunting) Let’s see what
this does. NADINE: That statue moved. CHLOE: Well, let’s see how this
goes. Well, I’ll be going to hell,
that’s elaborate.

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  1. I have been to the western ghats so many times, and this looks nothing like it. This is just uncharted 4 with new characters

  2. I'm ready for Naughty Dog to let Uncharted rest for a while. The Last of Us 2 looks A LOT better than this.

  3. I love Uncharted. I always try to "force" everybdoy around me to play it, such a great series.

  4. I hope they dont reveal the entire length of the game before it comes out what us this like trailer no. 1000 lol LOve this game !!!!!

  5. Ridiculous. Laughable. Swanning to the political correct crowd as all games are these days and in fairness its not progressive at all. Still the same men vs woman maniacal show. Its like games without swastikas etc. Your all catering for this gender war.

  6. Idk about you guys, but I would REALLY love a game starting Sam as the main character, in Uncharted 4, he states that he's "a few lost cities behind Nathan" and he already found one more! I really liked Sam as a character and I hope he gets his own game, maybe with Sully as his helper!

  7. I am sooo freakin hype for this! I’m getting this game in on Christmas 2017, and I’m totally going to have such a fun roller coaster ride in THE LOST LEGACY! Starring as Chloe OHHH YEAHH BABY.

  8. Acabei de fazer final belo jogo vim aqui só pra elogiar essa obra de arte Curt muito parabéns ✌✌✌✌✌✌??????????????????

  9. they should have made game about karna kavach and kundal which would be way more interesting than ganesh trusk which was used to write mahabharat how can thier be ganesh broken trusk which was already used

  10. Why don't you release this game and the uncharted 4 for PS vita system because we like the PS vita system please

  11. Although PS4 games are better than PC games in terms of accuracy, gameplay technics and storyline but PC games are way better than PS4 games in terms of graphics boosted with Nvidia GPU and moreover playing games with keyboard and mouse is much easier than controller.

  12. if Naughty Dog were to make another Uncharted game and if my theory is correct, I hope they will make with Chloe and Nadine again. if you guys remember in the final scene after they took down the train, Nadine did say she will have another go at treasure hunting and Chloe did regard Nadine as her partner. afterall, its safe to say that after Nate has officially retired, Chloe Sam and Nadine are the only active professionals so if they were to make another story it will be revolve around this 3 characters. Who knows maybe Chloe will be the main protagonist after Nate in future Uncharted games

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